The Beta Test

Join the New Film by SUNDANCE and SXSW Winning Filmmakers

Last Funded July 2019


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Jim Cummings is a Sundance and South by Southwest winning filmmaker for Thunder Road
The same team behind The Beta Test made over 400K so far by Self-Distributing Thunder Road in 2018-2019 alone
Thunder Road was accepted to the Cannes Film Festival's ACid program in 2018
We received an Independent Spirit Award Nomination in 2019 for Thunder Road

Our Team

The Beta Test is an innovative, franchise-able film concept inside of a genre with a built-in global audience.

Thunder Road: A Case Study

We made the feature film of Thunder Road for $190,000 in Austin in 14 days. The film has made over $400,000 in the first year alone through self-distribution, doubling its budget in ticket sales for the first two weeks in French cinemas. We produced, edited, marketed, and distributed the film around the world by ourselves. It won the Grand Jury Prize at South by Southwest in 2018, screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and has won awards at film festivals everywhere.


SynopsisWhen a married man receives an elegant, anonymous letter to a “no strings attached” sexual encounter, he is tempted and attends, but never receives another letter. His curiosity leads him down a rabbit hole of violence, lust, and advanced digital marketing.

This allows us to create the perfect elevated frame with which to discuss relationships, the horrors that arise when they are interrupted, and finding happiness when the grass appears greener elsewhere.

Our Audience

This film will activate both audiences of Fifty Shades of Grey and Zodiac, Eyes Wide Shut and Match Point. Our engaging, haunting, and iconic soundtrack, unique story, and luscious cinematography will usher our characters deeper into the spider web of finding those responsible for our characters' adulterous behavior.

Our Business Plan

Our financing will go entirely towards the production of this feature film; our location rentals, our crew, and our cast. Our 60K Camera Grant from Panavision will more than cover our equipment needs which will allow us to put all of this financing up on the screen.

As with Thunder Road, Jim will edit the film in our Atwater Village offices. We receive zero payment as creators from this WeFunder as our contracts are organized to give our investors privileged returns so that they see their complete ROI before we see a dollar.

In the event of coming in under budget, those remaining funds will roll entirely into the digital marketing of the film, to get as many eyeballs on the movie as possible.

 Winning SXSW 2018

Purple Envelope LLC

This company was not created specifically for this film. This will be the first installment of future Film + TV projects that you and the company will own as part of The Beta Test Franchise and all of our investors will receive income on all future Beta Test projects.

Our Short Films:

We have made 10 short films all of which have screened at major film festivals around the world and are now licensed to various streaming platforms. Enjoy them here: 👇