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This Is Ground

Premium leather tech accessories handmade in Los Angeles & Italy

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Mod Tablet 2 by This Is Ground | Blackbird Automotive Journal
July 14, 2016
A customizable leather carryall designed to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of lifestyles and professions, the Mod features a seamless magnetic spine that accommodates modular inserts.
This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit
July 14, 2016
Designed to be a handsome home for all your mobile gear, the Tech Dopp Kit from This Is Ground organizes your essentials and surrounds them in luxe leather. There's now a place for your cords, headphones, favorite shades, and every...
Here Are the 20 Best Tech Gifts for Under $200
July 14, 2016
Prepare yourself, winter is coming... With just a week left before Thanksgiving and the always mind-numbing retail gold rush that is Black Friday, DC Inno has got your back this holiday season. We, as you may know if you've spent more than 30 seconds on the website, cover technology companies, entrepreneurs and products through the lens of Washington, D.C.
18 Gifts for Technologists | |
July 14, 2016
Travel information and inspiration for the way you like to travel.
5 Carry-On Packing Tips for Thanksgiving Travel
July 14, 2016
1. Roll Your Clothing You've probably wondered, "Should I fold or roll?" The answer is to roll. It saves a lot space-and bonus, it helps keep your clothes wrinkle-free. 2. Stuff Your Shoes Not only will filling your shoes with underwear and socks use up extra space, but it will also keep the shape of your shoes-no one likes a crinkled boot!
TravelPulse Tech Review: This is Ground Mod Laptop 2
July 14, 2016
Mod Laptop 2, This Is Ground, $399, For the past few weeks I've been test-driving what is basically my mobile office. It's the Mod Tablet 2 from an American company, based in Los Angeles, called This is Ground.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015 Survival Guide
July 6, 2016
Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015 Survival Guide-130 Places (& Counting!) to Score This Year's Biggest Deals iStock In order to get to the most wonderful time of the year, we've got to get through the most frantic day of the season.
Father's Day gifts for the travel-loving dad
July 6, 2016
He can get that for himself anytime he wants. Given he's probably bailed you out of more than one mess, coughed up cash for college or fixed that thing in your car/house/life you didn't know what to do with, there's no better time than now to buy him something he won't be feigning excitement over.
This Is Ground Voyager WiFi Bag
July 6, 2016
The mad scientists of tech organization are back with a full-sized bag that'll not only store the stuff you'll need on arrival - but also help you get there. The Voyager Bag from This Is Ground is a weekender-sized utility...
Hands On With Voyager, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Leather Travel Bag
July 5, 2016
As someone who travels a lot, I've always struggled with finding the perfect bag. Anything with wheels is clunky, duffel bags always mix up my clothes and gadgets, and backpacks make me look like I'm still in middle school. Enter Voyager, a bag made by This is Ground, a handmade leather goods company based in downtown Los Angeles.
Today in Gear: January 11, 2016 * Gear Patrol
January 11, 2016
On the Radar Reveals, New Launches and Gear Amid the abundance of wearable fitness trackers, the new Kuai headset is a great option for those who prefer running sans any extra weight whatsoever, combining the functions of a heart rate strap, footpod, sport watch, mp3 player and automated coach.
The PSFK Holiday Gift Guide 2015
December 23, 2015
Based on a year of research by PSFK Labs, we curated a list of near future-proof holiday gifts This holiday season, gift wrap the future. This year's PSFK Holiday Gift Guide taps into PSFK Labs' year-long research-soon to be available as a Debrief Report -curating a selection of future-facing ideas that take on tangible form for 2016.
30 Awesome Last Minute Gifts for $100 or Less
December 15, 2015
In a frantic frenzy to find stocking stuffers for your employees? Here are some gift-worthy ideas--from food and tech gear to stress relievers. Holiday GIft Guide 2015
December 15, 2015
What do you give to the person who has everything? Our holiday gift guide serves up handpicked prezzies that are sure to delight this season.
Gift Guide: Luxe Travel Items for Your Favorite Jet Setter
December 15, 2015
Tory Burch's Minnie travel ballet flats are essential to your traveling needs. They're crafted in super-soft, supple napa leather and feature a slip-resistant split rubber sole, layers of foam cushioning and stitch-and-turn construction-a special sewing technique that refines the seams. Plus, they fold-making them the perfectly chic traveling shoe.
Chic, Not Geek: The 32 Best Tech Gifts to Give This Holiday Season
December 9, 2015
This season, why not look to the latest slew of chic gadgetry as you tick off your gift list? We live in the digital age, meaning tech gifts are surprisingly fail-safe, and often among the items that many want but few actually ask for.
16 Amazing Gifts That Anyone in Your Life Would Want
December 7, 2015
When you have no idea what to give someone, try one of the presents on this list.
13 Ways To Make Traveling Suck A Little Less - SELF
December 6, 2015
While traveling can be a fun adventure, schlepping your stuff and dealing with a disrupted body clock most certainly isn't. Here, travel experts share ways to make your life easier while you're in transit-along with some favorite picks for arriving fresh as a flower (ok, almost) when you finally deplane.
9 Top Tech Gifts to Put Under the Tree
December 3, 2015
9 Top Tech Gifts to Put Under the Tree | Made Man
10 Excellent Gift Ideas For The Tech-Obsessed
December 2, 2015
We spend hours and hours every day glued to our phones, computers, and other beloved gadgets. So when it comes to the holiday gifting game, why not opt for some of this year's coolest tech toys and accessories? Check out our suggestions below, and get geared up for your merriest (and most well-con...
What Every Guy Secretly Wants for the Holidays
December 1, 2015
Hey, no one said shopping for your man friend was an easy job. The trick is to double down with not just one but two presents that pair together for the perfect gift. Look at it this way: You'll get to update his wardrobe, give him something fun, and score major cool-girlfriend points in the process.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide · i am a food blog
November 27, 2015
Happy Friday! It's the day after Thanksgiving and that means it's time for leftovers and the start of the holiday season! My eyes get extra sparkly right around now because it really is the most wonderful time of the year.
Six Bags for Easy Holiday Travel
November 25, 2015
There's generally nothing easy about holiday travel, which, in the States, commences with Thanksgiving. Packing can be a hassle, especially when toting gifts around. A lot of things need to fit into a little space, oftentimes with a short amount of planning in the hustle and bustle of the season.
Outside-The-Box Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List | The Zoe Report
November 24, 2015
We all know and love traditional crowd-pleasing gifts such as small leather goods, coffee table books and candles-but if you've already exhausted these options in years past, the need for something new and fresh becomes imminent. Here are 5 gifting swaps to consider this season.
Das Tech Dopp Kit macht Schluss mit dem Kabelsalat
September 28, 2015
Jan Böhmermann hat WIRED ein Geheimnis verraten: Der Entertainer ist nicht nur ein Gadget-, sondern auch ein Ordnungs-Freak, weshalb er nie ohne ein gut sortiertes Mäppchen mit Kabeln, Anschlüssen und Adaptern aus dem Haus geht. Genau für solche Fälle wurde auch das neue Tech Dopp Kit der kalifornischen Designer This Is Ground entworfen.
Daily Crush: Customizable Leather Carry-All by This Is Ground
September 3, 2015
Being tidy and organized never looked as good as it does with This Is Ground's collection of high-end leather goods. Designed and made in Los Angeles, the company expertly blends function with form, offering a wide array of products to meet the needs of professionals, travelers, and students.
This Dopp Kit Is a Tech Traveler's Dream
September 1, 2015
People travel in different ways. There are those who get to the airport with three hours to spare, and there are the last-minute sprinters, hurdling over wheelie bags as their final boarding announcement echoes through the airport. By that same logic, people pack in different ways as well.
Back-To-School Cool
August 31, 2015
It's hard to believe that my last, first-day-of-school was more than five years ago; where has the time gone? As I watched new students move into my alma mater last week, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic.
Tech Dopp Kit by This Is Ground - Design Milk
August 27, 2015
Tech Dopp Kit is a minimalist design created by Los Angeles-based company This Is Ground. The leather case is a zip-up organizer with a dedicated space for any number of electronic peripherals and accessories. A series of straps are situated on the opening flap to maximize space, and are perfect for holding cords, glasses, or watches.
This Is Ground Mod Tablet 2 Mini
June 12, 2015
If you've been searching for a grab-and-go solution for your carry, look no further than the Mod Tablet 2 Mini by This is Ground. This everyday organizer is perfect for assembling your essentials and transporting them with class. The magnetic inserts are modular, resulting in a completely customizable carry that accommodates a tablet, phone, credit cards, cash, pens, and more.
The Handcrafted Mod 2 Lifestyle Organizer Is Perfect For Your EDC
April 6, 2015
After first popping onto our radar with their Stash iPhone 6 Case, the crew at the LA-based This Is Ground is back with another gem in the Mod 2 Lifestyle Organizer. Serving as a follow up to the original Mod, the second iteration has been updated to accommodate your evolving lifestyle needs.
The "Mod 2" Lifestyle Organizer by This Is Ground · Selectism
April 1, 2015
For this writer, the thought of an organizer conjures up images of legal papers, archaic laptops and lots of suits and ties. However, Los Angeles-based design studio This Is Ground 's "Mod 2" lifestyle organizer goes a long way to change that perspective. The function-dedicated case neatly holds modern essentials without sacrificing aesthetics.
Le Mod Laptop Craft Edition, un véritable écrin pour MacBook
February 26, 2015
Le Mod Laptop Craft Edition, un véritable écrin pour MacBook Publié le 26 février 2015 dans la catégorie Gadgets par La Rédaction Pochette multi-usage par excellence, le Mod Laptop Craft Edition, en cuir premium, embrasse également, et c'est peu courant, une fonction de bureau mobile. Explications.
Freegums Collaborates With This Is Ground on a Dope Mod Illustrator iPad Case
November 18, 2014
Los Angeles-based artist teamed up with handmade leather goods company This Is Ground to create a dope case with illustrators in mind. The Mod Illustrator case is designed to hold an iPad Mini or iPad Air, and Freegum's original artwork has been debossed into the leather throughout, but there is also an insert designed by the artist to hold all the necessary tools of the trade, including pens, sharpies, ink, lead, and erasers.
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