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Freelancing app to exchange services — Get and give help

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Over 25,000 users and growing exponentially. Thousands of gigs posted and many are added daily
99% of all users are in the US with large purchasing power
No debt. Started monetizing the app with advertisers.

Our Team

We wanted to build a gig platform to allow freelancers to showcase what they are good at and what they love doing. And we wanted it to be absolutely free and easy to use.

Swap Your Time - Freelancing Gigs Platform

We have started thinking about Swap Your Time App in late 2016. The main idea was to offer a platform that allows freelancers to do what they enjoy doing and get other services in return or just get paid for their work. We built early prototypes in 2017 after filing a patent application. It was evident in our early consumer tests that there was a strong demand for a freelancing platform like ours. After all, the Gig Economy either as a full-time job or a complementary income has been steadily growing in the US and other countries. Especially in times like we are experiencing today where most of the world is shut down due to Covid-19, the demand for remote work and ability to earn income while working remotely is the highest it has been. 

Our first version of the app was functional, but it was not aesthetically appealing according to testing with real users. Take a look at the video below with early designs of the app.

We have acted on the feedback from users and decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign so that we can raise money to completely re-design the UX and UI. Working on preparing the Kickstarter campaign was a blast and we have raised over $5k from over 100 backers (Swap Your Time Kickstarter Campaign). This has allowed us to hire a world-class designer and a team of programmers to integrate those designs into the app's architecture. The results was a success and we have published the app in Google Play and Apple App Store. It is worth noting that our company has no debt and has been funded by Kickstarter as well as the funds from co-owners of Swap Your Time, LLC. Our Android and iOS apps are fully synchronized  together with the Web Platform and users can pick whatever device they want to use and start posting services (gigs) or look for services other freelancers advertise. Take a look at the video showing new designs and explaining how the app works:

At this point we have over 25,000 users and growing. Thousands of gigs have been posted and many are added every day. Our immediate focus is on the US. 99% of our user base is in the US, which we believe is an advantage due to high purchasing power. Additionally, the app can serve as a community app as we believe the days of globalization are over and it is time to focus on our communities and neighborhoods. Below, you will find a collection of screenshots from our app as well as our new video.

We hope you liked our story and consider investing in our company to propel it to the next stage. We are confident, Swap Your Time App will continue to be a tremendous success attracting new users and allowing us to reach 1,000,000 users and beyond in the next 2-3 years. Thank you for your interest!

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