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Last Funded November 2021


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🌏 Founder and CEO is a former VC at Intel Capital and has sold a company to IBM
💸 Venture companies have raised over $7M in 2 years; venture studio has earned $2M in revenue and is profitable
🚀 Venture Studio based on successful model pioneered by Idealab, Rocket Internet, and Science
🏆 Multi-award-winning businesses recognized by UNICEF, the Asian Development Bank, and the FDIC

Our Founder

We know what it's like to be financially excluded. When you're born in a developing country, or a migrant, or a startup or a small business hit by a crisis, you don't have access to tools, opportunities, and privileges reserved for a few. And we intend to change this by building inclusive fintechs that open access to underrepresented groups.

Why Talino Venture Labs?

Despite the proliferation of fintech companies around the world, there remains a $5.2 trillion financial inclusion gap impacting at least 1.7 billion people unserved around the globe.

In the United States alone, at least 63 million American adults are either unbanked or underbanked, and need access to alternative financial services.

Financial exclusion is expensive and robs people of opportunities, but it also leads to huge opportunity losses for entire economic segments and markets.

Talino Venture Labs is THE go-to fintech venture studio building next-generation companies for financial inclusion

Born at the intersection of Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia’s hotbeds of innovation and emerging-economy opportunities, Talino—named after the Filipino word for “intelligence”—has replicated its successful business model in high-value startups with a combined market value yield of over $250M.

Our secret sauce?

The tried-and-tested venture studio model, powered by Talino FIT™ (Talino Financial Inclusion Technology), a robust and reusable tech stack that is already being used by financial institutions across our existing startups, impacting users across Asia and the United States.

Talino FIT™ gives us the capability to build, deploy, and scale new technologies and businesses with greater agility and efficiency…

… In partnership with large private and public sector organizations that have given us scale and market access.

Talino’s startups have won two consecutive years of the Asian Development Bank’s challenges and hackathons, each besting over 100 startups and technology solutions from around the globe. In September 2021, the team won a tech sprint of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to reach the unbanked in the United States.

These global accolades by development experts attest to Talino’s impact-driven innovation and its potential for replicability and scale in other emerging markets.

Talino has made a mark across different media markets with the message of inclusion and impact-driven innovation for the world’s underserved markets. In addition to coverage from mainstream media in different parts of the globe, you’ll find Talino’s CEO hosting Clubhouse chats, #TalinoTalks, and guesting in podcasts to share sage advice and expert knowledge with other startups and ecosystem players from different corners of the globe

A formula Talino has used for its success is the venture studio model pioneered by Idealab, Rocket Internet, Science, and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk.

Startups created by studios earn an internal rate of return (IRR) of 53% versus 21.3% by traditional startups, taking barely 11 months from zero to seed, versus 36 for traditional startups.

Moreover, venture studios leverage on valuable expertise, human resources, and intellectual capital to take startups to market and help them achieve growth and scale, with repeatable success.

To further set the stage for this success, Talino is now a proud member of the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN).

We believe we can grow our profitable venture studio operations by 15x in the next 5 years.

We believe Talino will create exponential value through its proprietary SaaS Platforms that form the backbones of its startups’ operations, as well as through the ventures that are built to address the financial inclusion gap in the United States and in other underserved, emerging markets in other parts of the world.

Aside from the 25% discount you get when you invest at the Early-Bird stage, Talino offers its investors exclusive MasterClasses, business insights, premium products from artisan communities, and more.