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Bio-engineering for the home, starting with a glowing plant

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Instead of Computer Code, 'Plant Hackers' Tinker With Genetics
January 20, 2016
After his parents go to bed, Sebastian Cocioba usually retires to the third bedroom of the family apartment, where he has built a laboratory. There, amid the whir of climate-controlling fans and equipment harvested from eBay, he is working on what he hopes will one day become a lucrative career.
Biohackers of the world, unite
September 6, 2014
IT LOOKS like an experimental cooking class as participants taste a green powder, pull faces and then mix it into a concoction of fruit and milk. But the event organised by Open Wetlab in Amsterdam has a more serious goal than to come up with new recipes for smoothies: finding ways to make spirulina-an algae which is full of proteins and vitamins, but tastes disgusting-more palatable.
Glowing Plant Is One Of Y Combinator's Very First Biotech Startups
August 11, 2014
Long known for backing software plays, Y Combinator is starting to dip its toes into biotech. In its latest batch is a new synthetic biology startup called Glowing Plant that blew away Kickstarter funding goals last year with plans to engineer - you guessed it - a glow-in-the-dark plant.
Geranios para alumbrar el pasillo
October 3, 2013
"No esperes que deslumbre; al principio será como esas pegatinas que teníamos en el techo de la habitación con las constelaciones, un leve resplandor", anuncia Anthony Evans, investigador a cargo del proyecto Glowing Plant, una planta que brilla en la oscuridad.
Glowing plant project on Kickstarter illuminates debate over how to regulate synthetically modified organisms
October 3, 2013
Hunkered down in a converted shipping container stationed in a San Francisco parking lot, three young entrepreneurs are tinkering with the DNA of ordinary plants in the hopes of being able to mass produce a variety that glows in the dark.
ToyotaVoice: Could Glowing Trees Be The Street Lights Of The Future?
August 27, 2013
What if trees glowed brightly enough to replace street lamps?
The Kickstarter Culture Wars
August 26, 2013
Whether lit by Fairies in a children's book or special-effects magic in Avatar, the sight of plants glowing in the dark has a special charm. We respond to lighted plants with wonder and joy. So it's not surprising that a plan to produce glow-in-the-dark plants proved wildly popular on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website.
Supreme Court Decision Opens the Doors to A Boom in Synthetic Biology
June 12, 2013
Today's Supreme Court ruling on the patenting of human genes was a boost to the field of synthetic biology. While human genes cannot be directly patented, the Court found, so-called complementary DNA can. This is DNA that is synthesized from the rNA in a genetic template and then cloned.
Do glowing house plants take gene tinkering too far?
June 7, 2013
"You can help create the world's first naturally glowing plant... Inspire others to become interested in synthetic biology and receive some awesome rewards in the process." Sound good? If the idea of reading by the light of a plant takes your fancy, you're in good company.
Glowing plants spark debate
June 4, 2013
Science/AAAS Among the many projects attracting crowd-sourced funding on the Kickstarter website this week are a premium Kobe beef jerky, a keyboard instrument called a wheelharp and a small leafy plant that will be made to glow in the dark using synthetic-biology techniques.
Glowing Futures
June 3, 2013
Back in 2010 I was a teaching fellow for a group of undergraduates competing in the International Genetically Engineered Machines competition ( iGEM) with a project on "personalized" genetic engineering of plants. We designed genetic modifications that would alter flavor, color, vitamin production, and the presence of allergens, so that a gardener could customize seeds to suit his or her whims and needs.
Biotech meets DIY hacker culture, sparking new wonders and worries
May 27, 2013
John Brecher / NBC News SEATTLE - Right now it's a storeroom filled to the ceiling with cardboard boxes and cast-off gizmos, but HiveBio's hacker space is being transformed into the latest frontier for a nationwide DIY biotech movement. Fueled by crowdfunding, grants and membership fees, community labs like HiveBio are delving into what's arguably the 21st century's hottest scientific frontier.
Glowing trees could pave the way for solving world problems with biology (Wired UK)
May 9, 2013
"I'm walking today in Tel Aviv along a boulevard, and there are huge trees around me, and I'm thinking how beautiful it would be at night if they were faintly glowing." Synthetic biologist Omri Amirav-Drory's musings about a world where we grow our light resources, might not be all that distant.
Kickstarter crowd gives glowing plant the green light - BBC News
May 7, 2013
A glowing plant that could provide a sustainable light source has caught the imagination of backers on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. With a month still to go, the project has raised $243,000 (£157,000). Its initial goal was $65,000. Backers are promised seeds for glowing plants, although delivery will not be until next May at the earliest.
A Dream of Glowing Trees Is Assailed for Gene-Tinkering
May 7, 2013
Two environmental organizations, Friends of the Earth and the ETC Group, have written to Kickstarter and to the Agriculture Department, which regulates genetically modified crops, in an effort to shut down the glowing plant effort.
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