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Techless is creating an era of healthy tech for the 110 million Americans looking to cut back on screen time, disrupting the colossal $485 billion smartphone market.

Our Wisephone is the first phone designed with mental health in mind. A perfect blend of the simplicity of a "dumb" phone and the convenience of a smartphone, the Wisephone comes equipped with carefully vetted third-party apps that empower users to take back their attention.

With over $2M in revenue and a 99% WoW user retention rate, we bring a healthy, loveable alternative to today’s digitally-dependent world. Starting with phones, Techless is pioneering a healthy tech ecosystem that counters the addictive habits driven by today’s tech giants, redefining the technology landscape as we know it.

Smartphones have profoundly reshaped our lives, embedded into every facet of daily existence–transforming how we live, work, and connect.

Picture a typical subway train: rows of commuters with heads bowed, thumbs endlessly scrolling across glowing screens. At parties, friends stand together yet each is absorbed in their own digital world. Even in the family home, spaces once filled with conversation and connection have often devolved into both kids and parents engrossed in their devices.

The design of smartphones is no accident. Big Tech is trapped by its own creation - the attention economy - and as a result, turns every notification, like, and share into a lure that keeps people coming back for more. This relentless demand funnels users into a perpetual cycle of consumption that benefits corporate interests at the expense of people’s attention, well-being, and quality of life.

A significant and growing backlash against addictive smartphones has sparked demand for simpler devices, like flip phones, and the rise of the digital detox movement. However, these efforts overlook the convenience offered by modern smartphones. It’s not surprising that most users who go to a “dumb” phone find themselves going right back after a short break.

Addressing this issue of respecting user wellbeing over corporate interests requires a shift towards technology that enhances, rather than detracts from, human connection and quality of life. At Techless, we believe technology should act as a bridge to connection, not as a barrier. 

The healthy tech revolution is here.

The Techless Wisephone infuses intelligence, convenience, and mental wellbeing throughout its hardware and software. It's a smartphone with intentionally curated features, removing those that lead to addiction and leaving only the essentials that help users maintain productivity and peace of mind.

Whether it's for work, staying connected with loved ones, or managing day-to-day tasks, Wisephone's curated features emphasize intentional use over impulsive interaction. Techless is redefining technology as a tool that serves us, not the other way around.

Wisephone’s sleek design features premium glass and aluminum, offering a sophisticated appearance. Its 6.5" HD display enhances the user experience with vibrant visuals. Wisephone comes equipped with a triple-camera system, led by a 64MP primary sensor, for taking high-quality photos and videos.

The device’s multi-day battery life keeps users connected without frequent recharging, complemented by USB-C fast charging for added convenience. With 128GB of internal storage, expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD, it meets all essential storage needs.

The core experience of the Wisephone includes standard tools such as a clock, alarm, maps, music & podcasts, messaging, notes, and photos. Additionally, unlike other minimal phones, the Wisephone allows users to access many more applications through the Techless Tool Drawer. This platform offers a growing library of healthy, vetted third-party apps, including calendars, weather, two-factor authentication, and much, much more, growing regularly as users need. Users can still enjoy the beneficial tech associated with a smartphone, whether it's making phone calls to reconnect with a friend, streaming music or podcasts, or navigating to their next destination.

Each app within the Techless Tool Drawer is rigorously verified in collaboration with the Healthy Tech Index, a comprehensive rating system to ensure that all available apps meet our stringent criteria for promoting healthy user experiences.

At the heart of the Wisephone is its unique operating system, WiseOS, designed to minimize digital addiction while maximizing convenience. WiseOS is beautifully designed to be more respectful of your attention. It restricts access to certain proprietary functions, intentionally omitting internet browsers and social media platforms, while enabling the best of third-party applications and adding in features that boost their health factor with notification control and more to come in the future.

WiseOS also prioritizes user privacy with a strict policy against scraping or selling personal information and as little reliance on big tech services as possible.

We introduced Wisephone I as a proof of concept, leveraging off-the-shelf components to quickly bring our minimal viable product (MVP) to market. This approach has not only proven to be cost-effective but also allowed us to rapidly test and iterate based on real-world feedback. 

The response to the Wisephone blew us away, exceeding our expectations and affirming the product's viability and potential for growth.

The success of this MVP has given us the market validation we needed to move forward with the white-labeled Wisephone II, set to launch this year. With Wisephone II, we have transitioned to a fully vertically integrated model, taking ownership of the entire product development and manufacturing process. This strategic shift grants us greater control over product quality, security, customization, and the overall user experience.

The effect that Wisephone has on users is astounding - they report increased presence and focus, reduced anxiety, improved conversations, and greater intentionality in their daily lives.

As it stands, the global smartphone market is valued at $485 billion and is projected to reach $793 billion by 2029.

Smartphones have become indispensable in daily life, with over 7 billion devices used worldwide. However, with a growing awareness of the negative impact of excessive smartphone use, a significant shift in the market is emerging.

This market currently has two options: basic feature phones (i.e. “dumb” phones) or complete digital detoxes, both of which overlook the reality of our internet-dependent world.

We’re unlocking a new category in the booming market–a space where the convenience of technology aligns with the essential need for more connection. At this critical juncture, Techless is poised to capture a substantial share of the global smartphone ecosystem.

Techless’ team blends seasoned entrepreneurs, tech aficionados, and strategic visionaries who are passionate about creating world-class consumer products that benefit the world.

Their collective experience spans founding award-winning production companies, creating compelling brand strategies for century-old family businesses, leading teams for tech giants like Google, and engineering groundbreaking software and hardware solutions that impact billions of consumers and create billions of dollars in value.

Wisephones are sold direct-to-consumer at an accessible price of $399, compared to the hefty $1,000+ price tags of smartphones, attracting a broad user base.

The devices are built to last at least five years. This commitment distinguishes Techless in a market frequently criticized for its planned obsolescence and excessive e-waste, which pose significant environmental challenges. This approach underscores our dedication to prioritizing consumer needs over corporate profit.

Techless captures value through recurring all-in subscription plans that offer regular software updates and cellular services. Our plans ensure our products remain useful and up-to-date without the need for frequent hardware replacements, ensuring a steady revenue stream and enhancing customer loyalty.

Our carrier plans are specifically designed for the Wisephone II, with three distinct tiers. Each tier is affordable, flexible, and customizable, tailored to meet the diverse needs and lifestyles of our consumers.

Note: Projections not guaranteed

Following the success of Wisephone I and the highly anticipated launch of Wisephone II, our sales are projected to skyrocket, propelling our revenue to over $84 million ARR in 3 years.

Techless is emerging as a household name in the redefined tech landscape.

Note: Projections not guaranteed

We’re raising capital to bring the Wisephone II to market, spearheading the healthy tech movement.

Note: future milestones are not guaranteed.

Techless is on a mission to transform the way people interact with the digital world, making mental health-friendly technology accessible wherever devices are sold.

In an era where big tech companies wield unprecedented influence over daily life, Techless is dedicated to helping our users reclaim their attention, prioritize their wellbeing, and rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen.

Invest today to bring Wisephone to the mass market and usher in an era of healthy tech. Together, we are putting mental health at the forefront of innovation.