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Stealth Machine Company

We are manufacturing metal parts 10x more efficiently than anyone else.

Last Funded October 2019


raised from 158 investors


We are on track to use our machines 10x more efficiently than traditional machine shops.
We are on track to use our human labor 10x more efficiently than traditional machine shops.
We will be able to inspect every single part that leaves our factory.
Customization is free after the initial set-up fee.
Once a customer orders a run, they can order any size of that run at no additional cost from us without ever interacting with a person.
We think we're the first to approach this problem in this way.

Our Team

I love this industry and I know it well. In the ten years I've been a working engineer I've often run into the problem of expensive small manufacturing runs and lengthy and difficult negotiations with machine shops. I'm building the service I've always wanted. I believe this will enable new markets.

Stealth Machine Company Story

I built my first CNC machine at 16 rather than buying a car. I lived in a small town in East Tennessee. I had no idea what a CNC milling machine looked like. I had no idea how one worked. I just knew what it could do and I wanted one. It took me three months of ordering parts, experimenting, and tinkering before I got it to work. Fourteen years later and I still love machines and manufacturing.

I've spent ten years working as a hardware engineer in everything from wind turbines to pet cameras.  During that time I've learned about all sorts of manufacturing processes. I've spent almost six months in China. I've visited factories all across the world. I've seen every process from metal stamping to standing inside the giant reactors that make common household chemicals. 

During this time I've paid attention and asked questions. I also have had more than my share of frustrations with the process. I started to work on alternatives. 

My first attempt was a project called Knot and Robo. This was a company centered around the automatic manufacture of furniture. A user could enter the dimensions of their ideal shelf or table, then the machines would manufacture it out of high quality plywood. We made some headway into automating the process, but in the end the market just wasn't large enough. 

However, many of the key ideas from that venture would help form Stealth Machine Company. What if we could provide the automatic customization? What if we could eliminate the 7 lean wastes entirely from the machining process? What if we redesigned the process from the ground up to be built around robots rather than the people heavy process it is today. 

These questions are the foundation of Stealth Machine Company, and we hope will be the key to a new revolution in manufacturing.