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A machine that replaces your post office and solves missed delivery

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Swapbox: Package Kiosks to Rival the Post Office and Amazon
August 21, 2014
Swapbox runs a network of computerized kiosks that let users cheaply send as well as pick up packages at their convenience, going a step beyond Amazon Lockers.
Package Kiocks Coming to Prevent Your from Missing Your Order
August 3, 2014
Similar to the Amazon Locker service — which is restricted to purchases — Swapbox alerts you electronically when a package is ready to be picked up at a local retailer outfitted with a Swapbox facility.
Swapbox Kiosks: The ‘Post Office of the Future’
July 9, 2014
Now sprouting like mushrooms in San Francisco are kiosks sporting safe-grade electronic locks for customers to receive and send items through San Francisco-based Swapbox, a start-up which views itself as a “super post office”.
June 23, 2014
A local company has been working on a way around missed deliveries and, this week, they're expanding into a full-blown robotic post office. When Nael Khalil heard about a service called Swapbox, he almost instantly agreed to host one inside his sandwich shop. "This system is really just an automated postal machine, really," Khalil said.
E-Commerce Is Changing, And So Are The Business Opportunities It Creates
January 26, 2014
You can start by solving some of the frictions e-commerce creates — that’s what inspired us to get started. We realized e-comm was growing rapidly, but couldn’t see how the end user actually benefited from the experience when he or she was not around to receive the packages.
Swapbox Lands $800K To Take On Google’s BufferBox And Amazon’s Lockers
December 5, 2013
San Francisco-based startup and Y Combinator Winter 2013 class member Swapbox has raised $800,000 in seed funding, led by Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund investment vehicle and including Fuel Capital, YC founder Trevor Blackwell, Base Ventures and Ace & Company. The startup is hoping to cash in on the rise of ecommerce and home delivery, with shared, centrally located delivery lockers so people never miss a package again.
Google’s Bufferbox Move To The Bay Area Didn’t Surprise Swapbox, Which Remains Focused On Scaling
April 9, 2013
Swapbox recently installed its service in San Francisco’s Nob Hill section, mostly because of the concentration of people in the area. The company’s co-founder, Neel Murthy, says that activity with Swapbox is impressive in such a short period of time, with two-thirds of its customers being repeats. Of course, with Swapbox and Bufferbox, you don’t get assigned your own static P.O. Box, you can have your items shipped to any location that’s available.
YC winter 2013 demo day: Five startups to watch
March 26, 2013
Swapbox is planning to put delivery boxes in retail locations across major cities, starting with San Francisco, charging customers $2 to have packages safely delivered.
Y Combinator Company Swapbox Launches And Aims To Pick Up Where Bufferbox Left Off
March 15, 2013
You know the drill, you order something from your favorite site and you can’t wait to get the package. Like a blogger normal person, you go to work and hope that the package is there when you get home. That hope slowly turns into worry as you picture your valuable freight sitting outside of your home, while people walk by it and wonder what it is.
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