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Swift Rails, Inc.

5x faster and 40x cheaper than regular transit

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Cool, on-demand personal vehicles take you safely and directly to your stop with zero emissions
Disruptive innovation for $600 billion transit market
We’re well positioned to benefit immensely from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill
Great team - CEO led a public company that completed 50,000 projects in over 100 countries
Growing sales pipeline already has $200 million in good-to-excellent opportunities
We've spoken to hundreds of transportation professionals and they love our concept
Our vehicles enable social distancing - current transit has a huge COVID-19 problem
We have extensive experience selling and delivering solutions globally on multi-billion-dollar projects

Our Team

We are passionate about the environment. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gases and a multi-trillion dollar market. It’s a place where we can have a big positive impact. The number of vehicles doubles every 20 years and we are running out of room for more roads. The path we are on is simply unsustainable. We can do much better!

5x Faster and 40x Cheaper

Swift Rails is a new type of on-demand transit that is 5x faster and 40x cheaper than conventional light-rail.

Swift Rails uses autonomous 1-4 person vehicles traveling rapidly on a highway of ultra-light rails. Vehicles are hailed by app and deliver passengers directly to their destination with zero emissions. The rails are elevated 12-15 ft. above the traffic (and pedestrians, animals, wet roads and snow) using a pole similar in size to a light post and they install quickly and easily almost anywhere.

Ten Years Ago Our CEO Gave a Speech at the UN...

Our CEO presented to world leaders at a conference on Climate Change. His description of what an ideal form of transportation would look like evoked such an impassioned response from those leaders that it ended up changing his life.

Kevin Neumaier speaking at the UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen 2009

From That Concept We Developed Something Truly Exceptional...

How Swift Rails works.

We Make Installing Transit Easy by Radically Changing the Cost Equation

Our low cost, quick installation and tiny footprint completely changes how transit can be applied by eliminating the biggest hurdles to implementation. In many cases, we can build a system for the time and cost of studying conventional transit projects.

Current Transportation - Unsustainable and Also a Huge Market Opportunity

The transportation market is enormous, $4.8 trillion globally, and facing increasingly problematic issues. In 1900 there were just 8,000 automobiles and 10 miles of paved road in the U.S! In 2016 there were 1.3 billion cars on roads worldwide, and they continue to double every 20 years – we are running out of space to build new roads where they are needed.

The limitations of the automobile-based system are clear:

        • 8.8 billion hours (1 million years!) wasted in traffic jams annually in the U.S. alone

        • World's single largest source of carbon – 5.8 gigatons annually

        • Autos are dangerous - #1 cause of death globally for 5 to 29 year olds

    In short, it makes no sense to move around 200lb people using 4,000lb vehicles on rubber tires rolling over asphalt roads. 

    Public Transit Is Supposed to Be the Solution but It's Not Working for Most Places

    Mass transit is prohibitively expensive and incredibly hard to put in place:

            • Typically multi-billion dollar projects requiring huge taxpayer subsidies

            • Take 10+ years to build and construction is highly disruptive to the community

            • Crucial political support can be hard to secure

      Even when transit is available, most people prefer to use their own car due to the hassle:

              • Inconvenient and inflexible schedules with long travel times

              • Crowded carriages - difficult to find seating, uncomfortable, germs and diseases

              • You never know who you’re riding with

      Swift Rails Is a Much Better Solution for Social Distancing Than Current Transit

      Crowded transit is now perceived as unsafe as it is uncomfortable – long lasting impact on passenger behavior is an industry concern.

      And We Offer a Really Comfortable Way to Get Around

      Personalized transit:

              • Hail on demand, your schedule is our schedule

              • Travel in privacy in a first-class climate controlled seat

              • Travel direct to your stop, no stopping at other people’s stops

              • No creeps or obnoxious people to deal with

        Better than a car - no traffic, stop signs, lights or idiot/drunk drivers to deal with.

        People Who See Our Vehicle Love Our Concept

        Just about anyone who sees our vehicle in person immediately “gets it”. We’ve had over 1,000 people sit in the vehicle and responses have been overwhelmingly positive. They all want Swift Rails in their hometown, and many are bursting with ideas of other places where it would be great.

        We’re Positioned to Win in a Massive Untapped Market

        Due to prohibitive cost, less than 5% of suitable cities have transit – we can change that!

        The above addressable market represents the opportunity of putting Swift Rails in 4,000 small cities and augmenting existing systems in 200 large cities.

        Track to Commercialization

        *projects we believe have a fairly high degree of confidence will happen, but there is no guarantee they will

        Clarkson University supports Swift Rails showcase demonstration project on their campus.

        Almost Endless Room for Expansion

        Swift Rails is lower cost than conventional transit and elevated roads from day one. As we get to scale we expect to be a cheaper to install than a new surface road. Building a road cost about $1 million per lane-mile, but that doesn’t include many costs:

                • The cost of the autos – ownership, insurance, wear and tear, depreciation

                • Annual road maintenance of $50,000/lane mile

                • Cost of parking spots at businesses, stores, homes, schools, road-side, etc. This is a                massive hidden cost. An estimated $725 billion is spent annually on parking in the                U.S. alone, more than three times total expenditures on public roads. For each dollar              motorists spend directly on their car somebody bears more than 50¢ in parking costs.

               • The high costs relating to loss of lives, injuries and property damage

          Each year there are:

                 • 24 trillion passenger miles traveled

                 • 5 trillion passenger trips

            We expect to capture a significant portion of this market:

            This Is the Perfect Time to Invest in Swift Rails

            Once we prove engineering at scale with Clarkson University Swift Rails will be the first passenger carrying operational system of its kind and positioned for rapid expansion.

            Consumer Readiness

                    • Ride hailing adoption over vehicle ownership (Uber, Lyft)

                    • Traffic congestion is becoming unbearable

                    • Willingness to accept new solutions (scooters, autonomous vehicles)

            High Level of Disruption in Transportation

                    • Climate change awareness is driving megatrend changes

                    • Substantial shifts to electric vehicles

                    • Movement to service models over vehicle ownership

            Recent Advances in Technology

                   • Autonomous vehicles

                   • Electric and hybrid technologies

                   • Low-volume manufacturing      

            Some of Our Progress to Date

            Built test track and full-scale vehicle prototype – 1,000+ rider touch tests

            Surveyed riders’ willingness to use /pay and received a hugely positive response

            Secured Letter of Intent from the President of Clarkson University to build our Showcase Demonstration Project on their campus

            Regional transit agency and key stakeholder support for Niagara Falls, NY project

            Developed partnerships that deeply enhance key capabilities:

            Milestones and Funding

            We are seeking funding to prove our engineering at scale and
            accelerate business development

            This graph contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

            Your Investment Will Introduce Transportation That Changes the World

            Solving Climate Change

                    • 2.4 gigatons of annual carbon reduction projected by 2040*

            Making Transportation Safer

                    • Estimated 10 million annual traffic injuries avoided by 2040*

            Improving Life

                    • Reduce air pollution, congestion and stress

                    • Make travel fun again

                    • Free up green space and make cities more livable

            Making a Great Return

                    • Things that transform the world have great returns on investment

            We will work incredibly hard to make your return worthwhile

            * please see our Impact Report at for more detail