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A community-owned, decentralized news network

Last Funded August 2019


raised from 2,594 investors


140K Subscribers on YouTube
Track record of independent journalism

Our Team

Media has become corrupted by sensationalism and polarization. The purely surveillance, ad-driven model is dying and now readers are directly supporting creators they love. We want to facilitate civil discourse and media in a way that gets real information into the minds of our audience.

Mainstream media is hyper-political, slanted and generally distrusted due to its political bias and private interests.

There's a deep cultural hunger for good-faith coverage of global issues and events.

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Subverse fills that void. 

It curates and reports news that is fact-based and balanced to encourage clarity and diversity of thought across its audience. Subverse aims to deliver where other news organizations fall short - by providing insightful stories that are designed to foster understanding, not sunder it.

Photo by Emily Molli

Subverse was founded by Tim Pool, an award-winning journalist committed to balanced reporting. 

His reputation has been built on a unique style of interactive, investigative broadcast journalism. Tim’s live coverage has been featured by national and global media outlets such as NBC, Reuters, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera English. Tim was awarded the 2013 Shorty Award for Best Journalist in Social Media and was featured as a “Time Person of the Year 2011.” Between his Timcast and Tim Pool YouTube channels, Tim’s work has earned 860K+ subscribers and 229M views.

Photo by Emily Molli

Subverse has emerged as the new wave in journalism. 

It is quickly and successfully expanding the zeitgeist of independent media. Its platform is fueled by a talented team of like-minded media professionals, including journalist Emily Molli and Bill Ottman of 

In a short few months, Subverse has built a notable base of 130K+ subscribers and its content has earned 3.1M+ views. 

Subverse videos run about ten minutes long and blanket global and national topics that draw extensive viewership such as Facebook’s reputation, the Mueller report, and France’s Yellow Vest movement.

Currently, Subverse has amassed media assets of more than 100 videos, with four new videos produced per week. Some of the interviews feature experts in their field: Dr. Debra Soh (Ph.D. in sexual neuroscience), David Fuller (Rebel Wisdom YouTube Channel), and Geoffrey Miller and Diana Fleischman (evolutionary psychologists).

Photo by Emily Molli

Subverse is earning revenue within diverse and sustainable streams to protect against censorship:


  • Recurring monthly subscriptions via PayPal that provides exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, analysis, and other perks

Third-party advertising 

  • YouTube (Not to be relied on) 
  • Other ad networks

Native ads in targeted news feeds

  • This new era of consumer awareness is inspiring viewers to support the advertisers who support the content they value. Spot reads within Subverse videos will draw attention to the companies that make our unique brand of news content possible.


Subverse spans a broad network of academics, intellectuals, influencers, journalists, musicians, and more. Audiences will gather online or in real life (IRL) to hear their favorite personalities interact in various formats:

  • Live-streamed and IRL panels and discussions
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive Q&As
  • Debates


Raw footage provides various production and news companies the ability to create their own content for editorialization or entertainment. Subverse has already appeared on multiple major networks:

  • Network news reports
  • Documentaries
  • Feature films
  • Getty Images, Nurphoto and Shutterstock photo agencies
  • Wire licensing service

Photo by Emily Molli

The Subverse Roadmap

Q1 - Q2 2019:

  • Publish regular content and expand coverage on topics with high-volume viewership
  • Address underserved markets and explore partnerships with journalists and producers
  • Current subscribers: 129K

Q3 - Q4 2019:

  • Hire researchers and in-house producers for increasing content output
  • Host IRL (In Real Life) events for community engagement and revenue generation
  • Continue to build the platform and add contributors
  • Target subscribers: 200K


  • Launch news van tour for 2020 U.S. elections
  • Revenue targets expected to yield profitability
  • Target subscribers: 500K


  • Set up production spaces and venues with collaborative creators in Los Angeles and Chicago
  • Expand content production, news articles and hosted IRL events with these facilities
  • Target subscribers: 1M