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TFT News

AI-Powered Business News Publishing and Broadcasting

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Global Market: Large ($32.5 billion) and growing (4.5% CAGR) with high user penetration (20%)
APAC Market: Large ($7.6 billion) and growing (6.8% CAGR) with high user penetration (20%)
23,000+ registered users in 4 Months
11+ Daily Pageviews, 40+ Mins Daily Time Spent on Site, 26% Bounce Rate
Established Partners: AFP, Reuters, and More
Experienced Founder who built a $1 million fintech startup in Singapore backed by notable investors
Tech-enabled journalism through AI-Powered Synthetic Media & Natural Language Generation technology

Our Founder

As a startup founder, trader, and investor, I rely on business and financial news that help me make informed business and investment decisions. I personally experienced shallow journalism, annoying ads, and prohibitive paywall pricing that prevented me to access news and reports that are vital for my career as an entrepreneur and investor.

TFT was founded to create a modern, AI-powered news platform in response to the 3 disconnects in the industry.

"TFT News is in a competitive position to attract more news viewers and readers who prefer to consume compact, but data-filled news."


The traditional news companies of today are not geared to meet the needs and preferences of modern news consumers.

Disconnect #1

According to a Nielsen report, the average age of viewers of the leading news companies like CNBC is at 67, CNN at 60, and Fox News at 65.

The incumbents are simply not meeting the needs and preferences of the modern news consumer.

Disconnect #2

The modern news consumer behavior is shifting and they have less time for news. According to a Nielsen study, adults age 38 and above spend 30,103 minutes every year to consume news while adults between ages 21 to 37 only spend 8,766 mins.

On the other hand, according to Statista, an average TV news station produces 6 hours of news content per day while the modern consumer only spends 0.4 hours of news consumption on a daily basis.

Disconnect #3

Most traditional news companies still rely on expensive subscription-based and intrusive 3rd-party ad-based revenue models. On the operations side, they still maintain hundreds of journalists and news bureaus from around the world.

According to an American Press Institute study, most modern consumers today are having a hard time seeing the value of paying for news since there’s a lot of free news content available in the market today. Most modern consumers also hate advertisements according to a New York Times article.

Welcome to the Future of News

We saw and experienced these three major news industry disconnects and we made it a mission to become the bridge that connects important news to modern consumers.

We understand the preferences and needs of today's consumers and we geared our news content to be a perfect fit for the younger generation of news audience.

We also utilize the next-generation technologies like Natural Language Generation and Synthetic Media that enable us to publish and broadcast news without the need for hundreds of journalists and a broadcasting studio.

The result is an AI-powered, compact, but information-filled news articles and video-based programs that fit a modern consumer's needs and preferences.

Here's Mike Wallace, one of our AI-powered, non-human news anchors of TFT News delivering a 13-minute business and global news report:

Young & Growing Audience Base

By gearing our news content and programs to the taste of the modern news consumer, we were able to attract a young and engaged audience.

Every day, a person visits over 8 pages on our news portal and spends over 30 minutes consuming our news articles and video-based programs. We only have a 35% bounce rate as result (industry average: 3 daily pageviews per visitor, 3 minutes of daily time spent per visitor, and a 60%+ bounce rate).

Strong Partners & Traction

In our first four months of operations, we onboarded over 23,000 registered users on our platform.

We also secured content partnership deals with Agence France-Press and Reuters.

Products & Services

We currently have three news networks:

  • TFT News: Our flagship news network that publishes and broadcasts the most important global business and financial news. We also tackle related events that affect the world of business and finance including politics, technology, and more.
  • TFT Sports: Our sports-based news network that delivers the latest in sports from around the globe. We recently created this network to capitalize on the passion of Asia-Pacific consumers in football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more.

Product Pipeline:

  • 24/7 News Channel: With our existing technology and operational excellence and efficiency, we are in a competitive position to create the first fully digital, AI-powered, 24/7 news channel that will feature partner-provided and original news content as well as our original video and audio programs.
  • TFT+: A subscription-based platform that features our original AI-powered video and audio programs that is both entertaining and informative. The content will range from documentaries & TV series, podcast shows, and radio programs. This subscription will also include our 24/7 news channel.
  • TFT Connect: Once we have a wide collection of original TFT news content and programs, we will launch an eCommerce platform that will allow other news and media outlets and platforms to license our original content and programs without dealing with salespeople. This will make our content licensing process more efficient and our sales cycle shorter.

Revenue Models

As we learned from a number of in-depth research and studies, modern news consumers hate annoying advertisements and don't see the value of paying for news.

With that in mind, we created a mix of revenue models that are suitable for the modern news consumer's taste:

  • Native Content Sponsorships: We will let brands sponsor our news articles as well as our video and audio programs. This way, we can align the brand sponsor on each content topic that will make the whole content consumption experience pleasant and non-intrusive for our audiences.
  • Subscriptions & Contributions: For TFT+, our premium video & audio streaming service, we will implement an affordable subscription-based model. For those news consumers who see the value of our mission but don't want to be tied into a subscription plan, contributions of any amount are available at the end of each content present on all of our platforms.
  •  Content Licensing: For TFT Connect, we will allow companies and organizations to license our content that they can use for their own reporting and content offerings.

By doing a hybrid approach, we can serve all types of modern news consumers: dedicated audiences who are willing to pay more to access premium content; consumers who value our work and are willing to contribute to our mission; and companies who will license our content for their own use.

Big, Growing, & Diverse Market

Global digital news is a $32.5 billion industry while our entry market, Asia-Pacific, is a $7.6 billion market that is expected to grow 6.8% CAGR.

Asia-Pacific is composed of diverse cultures with different tastes and preferences when it comes to news consumption.

That being said, localization is crucial in order for us to capture a significant amount of attention in this market.

With that in mind, we developed AI-powered, non-human news anchors (like Mike Wallace) that can support 40+ languages other than English like Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, and Tagalog to name a few.

Aside from languages, we are also developing Asian-looking news anchors that will suit each market we are aiming for within the Asia-Pacific region.

Experienced Team

The company is being led and managed by experienced managers and Advisory Board:

  • Alfred Cardenas: The founder and CEO of TFT Media Ventures Inc. He previously built a $1 million fintech startup based in Singapore, backed by notable investors like the former global CEO of DHL. He is a product of a Singapore-based startup generator program and VC called Antler, as well as Y Combinator's Startup School Winter 2020 batch. He got his training in Investment & Financial Management at the University of Geneva and his Journalism training at Michigan State University.
  • Jared Schwartz: The company's Strategic Advisor for Broadcasting. He is a 15-year veteran who served as a News Producer at NBC News and as a Broadcaster for ESPN, Comcast, and beIN Media Group. He was also an associate at Courtside Ventures.

What's Next?

After completing the company's MVP stage, we are now ready to achieve our Audience and Monetization milestones:

Audience Milestones

  • Build credibility that will increase our audience's trust (social media verification, journalism organization membership, and more)
  • Growing our social following
  • Developing and launching our mobile and TV apps
  • Growing our registered user base
  • And improving our current technology stack

Monetization Milestones

  • Onboarding brand sponsors
  • Converting registered users to paying subscribers
  • Accepting contributions from our audiences

Why You Should Invest in TFT

We are well-positioned and capable of competing against the incumbents thanks to the following advantages we have:

  • Technology: Our advanced technology stack enables us to develop our own AI-powered, non-human news anchors capable of non-stop and unbiased news reporting as well as our ability to produce news articles coming from hard data without a need for a single journalist or writer.
  • Efficiency: Because of our super technology stack, we were able to achieve operational excellence and efficiency that enables us to significantly reduce our costs and speed up our content production and delivery.
  • Competency: Thanks to our reduced overhead costs and our efficient journalism and business models, we can compete against the incumbents by undercutting them in price, efficiency, and accuracy of our content.
  • Profitability: By combining technology and operational excellence and efficiency, we can reach profitability faster compared to doing things the traditional way.
  • Team: With TFT being led and managed by an experienced management team and Advisory Board, we can avoid most pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities available only to those who are innovating through technology.
  • Potential: The industry has a number of successful exit stories in form of acquisition and public offering.

Join the Revolution!

Join us in disrupting the news industry by investing in TFT News today!