Instant contact with any expert via live video calls & webinars

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We want to be the biggest living human encyclopedia in the world.
50,000+ areas of expertise offered in 26 spoken languages.
Scalable and fast-growing. Active in 100+ countries with 7,000+ experts.
Every day more than 1 BILLION people are participating in a video call.

Our Team

Search engines and YouTube often give outdated and diffused information and are time-consuming. Why not instantly connect with an expert via a live video call or by attending a webinar? Within our platform you can have 24/7 instant access to any expert that can answer the questions you have. Share or gain knowledge from anywhere.

CallTheONE you need

Google and YouTube are excellent sources of information, but only if you have the time to distinguish often conflicting, old, and sponsored information from accurate and up-to-date information.

TheONE facilitates instant and real conversations with real people from all over the world via live video calling and webinars.

We have a bigger dream

We have proven that people from all over the world are in need of instant contact with experts, coaches, teachers, and others. We also know how much professionals and consumers appreciate our platform as we give them a podium to share their knowledge and experience when and where they want. But we have a bigger dream than just becoming big.

Imagine how education and sharing knowledge in the easiest and affordable way can contribute to and improve people’s lives? Knowledge is the only asset we possess that multiplies when we share it.

Sharing and gaining knowledge can bridge the gap between different points of view, contributes to compassion, can intensify relationships and improve not only the quality of life but also the harmony between people and their environment. Humankind can only evolve by learning and that is what we aim for. Create a more future-friendly world by sharing knowledge.

Instant contact with any expert 24/7

We take it for granted that we pay a fixed fee or an hourly rate to consult a lawyer or a coach, or to ask a question to a consultant. Some even take it for granted to first make an appointment and then drive all the way to the planned meeting for consultation. We believe this is an old-fashioned way of working. Technology like live video calling enables us to consult someone much more efficiently. And why not pay per minute for a consultation?

Pay per minute for short consultations via live video

What if I only have a short question or what if after 5 minutes I’m not happy with the consultation and want to change who I consult. Instant calling via live video with any professional all over the world enables people to gain knowledge whenever and wherever they want on any subject. And best of all, the first minute is free and after that you only pay by the minute for as long as the conversation lasts.

Easy to attend and affordable webinars

Webinars are the next big thing that will change people’s lives. Not only have we developed the easiest way to set up and host a webinar, but we also offer attendants to pay per minute. What if you’re only interested in a part of the webinar or can’t afford to pay for the full hour? Pay per minute makes TheONE webinar accessible to everyone.

Always enough attendees for your webinar

The biggest fear of people who think of hosting a webinar is that they won’t have enough paid attendees. We share all upcoming webinars with our broad community of professionals and consumers based on their interests. This gives every newbie webinar host a potential reach of thousands of people. A great start to gain an audience for anyone who wants to share knowledge but still has doubts.

And by setting the minimum amount of attendees, the host can always cancel the webinar in case there is no interest. So he doesn’t have to make an effort for nothing.

Quality of the expertise is assured

Professionals and consumers can create their own profile page and tell all about their expertise. They can also charge any fixed price or price per minute they think fits their level of experience. To assure the quality of expertise, they always offer the first minute calling for free. But most important is the mutual rating system. After each call, both experts and callers give each other a rating.

The same goes for webinars. Each attendee will be asked for a review letting future participants know what their opinion is. 

How we make money

1. 10% commission on each transaction between caller and expert

Whether a caller pays a fixed fee or pays per minute, we charge 10% commission on each transaction.

2. Fixed fee for B2B and B2C custom implementations 

B2B and B2C customers can create their own community or integrate TheONE on their own site or platform. We charge a fixed fee per implementation and charge additional for special requests.

3. Subscriptions for hosting webinars by pro-users

Pro-users who want to give more than 3 webinars per month pay a monthly subscription fee.

Growth projection

We estimate a user growth of up to 10Mio users by Q4 2022. We aim to have a tipping point and become profitable by Q3 2021. (These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed)

Our market approach

Step 1: We first aim for high-value professionals such as coaches, teachers & tutors, lawyers, IT specialists, and veterinarians who already have integrated video calling into their business model.  They know how to use video calling and webinars to make money with a high hourly rate and are looking for a more easy way to profile themselves. 

Step 2: Meanwhile, we integrate B2C and B2B partners.  For example, currently, we are going live with the biggest B2B gym subscription provider of The Netherlands who will offer our coaching and personal trainer services to thousands of companies and their employees.

Step 3: While gaining traction and becoming more popular we add medium value professionals. These are for example local guides, plumbers, and gardeners with a lower hourly rate than the high-value professionals and are less used to benefit of video calling and webinars.

Step 4: This is the time to become a social network and enhance our functionality to have more easy interaction between community members. By doing this we aim to attract low-value experts who like to onboard but will generate a very low revenue per expert, but attract the mass. 

Short explanation movies of TheONE and TheONE webinar