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The First Inclusive Drinking System (TM) with both alcoholic and non-alc options

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 65 investors


A groundbreaking industry first of it’s kind, The First Inclusive Drinking System™
Over $350k in revenue within first 6 months in market.
Debuted The First Inclusive Drinking System™ to 150,000+ attendees at Riot Fest in Chicago
Award winning liquid – won “Best Hard Seltzer” at Seltzerland festival

Our Team

We discovered a gap in the beverage ecosystem and decided to bridge the organic cross-pollination between alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.


In a year that brought so much change, we couldn’t help but notice this included people’s drinking habits. We've been a direct part of the explosive growth of hard seltzers, led by brands like White Claw. But noticed that as other brands followed, there hasn't been much differentiation across the board aside from flavors.

So with that, we set out on a mission to modernize the drinking experience. 

We have always been socialized into drinking a conventional way - meaning the more you drank the more fun you were having. Not only has this proven untrue in practice for so many, but it also left out those who may not be drinking but still wanted to be a part of the party. Whether somebody is fully sober, taking a night off, or just doesn’t like the taste or feeling of alcohol they shouldn’t automatically be separated from their social group.

The big “ah ha” moment was when we realized that nobody was providing a one-stop-shop inclusive drinking system that had something for everyone and would fit into all occasions. From that moment on, we realized as simple as it may seem, there was potential to actually shift the foundational way society was drinking.

Each pack contains 3 different ABV (alcohol by volume) levels, helping ensure there’s something for everyone. Inclusivity is at the core of what we do.

Additionally, the brand is infused with electrolytes which will help keep every drinker primed and ready for whatever is coming next!

Our nine-packs of 12-ounce sleek cans include versions at 0%, 5% and 8% ABV, which provides choice, control and consciousness.

We've had a blast testing both qualitative and quantitative, to see if the concept would work in real life. The end result was seamless and many people didn’t even really notice that they were naturally shifting between the 3 ABVs. It left many of us saying “how have we not been drinking like this all along”. Everyone is invited to join the party, no matter their preference.

We will be launching with two fan-favorite flavors: black cherry and mango. The flavor profile is consistent throughout the 0%, 5% and 8% so that your palate can shift seamlessly between the different alcohol content versions. 

We are already working on R&D for additional flavors as well as expansion products in the functional non-alcoholic and CBD space. 

System is available in Wisconsin and Illinois, having been on shelf for only a few short months and already showing huge traction with over 150+ buying accounts and growing daily. We have plans to expand to additional Midwest states as well. We've secured a partnership with GoPuff as our DTC partner and are finalizing a top-tier E-comm partner that will help us unlock additional distribution in 26+ states.

We are bringing together a unique group of creators, athletes, artists and musicians to build a unique community with System. Join the team and step into the System family!

We hope you'll join us as we set out to redefine the drinking experience— something for everyone, for every occasion!