Invest in Terra Overland LLC.

Invest in Terra Overland, and help us leave a legacy and democratize outdoor adventure!


reserved of a $50,000 goal
Revenue Share Loan
2% of revenue 2.0X payback multiple
$500, $1K


Over 250 trips in less than 2 seasons
5-year deal with Fort Belvoir MWR and ODR
Locations at 3 all-season resorts in the Shenandoah Valley
Raising funds to covert to 100% employee-owned ESOP

Our Team

A Journey Together, Toward New Horizons

Greetings to our Valued Terra Overland Community,

Terra Overland isn’t just a business; it's a passion project that grew from dreams into reality because of customers like you. Our mission is more profound than merely creating products or services - we aim to democratize outdoor adventure, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. You've seen our dedication, resilience, and innovation. Now, we're inviting you to be more than just a passenger on our journey. Be a co-pilot. Be an investor.

Why Invest?

  1. Shared Success: We're not just asking for help; we're offering an opportunity. By investing in our revenue share, you're securing a slice of our future profits. As we succeed, you succeed.
  2. Reducing High-Interest Debt: To pioneer a venture like Terra Overland, we had to acquire capital, some of which came at high interest rates during tumultuous times. By supporting us in offsetting this expensive money, with more affordable option, you help ensure a stable and brighter future for Terra Overland.
  3. Our strength has always been our team. We're taking a bold step to convert into a 100% employee-owned ESOP, ensuring that those who've built this company, benefit directly from its growth. This isn't just business, it's about legacy. By empowering our employees, we're solidifying a future where passion, dedication, and community drive every decision. With Terra Overland, you aren't just booking an adventure, you're investing in a family of explorers who own, operate, and cherish the journeys we create together.
  4. Support Local: The money you invest will stay local, circulating within the Terra Overland ecosystem, rather than being siphoned off to large financial institutions or investment companies. Your investment strengthens our community and our shared economy.
  5. Community-Built, Community-Owned: We believe in a business model where those who help us thrive also have a stake in our achievements. We want our loyal customers to be our stakeholders, literally.
  6. A Vote of Confidence: More than money, your investment signifies trust. It tells us you believe in our vision, our products, and our ability to navigate this vast terrain of business.

A New Paradigm

Many ask: Why not go the traditional route? Why not secure funds from large institutions or the Small Business Association?

The answer is simple. We believe in our community. We believe that our success should benefit those who have been with us since the beginning, not just a handful of far-removed stakeholders. We are not merely seeking investors; we're seeking partners on our journey.

How It Works:

  • This is a revenue-sharing model. By investing, you'll receive a portion of our revenue until you've been paid a predetermined multiple of your investment.
  • You're not just handing over money; you're buying into a partnership, a future, and a vision.
  • Our financial projections, business plans, and terms of the revenue share are transparent and available for your perusal.


It's more than just funding. It's about driving the vehicle of innovation, adventure, and sustainable business forward, together. With Terra Overland, you're not just investing in a company, but in a vision, in a dream, and most importantly, in a community that believes in making outdoor adventures available for all.

Join us. Let's redefine success and bring the thrill of outdoor exploration to everyone.

Warm regards,

Terra Overland Team