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Last Funded February 2022


raised from 1,894 investors


Just featured on the new hit TV show America's Big Deal - Watch our full segment below
Our first Reg CF round (2020) sold out quickly with 1,667 investors from 55 countries
472% YOY sales increase
International Distribution in place, adding new countries every quarter

Our Team

As an avid scuba diver, hiker, and all around outdoor enthusiast, I am concerned with the environmental impact plastic waste is having on our planet. With a 30+ year background in cleaning chemicals, I saw an opportunity to make an impact in an industry that has done little to minimize its contribution to the world's plastic waste problem.

The Story of SunState Laboratories

Watch our full segment (including back story) that aired live on 10/21/21 on the USA Network

SunState Labs is disrupting the Household Cleaner industry.  

With our flagship product, DAZZ Cleaning Tablets, we are changing the way people buy and use household cleaners.  We've taken highly effective, naturally safe cleaning ingredients and pressed them into effervescent tablets.  Now anyone can easily make their own cleaner using plain tap water, DAZZ tablets, and the same bottle over-and-over again. 

All our products are EPA Safer Choice Certified, contain 100% USDA certified biobased content, are Cruelty Free Certified by Leaping Bunny, and 3rd party tested at the TURI lab for strength and performance. DAZZ is very safe and environmentally responsible, yet highly effective!

What makes DAZZ so different?

  • Environmentally Sustainable.  For generations, when a cleaning bottle is empty, it gets tossed out as trash.  Regardless of if it's a nice "green cleaner" bottle or a jug of bleach.  In the US alone, we toss out over 1 Billion plastic spray bottles every year. DAZZ is different.
    Our refill system ensures that our bottles stay in service and out of landfills.  So far we've kept over 3 million bottles out of our landfills. 
  • Cost. With traditional cleaners, consumers are being forced to buy a new spray bottle each time they run out. Plus, these are filled mostly with water. Some cleaners are up to 95% water. With DAZZ refills and your own tap water, DAZZ costs up to 75% less than traditional cleaners.
  • Safety. Cleaning products (particularly disinfectants and sanitizers) can be hazardous to our health. They are loaded with chemicals that get absorbed through our skin, transferred to our food in the kitchen, and we breath in the mist when they're sprayed. DAZZ is carefully formulated with only naturally safe plant and mineral based ingredients. Certified by the EPA, DAZZ is recognized as a safer choice for consumers.
  • Efficacy. Let's face it, cleaners have to clean effectively.  DAZZ was independently tested at the TURI lab at UMass, and we outperformed the leading brands in each of our three categories. So if you use Windex for your glass cleaner, DAZZ has been proven to be better! Clorox for your bathroom? Yep, DAZZ is better in there too (plus you can actually breathe while you clean).  And for an All Purpose Cleaner, Formula F409 has been a leader in that category for generations... but not any more.  DAZZ beats them all.
  • Fragrance. When you eliminate all those smelly harsh chemicals, it opens a whole palate of fragrances that make DAZZ smell terrific.
  • Cruelty-Free and American Made. We've accomplish a lot with good old American ingenuity, and we've never tested on animals (and never plan to).  

Let's hear from a few of our raving fans...

With over 1,500 4.5+ star reviews on Amazon, and a growing community of DAZZ advocates, no one can say it better than our customers. 

Join us for our 2nd round of fundraising

While the world was shutting down due to COVID last summer, over 1,677 investors from 55 countries were opening their hearts and wallets and quickly filled our first raise of $1,166,000! Thank you for your support.

Here are some exciting milestones we achieved with that first round of funding:

  • A new production facility.  We moved into and equipped our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Broomfield Colorado. With high speed blending, tableting, and packaging equipment, we have the production capability of up to 78,000 tablets per hour.  In our modest, 2,500 sf facility, we can now match the output of a full scale traditional bottling facility that takes up acres  of land and consumes huge amounts of energy and natural resources.
  • DAZZ brand refresh.  We completed an exciting new refresh of all our brand assets, including: a new website, new marketing collateral, new compostable/biodegradable retail packaging, new bottles, new social media assets, and new PLA (corn derived) tablet packets. 

  • Built our team. We recruited and onboarded talented new additions to our team. Our crown jewel was the hiring of Phil Stout as our Vice President of Global Sales.  Phil enjoyed a long career at Church & Dwight leading divisions sales for one of their largest international brands. He has been instrumental at building our retail distribution program.
  • New products and certifications.  Our new foaming hand soap launched in 4th quarter last year and we're launching 3 new fragrances this month. We've also invested heavily on certifications and 3rd party testing that will help build consumer confidence in the DAZZ brand.

What's next for DAZZ?

  • With our upcoming appearance on America's Big Deal, we will have the opportunity to negotiate a national retail contract, live on network TV.  
  • Expand our retail distribution. With active conversations with over 100 retailers, we will begin closing on many of those deals and shipping to stores across the US.  
  • New Product launches. Set to launch in early 2022:  Two dish products, two laundry products, a hard floor cleaner, a carpet & upholstery cleaner, and a pet urine odor destroyer. 
  • International Distribution. In addition to our established distributors in New Zealand, the Caribbean, Central America, Singapore, and Iceland, we will be adding 7 new international markets in 2022. 
  • Facility and team expansion.  With this exciting growth, we will expand our team and our facility to meet the needs of our journey to $50M in sales by 2025.

Our Pitch Deck

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

This slide contains forward-looking events that cannot be guaranteed.