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The Future of Self-Service Beverage Dispensing! “Do it yourself” with a Sylf dispensing system.
Huge addressable market opportunity: Offering a first-of-its-kind Point-of-Sale Advertising platform.
Sylf's AI system uses micro and macro-level data analytics to create strategic marketing insights for large advertisers.
Increased profits while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction for business owners!
Reduced line wait times for bar-goers and alcoholic drink enthusiast!
Sylf is the "Coke Freestyle" of the alcohol world! Offering convenience at the touch of a button.

Our Founder

Sylf was created due to a combination of bad customer experiences. Those being: long wait times, inconsistent drinks, and unpleasant experiences with impatient or rude staff members. Since then, the idea of "doing it yourself" has risen into a beautiful Sylf beverage dispenser.

What is "Sylf"?

Company Description

Stylized as "SYLF" or "Sylf", we are the latest innovation in beverage dispensing technology! We bring to you the first-of-their-kind, Sylf - Touchscreen Alcohol Dispensers. Named after the Old English spelling of “self," we've chosen this name to highlight self-service when it comes to beverage dispensing. In short, Sylf offers high-quality cocktails & hard seltzers at the click of a button while on a night out through the use of touchscreen displays. Sylf was created to ease the customer experience by dispersing lines at a faster rate while increasing drink consistency for every guest. Ultimately, we enable guests the ability to take control of the drinks they are served by introducing self-service technology to the Food & Beverage industry. More importantly, Sylf simultaneously creates back-end efficiency and cost savings for business owners who adopt a Sylf dispenser. But what does any of that mean? Sylf keeps it simple, the next time you want to order a beverage (particularly cocktails or seltzers)... all you need to do is visit your nearest Sylf dispenser and do it yourself! That's it! No additional help or waiting at crowded bars is necessary! Just tap, Select, and Pour!

In addition to dispensing technology, Sylf equally puts emphasis on advertising and data analytics. With Sylf's future fleet of mobile touchscreen dispensers disrupting bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and many more businesses alike, we know we can offer a data-driven advertising experience for brands at the point that matters most: The point of sale! This could provide the alcohol industry with a much-needed POS digital media platform for national brands to advertise on. 

What’s in it for Customers?

Have you ever wanted to get a drink at the bar, but not wait in an unreasonably long line? Or thought to yourself- “ugh, my grandmother moves faster than that?” We’ve all been there. Sylf is committed to solving this issue by speeding up the drink-making process in the name of convenience, regardless of if a Sylf dispenser is placed in front, behind, or throughout the bar. So what does this mean for regular people like you and me? Well, if a business has a Sylf dispenser on-site this means anyone of age can now legally serve themselves with the touch of a screen. Sylf gives regular people the power to finally take control, by doing it yourself! Essentially, self-serve technology allows each customer to be the mastermind of their own drinks; which ultimately allows lines to disperse at a faster rate. This means, more consistent drinks for you and more time to socialize with your friends!

Problems we all face!

1. Lines & Choices:

Now that you've finally made it to the front of a traditional line, what's next? Even though you’ve most likely had plenty of time to think about a large variety of drink choices most people in this situation typically order the same array of two or three drinks… EVERY SINGLE TIME. Why do we limit ourselves? Is it due to the stress of not knowing the menu well enough or the fear of holding up the line? Well, whatever the reason may be for you, Sylf plans to give customers more options without having to deal with the stress of not knowing what to order. With the help of Sylf dispensers, you can now choose between smart suggestions, popular

categories, shots, mixed drinks, name brands, or from specific ingredients; and we’ll make it work for you! Also to go the extra mile, Sylf dispensers will allow you to “favorite” drinks that you enjoy most to make it easier to order them again in the future without all the extra hassle of remembering what you ordered the last time.

2. Taste:

Imagine waiting in line for that wonderful drink you’ve been craving, except after taking that first sip you start to think about how

much better it tasted the last time you ordered it or even worse- the amount of alcohol it lacks. We understand! Bartenders are busy people so that's where Sylf steps in. Sylf dispensers are a bar-aid intended to make sure you get a consistent experience every time by ensuring every ounce poured matches the taste of the last one. That way your wallet and taste buds get what they've asked and paid for!

Business Owner Problems: 

What’s in it for Business Owners?

Let's be real, within every business, accidents can and will occur. It is very likely that staff members can feel rushed from time to time which can cause them to become sloppy and make mistakes. These mistakes can become costly especially if staff members are continuously spilling drinks, giving out

drinks to the wrong people, or are kn

own for having to remake beverages all the time. The lack of experience also calls attention to waste issues. Staff members who don’t know the proper quantities of every ingredient can cause huge losses due to over-pouring or having to remake these drinks.

The facts are simple, reduced waste translates to saving thousands of dollars. Overpouring, whether intentional or unintentional, is bad for business efficiency. This is where Sylf steps in, Sylf helps system owners tighten up their inventory practices as well as measuring tactics. Sylf’s dispensing technology plans to take the guesswork out of pouring by accurately measuring every ounce poured in real-time. In taking such preventive measures Sylf ensures business owners can yield the most revenue out of their products, while simultaneously reducing spillage and mistakes.

With Sylf’s new per-ounce concept and precision drink-making skills, spillage and mistakes will become a problem of the past. Since customers will be charged by the ounce or by the drink, spillage no longer plays a role in reducing business owners' revenue because the guests are in control of their beverages. In addition to reducing waste, Sylf also acts as a sort of liquor locker to protect goods from any unwanted theft. This includes preventing free drinks and limiting the number of people who interact with the inventory you hold.

Although Sylf is catered toward a more pleasurable guest experience for all, it is obvious our main goal is focused on creating back-end efficiency & cost savings for Sylf system owners a.k.a business owners.


We know some of you out there are thinking “well what if a bar doesn’t carry the most popular drinks and instead prides itself on its fine selection of x,y, and z?” Sylf's solution is instant customization. You tell each dispenser what ingredients you have in stock and we’ll run it through an extensive database & algorithm to create a custom menu specifically tailored for the products you do have. 

A helping hand!

There are two types of people: those who celebrate New Year's and those who celebrate once it's finally over. Hopefully, with a helping hand during business owners' busiest hours, bigger events such as NYE won’t be as stressful. We promise to reduce wait times and increase sales opportunities during those times you need them most. Having more hands on deck is always a plus! Especially during times like Covid-19. 

Control + Responsibility

Allowing guests to self-serve their own drinks is cool and all but making sure they are safe while having a good time is equally important to Sylf. Now, more than ever we openly promote responsible drinking. It is one thing to say we promote responsible drinking, but it's another to allow bar owners to set safety controls to make sure they keep every guest safe. This extra layer of security allows both customers and bartenders a way to track relevant consumption data to have a safe but entertaining time. 

Artificially Intelligent Operating System

We believe that consistency equals customer satisfaction! Sylf's automated solution intends to precisely measure pour quantities using advanced fluid dynamics for consistency & precision. This can then be used to track pour data such as overpour and other losses associated with businesses that own a Sylf dispenser. We know how tight some budgets can be, this is why we want business owners to get paid for every ounce poured. Sylf also keeps track of inventory data and notifies owners when it's approaching time to restock for further convenience.

Free pouring methods are questionable and are extremely hard to correctly measure liquid ounces, which can lead to subjective, slow, and strenuous manual labor when it comes to inventory data transferring at the end of each night, week, or monthly period. Sylf eliminates the need for measuring tactics such as eyeballing or other fancy gadgets to create precision within the bar work environment. No more need for spreadsheets and long nights measuring inventory.

Cloud for Business

We plan on offering a data subscription service in which establishment owners and alcohol companies alike can gain access to specific sales data & consumer insights collected from Sylf's dispensers. With this service, Sylf can turn business owners into data aggregators when it comes to everything alcohol-related. Ultimately, with the help of smart technologies, owners would now be in a better position to know more about the demographics, specific product performances, and preferences of their consumers than the companies they do business with. An example of a web user interface for such data can be examined below. These are insights business owners can access from the cloud directly from a Sylf dispenser to make adjustments on the fly. 

With Cloud for Business– businesses can know information like:

Live Consumption Data:

  • How many ounces were poured
  • What specific type of product was poured
  • When the pour occurred & the frequency of pours
  • Consumer Preferences & favorites

Complete Outlook:

  • Revenue– Profit & Loss
  • Comparable Year over year, Month over Month, and Week over Week
  • Top Product Performers (TPP)
  • Overpour/Waste Percentages
  • Remote Inventory Control
  • Event Success Rates

We believe that such data acquisition is one of the many features that sets us apart from competitors and will help position businesses in the competitive world of food & beverage as well as hospitality. Sylf offers a solution that allows businesses to get closer to data while getting closer to the things that matter most… the customers.

Sylf's Community

We envision a world in which Sylf dispensers stand tall and proud in Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Night Clubs, Venues, Cruise ships, Stadiums, and casinos across the country for everyone to enjoy together.

Where we are now

Over the past few months, Sylf has grown from a single idea to a patent-pending product. More importantly, our most recent task has been working very closely with engineering firms to solidify our product vision so we can create a tangible product. But the truth is we need help getting there! We have elaborate business plans and strategies covering everything from logistics, marketing, sales channels, and growth strategy to keep us on track but funding is our current roadblock. We need capital to further R&D, material & component sourcing, software development, and tooling. With the help of Wefunder backers, family, friends, and hopefully potential users like yourself, we will reach our funding goal to develop a physical product for all to enjoy!

Next Steps

Once we conclude working together on our first version of Sylf 's dispensers, we will progress into a prototype testing stage where we intend to shift our focus to learning more about how our product and consumers interact. In the meantime, our focus is completely on developing a minimal viable product we can bring to market immediately. 

Risks and Challenges


Additional funding will be needed to take the product to the manufacturing stage at a later date. If such funding goals aren't meant in a timely manner then this can delay manufacturing and sales. 

Research & Development

Right now our biggest challenge is ensuring that Sylf's product vision meets our standards. Optimizing our design through proper hires and finding the right product development firm that can meet that vision can be timely. This stage is also crucial in pricing strategy. Which can dramatically change due to COGS.

Supply Chain & Logistics: 

After we solidify manufacturing we will work with licensees in our efforts to expand our product on a national scale. To be able to commercially produce our product in a timely manner we will also have to choose appropriate shipping methods to ensure a reasonable price for our customers.


Common Questions

Where can I learn more about Sylf? 

We'd love to direct you to our website to learn more :). Please visit for more information. 

Are you trying to take jobs away from real employees a.k.a bartenders?

The answer is simple. No. We do not intend to advertise Sylf's dispenser as a bartender replacement. In fact, we label Sylf as a “bar-aid” or “helping hand” to those business owners looking for an advantage over competitors when it comes to sales opportunities, waste reduction, and customer satisfaction. More drinks dispensed = more revenue + higher satisfaction rates. 

How does pouring a drink work?

Sylf dispensers have two operating modes “Self-Serve” and “Bartender.” Self-serve mode is the mode we encourage so customers can take control! Self-Serve mode allows anyone within an establishment to use Sylf’s dispenser(s) as long as they have an activated RFID card, bracelet, or approved payment method already set up. The less lengthy process to get started allows users to use payment methods like Apple, Google, and Android Pay. All they have to do is tap their device, select, and pour! The idea is simple for RFID devices as well but it does require a quick get-started process. First & foremost each user must be age-gated before receiving an RFID item from an employee of the establishment they are in. Once that is completed their RFID item is granted access and paired with a payment method that will allow customers to either (1) preload a fixed amount of money or (2) they can open up a tab. That's it! Now they are free to make selections for the remainder of the night. RFID tags expire at the end of each night & dispenser owners have the ability to cut off any guest. 

If establishments aren't comfortable with guests serving themselves then we offer a solution for that. In Bartender mode, the business establishment has complete control over the dispenser's usage & will require a master RFID Card, bracelet, or employee card to use. Typically, Sylf dispenser(s) can be placed behind the counter but they can also be placed throughout an establishment strictly for employee use. The drink ordering process works like this: the employee enters the requested drink(s) as well as the quantity of each specific drink needed. The bartender then must manually switch the glasses at the conclusion of each drink being poured. From there the hard work is over, the only thing left to do is top it off with a garnish of choice.

How does cleaning a Sylf dispenser work & what if problems occur?

Although a pre-mature question, we understand the need for answers. Bars can get rowdy sometimes, which might make you feel uncertain about the durability & cleanliness of a Sylf dispenser. Proper maintenance should include daily or weekly cleaning schedules by dispenser owners to ensure long-term durability. We know this sounds like a lot of work so we plan to introduce a Service Subscription – “Sylf Care'' which will ensure the proper care of each dispenser throughout its lifecycle. Sylf Care gives business owners the option to opt-in for a certified Sylf employee to stop in bi-quarterly /yearly to clean & inspect systems for premium use. This service will include troubleshooting major and minor problems as well 24/7. For those not interested in a service contract we will still offer the convenience of 24/7 help but business owners will be charged a specific rate to troubleshoot those dispenser issues.

What bottles can dispenser owners use?

Standard-shaped liquor bottles of 750ml should fit just fine. In the event that the alcohol product owners want to stock is oddly shaped we plan to include alcohol-safe containers that easily fit within Sylf dispensers. In addition, we intend to provide containers specifically for mixers and juices since the size of these items usually varies by dimension and shape. Having a “one container fits all” approach allows us to provide more variety in terms of drink categories for users.

Who can we contact for investment opportunities?

Everyone on our team is dedicated to our success so no person is off-limits! However, due to a large number of spam emails, we will be taking messages via our Instagram account (@Sylf__).