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The Ultimate Hands-free Last Mile Transportation


Robust team of designers & engineers from MIT, FIU, U of M, and Babson College with decades of experience building world class experiences
Founder co-founded Cafe X, a robotic coffee-bar backed by Peter Thiel, Khosla Ventures, Social Capital, Craft Ventures, & Valor Equity.
Lucrative unit economics with a scalable model that addresses the biggest issues with current last mile mobility alternatives & competitors
Featured on CNN, Cheddar (Live from NYSE), and other international media outlets
Proven founder with Silicon Valley experience and transportation background who is on a mission to change the way we move
Proudly received the keys to Miami-Dade County in 2018 and is the 2019 winner of Synapse's Pitch Madness

Our Team

We're here to change the way we move. Our dependency on cars, CO2 emissions, and traffic issues all motivated us to create this company. So we sprinkled some Captain Planet + Iron Man fairy dust to create a platform that is convenient & provides a magical experience unlike anything else.

Invest in SunVessel

SunVessel’s crowdfunding campaign is your opportunity to become an angel investor in the future of last mile mobility, one of the hottest industries, predicted to be worth $300B by 2030.

Worldwide, investors have already poured more than $6B into micro-mobility startups during the past 4 years. Now it is your turn to be one of the first people to invest in what will define the future of personal mobility.

Come join our ride.

"SunVessel will transform the way we travel around our county.” - Miami-Dade County Mayor, the Hon. Carlos A. Gimenez

First, we built a world class team

When you invest in SunVessel you are investing in a team dedicated to changing the way we move.

We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers from MIT, FIU, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan and Babson College with decades of experience building world class software and hardware experiences at leading companies such as BBDO, CAE, Carnival Cruise Lines, Ford Motor Company, GE Digital,  JWT, Watsco, Motorola, Microsoft, Sony, Hilton, Samsung, Wyndham, P&G, Yamaha, Perkins + Will, Innovative Group, MONAD Studios, & DiGiorgio Associates and Florida’s National Guard.

Our founder formerly cofounded Cafe X, a robotic coffee-bar backed by Peter Thiel, Khosla Ventures, Social Capital, Craft Ventures, and Valor Equity Partners. 

Now we are all channeling our passion, experience, and brainpower to create the ultimate next-gen transportation experience.

Then, we built something people love

We wanted to build a futuristic last mile mobility experience so we studied the market for years, interviewed countless of users, and worked hand in hand with local officials to ultimately put a twist on what personal mobility should be.

...people, cities, and news outlets noticed the difference 

Pitch competitions quickly became our proving grounds where we won every single event we participated in. Government officials appreciated how we created an organized and beautiful shared transportation solution awarding SunVessel with the keys to Miami-Dade county in 2018. We even made it to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! The media also noticed we were doing some different and wanted to tell our story, even calling us the next "Henry Ford..." 

Here's how we beat 100 startups at Synapse's 2019 Pitch Madness competition:

Now users can't get enough of us

On June 10th, 2019 our SunVessels rolled out at our first location and we quickly became the de facto way people move.

I love SunVessel! Having a fun and easily accessible mobility option at the ground floor of my office enhanced my experience at work! If you haven’t tried SunVessel, you are missing an opportunity to unleash your inner God and experience mobility that reacts to your thoughts and feels fluid and natural.

 - Maikel Millo (Iron Hack TA)

Being on this side of town almost all of my meetings are along Brickell Avenue. With little time between meetings throughout the day, I have found a lot of value in being able to count on SunVessel to get me to those meetings in a fraction of the time that it would other wise take me. This is really the best last mile mobility experience I have tried. 

Dan Herrera (Director of Investment at Miami Angels)

In total, we've had hundreds of rides, innumerable smiles on the street from curious bystander, and multiple interested parties asking how they can also have SunVessel at their property.