The Wilderness Road

A film about one of the bloodiest and most incredible times in American history

Last Funded November 2020


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Award-winning, experienced filmmaker who has completed over 15 feature films.
The 1st time this story has been told in a feature film! There have been books but no feature films.
Incredible resources and support in the Southeastern U.S. such as locations, horses, etc.
Over 100 actors, riders, and living history performers ready to participate!

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I heard mention of the Natchez Trace outlaws as a good subject for a film and it puzzled me that one had not been made yet. I began research, reading several books from the 1800s and other sources. The story was even more incredible that I'd imagined. It was also much darker, a horror film playing out in early America. My passion was ignited.

The Wilderness Road: An Amazing Untold True Story

My goal during 2020 has been to make 12 feature-length Western films in 12 months. As of May, I am on schedule with four films in the can. The most ambitious of all these Western films is The Wilderness Road, an epic tale about the notorious bandits who robbed the killed along the early trade routes in America. 

Even more amazing than the story itself is that it has never been told in a feature-length motion picture or television series! Some filmmakers touched on these characters briefly in old classics like How the West Was Won and a Disney adventure where Davy Crockett faced off against river pirates but no one has ever tackled the subject in its entirety. That is until now!

A depiction of the murderous Harpe Brothers and their three wives

Reading the history of the Harpe Brothers and Samuel Mason (the three main characters in our film), it's like reading history as if written by Rob Zombie. When first researching the tales of these outlaws, I was immediately reminded of Zombie's The Devil's Rejects and other ghastly horror films. Hence the reason that I have see our film as not just a Western set in the early pioneering days of America but also a dark horror tale about the nature of violence and evil in human kind. What occurs in this film is as relevant as what we see on the evening news every day. 

The Wilderness Road follows Big and Little Harpe (who some consider America's first serial killers) as they evade the law and the posses on their trail, robbing and killing through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Meanwhile, Revolutionary War hero Samuel Mason turns to a life of crime, becoming the most famous thief of the Natchez Trace. Through a series of violent events, these two forces will converge in a brutal battle of bad guy against bad guy. In truth, our movie is one where the villains are the heroes. 

One depiction of the once-hero, turned-criminal Samuel Mason

Pre-Production, Casting, and Location Scouting

Scheduled for production in October/November of this year, The Wilderness Road is in active pre-production. We have held two local casting calls in the Southeast and online auditions through Actors Access. Character actor Creek Wilson has signed on to play Samuel Mason. 

Click the image above to visit Creek Wilson's IMDb page.

Every week, we are announcing a new cast member for The Wilderness Road as we add the best actors, horseman, and living history performers to our massive ensemble. Click here  to join our Facebook group for weekly updates!

We are actively location scouting for the film which features historic structures, forest roads, rivers, and more. One of the highlights of our previous work has been the authenticity and astonishment of the locations we've found. The Wilderness Road will be no different as we travel to some of the most unique areas of the Southeastern United States for these scenes. 

Here is a look at our budget breakdown for the production:

As pre-production continues, we are working hard on everything from crew hires to wardrobe selection . Just recently, filmmaker Mario Mattei joined our team as Director of Photography. Mattei directed Netflix documentary The Gentleman Driver and has worked as DP on numerous projects. Earlier this year, he got his feet wet in the Western world as the DP for our movie She was the Deputy's Wife. We are excited to have him back to create the fascinating dark world of The Wilderness Road. 

Mario on the set of She was the Deputy's Wife, photographed by Gerald Marrion

An Unforgettable Western Like Never Seen Before

We believe The Wilderness Road will be like nothing fans of the Western, American history, and regular moviegoers have ever seen before. It will enlighten and entertain with a story that has been begging to be put on screen!

Here are some samples of our previous work. We specialize in making high quality independent films for the right budget that will earn a profit for our investors. 

A still from Bastard's Crossing, one of our 12 Westerns, which shows the kinds of interior locations and set design we will be using in The Wilderness Road

These stills from Texas Red, also one of the 12 Westerns, shows our use of exteriors in the Southeastern United States (locations will be a big highlight in The Wilderness Road) and the use of skilled riders:

Our 2017 Western Blood Country was a big hit on Amazon and generates revenue for our investors every quarter. We hope you'll join us on a similar journey, along The Wilderness Road. 

Blood Country Trailer

Watch some of our on-set work in this behind the scenes look at filming She was the Deputy's Wife:

Behind the Scenes of 1st Mississippi Casting Call