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Invest in Temecula FC

We are independent, family-owned football (soccer) club based in Temecula


💪 We're the longest serving team in the Southwest Conference of the NPSL
🍷 Our ambition is to build a small soccer stadium in Temecula Valley Wine Country
🏆 Former Manchester City player Will Donachie coached our team for 4 yrs
❤️ We serve our community via donations to local schools & multiple types of community service

Our Founder

We believe that football (soccer) is about people and the community. We love our community and want to give them a professional team they can be proud of and be a part of.

The Story of Temecula FC

We started in 2013. It's been the best 8 years of my life. We have seen growth on and off the pitch each year!  

First, we had to create our club

Back in 2013, it was unheard of for anyone in our community to invest in a minor league soccer club. For me to invest my 401k into starting an team was a huge commitment. I did not know at first the task would be so massive but it has been amazing. The family we are building as a club has become instrumental in my daily happiness and growth as a person. Our launch party was unreal and we got such great support! 

2013 Launch Party

Then the work began! 

We were into our first NPSL season and really trying to find our legs. It has taken years to build up to getting regular fan attendance in the 300 plus mark. Now that we are regularly getting decent support we have had many request for growth not only into the professional game but having our own home field. One that we can sell beer at and give the supporters a real sporting event feel! A place special to our players, supports and community. 

Temecula FC Home Match

Willie Donachie, Scotland’s classy left-back from the 1970s, is now part owner of Temecula FC. 

He's a Former Manchester City player that contributed to the Scottish National Team in the ’78 World Cup victory over Holland – helping send the Tartan Army into delirium after 1 of our most famous wins over England.

Donachie lives in Newcastle with his 2nd wife, Yugoslav-born Mileva. Will spent 4 years coming over to Temecula to coach the Quails so he knows the club and community well.

Our support culture and game day experience is what we want to build on. 

Here's our most recent supporters video :

promo .mp4

We we're the longest serving team in the Southwest Conference of the NPSL.  We have now moved toward NISA in the SWPL as we look to take the club fully professional in coming years. 

On August 2nd 2020 we turned 7 years old. We still love what we are doing and more excited than ever to continue growing our club.

In 2021 we will be heading into our 8th season in the NPSL and looking forward to this massive project to build a home for our players, supporters and community. We are looking to generate $240,000 in our first raise! With these funds 7.5% wefunder 92.5% working capitol. We'll use the funds for normal business operation (including the costs and expenses of this offering) as we gear up for the 2022 season. We'll also use funds for new marketing to grow our youth club. Investment from community will also ensure we are on strong financial footing, not just now, but into the future.

Working on building a small soccer stadium in Temecula Valley Wine Country