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Zenefits meets Priceline for independent hotels.

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How This Startup Is Transforming The Hotel Experience
July 21, 2016
The problem with the large familiar hotel chains is that they often feel soulless. All traces of the country or culture they are in often get removed to deliver a sanitized and bland experience. A quest for authenticity is creating a new breed of tourists.
Stayful Rolls Out Clever Mobile Business Model to Onboard Boutique Hotels
June 23, 2016
How do you scale a business in terms of adding both new customers and partners? Stayful, a three-year-old startup with a consumer app for booking boutique and independent hotels at negotiated discounts, thinks it has found what appears to be a unique way to accelerate the growth of its business.
9 Reasons Your Summer Vacation Costs More Than It Should
August 7, 2015
Summer is the prime tourist season in many destinations. So if you take a vacation in the summer — and the majority of Americans do — you’ll likely pay peak-season rates. “There is a premium for going at the height of the season,” said Brian Ek, a travel analyst for But rates can vary throughout the prime summer travel season, especially for accommodations. For example, you can get better lodging prices at beach locales in early June than later in the month or in July, which is the height of peak season, said Cheryl Rosner, founder and CEO of boutique and independent hotel booking site So as you plan your vacation, check prices for several dates throughout the summer to find when rates are lowest.
9 Proven Business Models to Consider for Your Startup
August 6, 2015
FedBid allows government agencies to use the reverse auction model to award contracts to businesses. Stayful uses the model to help boutique hotels fill unsold inventory which would otherwise go to waste. Squeezify uses this model for freelance work, and MyHammer has found success with the business model helping consumers receive quotes from service experts.
Stayful's Travel Expert Natalie on KHOU 11 News, August 1 2015
August 1, 2015
Natalie visited KHOU 11 News, sharing tips for great last minute trip ideas before #‎BackToSchool while saving some money.
Summer Travel Tips
July 31, 2015
"Stayful's Natalie Kimball shares Summer Travel Tips with José Griñan of MyFox 26 Houston. With school starting in just a few weeks, is it too late for a summer trip? Which hotel have the best amenities? When is the best day to fly?"
5 Most Downloaded Apps This Week
July 30, 2015
I love new apps. I am constantly on my phone, like nearly every other member of my generation, and am intrigued by all the new apps that released. You can find me on all of the social media sharing apps, and on the news apps, as I like to stay current on what’s happening in the world today. You would also be right to assume that I watch a decent amount of hilarious videos via Vine or YouTube daily. In an effort to keep up with the trending apps this week, I have a compiled a list of the most downloaded apps this week.
Summer travel trends
July 30, 2015
A read of the state of summer travel, with Cheryl Rosner, CEO and former Expedia and president.
Boomer itineraries mix culture, cash, time
July 25, 2015
They also want more “experiential” trips and customized experiences, prefer exotic “bucket-list” destinations such as Africa or Asia over more conventional vacations to Mexico or Europe, demand greater personal attention and a slower pace, like to bring their children and grandchildren with them, and can travel at other than peak times, spreading out the travel seasons in some places. “Rather than July and August, we’re seeing more and more trips moving into April and May” to traditional summer destinations, for example, said Cheryl Rosner, CEO of Stayful, a booking service that specializes in independent and boutique hotels. Even the way those hotels are being laid out is changing in response to this trend, said Jackie McGee, principal and director of hospitality design at Boston-based CBT Architects. More social spaces are being incorporated in the lobbies, for example, she said, so “boomers can sit down with people they don’t know and relax and converse,” and room designs are getting more chic because “baby boomers relate better to younger images of themselves.”
5 Most Downloaded Apps This Week
July 17, 2015
Stayful is another travel app that is trending this week. This app is your personal travel agent. It finds and compares hotel rates for you and locks in the great deal for your stay. It picks hotels for you based on your budget and location interests. I know I am grateful for letting someone else organize the travel plans! I’ve downloaded each of these apps and am incredibly excited to use them! Especially Streaks, since I could definitely use the help in creating healthier habits. These 5-cup-of-coffee days probably aren’t too kind on my kidneys. I hope you gain some use out of these apps as well, and be sure to check back next week for a new list of apps! Read more at Clapway: Follow us: @Clapway on Twitter | Clapway on Facebook
The Week in iOS Apps: The official Star Wars app finally arrives
July 10, 2015
Stayful lets you find cool hotels on your budget, and easily make reservations with them. It’s like Priceline, but for taste-making hipsters.
Natalie on KOMO 4 TV, July 8 2015
July 8, 2015
Stayful's Natalie Kimball was the featured guest on First News at 4pm on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. She chats with Mary Nam of KOMO news about Girlfriend Getaways and summer travel tips in the Seattle area.
Money saving tips for great summer getaways
July 7, 2015
Travel expert Natalie Kimball from, shared tips to save money and headaches, plus get the most out of your summer getaway.
July 1, 2015
Travel expert Roberta Seiler stopped by the CBS2 studio Saturday to share the most unique hotels for a girls trip this summer.
Survival Guide for 4th of July
July 1, 2015
It’s that time of the year! Time to celebrate America’s birthday — and time to buckle down for one of the busiest holiday weekends. According to AAA, an estimated 41.9 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home during this upcoming 4th of July — which is up .07 percent from last year and the most since 2007. And according to a recent TripAdvisor poll, nearly one quarter (24 percent) of U.S. travelers plan to take extra time off to celebrate the holiday. So whether you’re driving, flying, navigating fireworks, or just looking for a last-minute getaway, we’ve got expert tips and useful advice to help you survive the holiday.
'GMA' on the Money: Cutting Vacation Costs by Thousands
June 29, 2015
The Feinstein family of New Jersey hoped to take a vacation to Key West, Florida, this November. But when they priced out the trip, the price seemed astronomically high: $5,780 for a four-night vacation. That price included round-trip flights for the family of five, four nights in a four-star hotel and a rental car for the duration of the trip. The Feinsteins wanted to spend no more than $4,500 on the trip. Determined to get them under that budget and off to the Conch Republic, I got to work.
Travel Expert Offers Deals On Best Hotels For Girls’ Weekend Getaway
June 27, 2015
News Travel Expert Offers Deals On Best Hotels For Girls’ Weekend Getaway June 27, 2015 11:02 AM Related Tags: Alex Denis, Deals, Getaways, Girls' Weekend, Roberta Sighler, Stayful NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — All fun, no stress, and more importantly, no kids! That’s what a girls’ weekend getaway is all about. Travel expert Roberta Sighler stopped by the CBS2 studio Saturday to share the most unique hotels for a girls trip this summer. Click on the video player above for all the insider tips. Hotel website Stayful is offering CBS2 viewers a $25 coupon to book your first hotel room. To redeem your coupon.
10 Money-Saving Travel Hacks You've Never Heard Before
June 19, 2015
For big-time budget-savvy travelers, house-sitting has opened up a new frontier. In exchange for caring for an owner’s home and pets while he or she is away, you get to stay for free with Trusted Housesitters. Membership is $7.99/month, but it ends up paying for itself pretty quickly. (For a look at how one couple solely uses house-sitting for their travel accommodations, check out the blog Travelling Weasels.) If house-sitting isn’t your thing, opt for boutique hotels, especially with the site Stayful, where you can negotiate the rate. Or, tack on an extra adventure to the trip by exploring camping spots with Thousand Trails and Encore properties. These sites offer camping guides or other outdoor-lodging options (think cabins or yurts) at more than 180 locations across 23 states and British Columbia, Canada.
32 apps that will change the way you travel
June 10, 2015
Apps can help solve every travel-related concern you've ever had — even those you didn't realize you may stumble upon. We've put together the definitive list of the best travel-related mobile apps. Whether it's helping you save money, find a restroom or WiFi, or identify the best glacier hike, these 32 apps will make you a better traveler.
Stayful - Choose Your Hotel Price
June 5, 2015
If you’re going on vacation or even a staycation, allows you to offer how much you want to pay at boutique and independent hotels. Natalie Kimball drops by to tell us more.
Know What You Stand For -- How to Thrive in a Male Dominated Industry
June 2, 2015
I endured a lot of bias and unfair treatment early in my career. I faced a particularly challenging situation when I was in my first leadership position and I didn’t feel confident enough to speak out. One person out of a group who witnessed the unjust behavior stepped forward on my behalf. I’ve never forgotten this person or the courage it took for him to stand up for me. His courage gave me the courage I needed to leave the company. This experience taught me a couple of important lessons that still stick with me. First, men and women alike have to advocate against bias and unjust behavior whenever they see it, regardless of the type of bias or at whom it is directed. This may seem obvious, but it is not. Women overwhelmingly drop out of STEM education and careers in the tech industry due to “culture” (you can find three separate studies documenting this pattern here, here, and here). One of the challenges with bias today is that it tends to be subtle. Rather than blatant sexism, many women experience a succession of “micro-indignities” that make it difficult to know when to speak out. No-one wants to be put on the line for something that is trivial, but letting small manifestations of bias run wild is what leads to a wider, more deep-seated culture of discrimination.
Why Americans just won't take time off
June 1, 2015
He is far from the exception. Paid leave, whether in the traditional structure of vacation and sick days or as the more general bank of hours paid time off policy, makes up nearly 7% of total compensation in private industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But employees rarely use all the time allotted. Workers, on average, fail to use nearly five vacation days a year, the U.S. Travel Association found. As a result of all these unused days off, one study puts the liability taken on by U.S. businesses at $224 billion, due to workers’ rolling over unused paid time off. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that when people don’t take time off to reset, their resulting stress and burnout can be detrimental to both workers and their employers. “I didn’t realize how extreme it was until I saw the research,” said Cheryl Rosner, CEO of, a hotel bidding and booking site. “It’s an epidemic of overwork. Forty-one percent of Americans don’t take their paid time off. On those days, you’re paying your employer to be at work.” What could possibly explain not taking advantage of paid time off? One oft-cited reason is facing too much of a mess upon return to work.
Startup Stories: Travel Industry Veteran Cheryl Rosner on Knowing What You Stand For
May 28, 2015
Cheryl Rosner, co-founder and CEO of boutique and independent hotel search startup Stayful, has a story that you know she’s told and retold as an object lesson countless times to anyone who’ll listen. President of from 2003 to 2005 and later of sister company Expedia Corporate Travel, Rosner recalls how a nightmare of nightmares occurred at the hotel booking site one evening and, without revealing what the screw-up was, she now says, “I basically brought the company down in one fell swoop.” But Rosner laughs about the crisis now because in dealing with the problem, as employees started drifting in late at night of their own volition, without being summoned, the team discovered an esprit de corps that she believes provided a solid foundation moving forward.
Best hotels to pamper your mom for Mother's Day Read more: Follow us: @ABC7News on Twitter | WJLATV on Facebook
May 6, 2015
"If you haven't found a gift for your mom for Mother's Day yet, don't worry. Roberta Seiler, vice president of marketing and sales at, gave us a list of the best hotels to pamper your mom for Mother's Day."
Don’t Just Talk About PTO Benefits: Encourage Your Employees to Actually ‘Get Up and Go’
May 6, 2015
Cheryl Rosner is the CEO and cofounder of, a boutique and independent hotel booking platform that allows users to bid on room rates. Prior to this, she was the CEO of BuyWithMe, president and CEO of TicketsNow, president of Expedia Corporate Travel, and president of Rosner was named one of the “25 Most Influential People in Travel” by Business Travel News.
5 Websites That Will Help You Save on Hotels
May 5, 2015
Stayful lets travelers bid on or book boutique hotels in several major U.S. cities for trips within the next month, allowing hotels to fill unsold rooms at less than their published rate. If the hotel accepts your bid price and you confirm, you can't modify or cancel the reservation and receive a refund, but you can modify or cancel a room using the booking feature. Stayful offers a longer lead time than HotelTonight, but uber-planners may want to book further in advance. Stayful also has an iPhone app (requires iOS 8 or later), and it offers an online feature where you can tweet your hotel request (including dates, city and number of nights) to @stayful, and representatives will help you find a hotel room and negotiate the price. While this feature sounds like a clever use of technology, Drake points out that some travelers may be uncomfortable publicly tweeting their travel dates for security reasons.
Stayful's CEO Cheryl Rosner chats with Michael Finney from Radio KGO, April 11, 2015
April 11, 2015
Stayful's CEO Cheryl Rosner chats with Michael Finney from Radio KGO, about Stayful, Boutique Hotels and 5 reasons why taking vacation is more important than you might think.
Stayful's Natalie Kimball on FOX 4 News, April 11th 2015
April 11, 2015
Natalie shows Jenny Anchondo from FOX 4 News how to place a bid on and how to book your next hotel on Twitter using our #‎tweetstay program. Check out these easy and fun ways to book a hotel!
Stayful on SA Live, April 8, 2015
April 8, 2015
Stayful's Natalie Kimball speaks to Jeff Roper from SA Live about Staycations from San Antonio and boutique hotels.
Travelers Can Bid on Boutique Hotel Rooms with New App
January 31, 2015
"Art Norman introduces us to a the, a new website and app that links travelers to available rooms in small boutique and independent hotels across the country."
5 iPhone Apps You Just Can't Miss This Week
January 30, 2015
Stayful not only searches multiple databases in order to find you the best hotel rates in a given city, but it will actively negotiate the best price for you with the hotel. How exactly it works is something of a mystery, but so long as the result is cheaper rates, then Stayful has done its job. Not only is the idea itself incredibly useful, but the interface is easy to use and takes the headache out of online booking.
Stayful mention
January 15, 2015
Stayful co-founder Cheryl Rosner says her customers gave feedback to the effect of, “Why do I need to go through reams of hotels? If I’ve been to a site 10 times, why don’t you know something about me?”
Stayful is a must-have money saver for travelers
December 27, 2014
Stayful is a travel app that finds hotels in a number of cities across North America based on exactly what you're looking for, then gets you the best price possible. Browse photos of the hotels, view a list of amenities and reasons why you might like your stay there, then quickly make a reservation right within the app. Customize your price range, type of hotel or stay, location and time frame all in a few taps to focus in on what you're looking for. Stayful is free for iPhone and requires iOS 8.0 or later. Good design means looking and functioning beautifully. Fortunately, Stayful achieves both. The app design is among some of the better ones I've seen since the launch of iOS 8. Interestingly, many of the animations remind me of Android's new Material design language. It's quite charming though to say the least.
The Stayful hotel app: No trend left behind
December 18, 2014
Forget those year-in-review articles that list the hottest trends in design, marketing, and business models among consumer-facing travel startups. Instead, download the iOS app Stayful, which debuted yesterday. The app showcases the industry’s conventional wisdom about what apps should be like today. Some critics may say that the trend-hopping is a form of copy-catting, not to be admired. Friends, on the other hand, may say that many successful companies take aspects of what has worked elsewhere and mix them to create something new — and that Stayful is doing just that. We leave the verdict to you. But given that this app is representative of the hippest best practices among travel startups in 2014, it might be useful to review the key trends it encapsulates in detail.
10 of the Best New Travel Apps of 2014
December 2, 2014
There are dozens of hotel booking apps out there, and most of them offer pretty much the same features and pricing. If you’re traveling in the US and prefer hotels to hostels, the Stayful app is worth a look. Rather than just listing thousands of properties, or whatever’s on special today, Stayful takes a different approach. You choose your destination, dates (within the next month) and price range, and are shown available properties, their best online rate and a recommended bid amount. From there you pick a hotel, send through your bid and get notified if it’s accepted. This kind of direct interaction with a hotel is unusual and makes the app worth trying before booking through any of the standard hotel booking sites. The only downside at the moment is that hotels are limited to certain US cities so let’s hope the company succeeds and is able to expand quickly.
Can You Really Book a Hotel on Twitter Now?
November 12, 2014
In time for the upcoming holiday season,, an online hotel bidding and booking service, has launched a new mobile travel service — TweetStay. To use TweetStay, mobile users tweet a hotel request up to 30 days before their stay to @Stayful using the hashtag #tweetstay, and the booking service will negotiate the price — in real time — with an independent, boutique hotel in one of the cities Stayful serves. Currently, it serves Boston, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Houston, Orlando, Miami, and many more. “Hotels want to make sure they book all their rooms, and travelers want a great deal,” said Stayful co-founder and CEO Cheryl Rosner, who launched Stayful’s online bidding and booking service last year. “Since we negotiate prices behind the scenes in real time, we can offer TweetStay customers a better price than they can find online.” So what exactly do you say in this tweet? In 140 characters or less, you add your destination city, what kind of hotel you’re seeking (budget, midprice, or premium), arrival date, and how many nights you’d like to book.
Now you can book boutique hotels on Twitter
November 11, 2014
Hotel booking services are sometimes able to negotiate better prices for mobile consumers. Now online hotel bidding company Stayful is featuring those prices with a new Twitter-based booking process. The company launched a service Tuesday called "TweetStay" that matches mobile users with independent boutique hotels via Twitter. Twitter users can start a request by tweeting at @Stayful with the hashtag #tweetstay and their destination city, the hotel level they want (budget, mid-priced or premium), and their travel dates. After the user tweets their request, Stayful negotiates prices for the stay with boutique hotels and tweets back a link with an offer at a better rate that what is usually available online, according to Stayful.
#BestofDigi: The Must-Have Travel Apps To Download Now
October 19, 2014
If you'll be traveling within 30 days from booking, bid on boutique hotel rooms at discounted prices here. Think Priceline, except you can pick where you want to stay. Treat yourself to room service with the money you'll save.
Finding Last-Minute Deals on Upscale Hotels
August 6, 2014
The current day is not necessarily the default setting on the apps and sites. This is the case with a new app called Stayful, which allows users to bid for boutique hotel rooms at the last minute or up to 30 days in advance. Also, check the length of stay. The app LMT Deals from Last Minute Travel has a default stay length of two nights; you must change it if you want more or only one. And always read the fine print. Your deal might be nonrefundable, or room type might be assigned to you by the hotel.
6 Ways to Get Amazing Hotel Deals
July 25, 2014
Want to reduce your business travel costs? Or planning a weekend getaway? While we all hope to get what we pay for, we really love getting a lot more than what we pay for--and that's especially true where hotels are concerned. Here are some tips for finding the cheapest rates at awesome boutique hotels--and in some cases any hotels--from Cheryl Rosner, co-founder and CEO of, a website that algorithmically determines a fair market price for unsold inventory at hotels and encourages customers to bid with a suggested price. Hotels accept that suggested price approximately 60 percent of the time, and when they don't, still often counter with a lower-than-advertised rate. (I recently tried Stayful and snagged a great midtown NYC hotel room for 30% lower than the best rate I found through other online services.)
New Push to Make Paying Full Price for a Hotel Room Passé
June 4, 2014
When Craig Foster needed a place to stay for a March trip to San Diego, the best rate he could find for the Bahia Resort Hotel was $147 a night. Then one website he tried,, said it would bid $130 a night for him. Sure enough, the hotel immediately offered him the room at the reduced rate. That amounted to a savings of just over $100 for his six-night stay. "It seemed a bit too good to be true," Mr. Foster, an accountant from Mill Valley, Calif., recalls thinking at the time. "But it did the job." Paying full price for a hotel room may be going the way of the bellhop or front-desk ledger. Stayful is part of a fresh crop of technology startups that are offering new ways for travelers to book rooms at significant discounts to prices listed on hotel websites or on online travel agencies such as
Tech Thursday: Offers a New Way to Strike a (Boutique) Hotel Deal
July 18, 2013
A new day, a new way to score a deal—or so it seems with travel start-ups these days. Joining the pack is Stayful, a site that launched yesterday with a premise that borrows bits and pieces from familiar players like Priceline, Luxury Link, and Hotel Tonight. The mission is simple: help trendy boutique hotels move unsold inventory by putting rooms up for bidding. Browse their inventory—currently limited to New York City and San Francisco, but featuring such hotspots as The Standard High Line and Hotel on Rivington—and name your price. You’ll find out within 24 hours if the hotel has accepted your offer, or if they’ve decided to rebut. Should you want to suggest a big to a hotel that’s not already on Stayful’s list, the site allows you to do so, inviting the hotel of your choice to participate with them if they’re ready and willing. Our preliminary thoughts? Stayful seems better built to accommodate hotels’ needs than travelers’ (the name itself should be a clue), but if it nets value-driven results at sought-after properties, we’ll enthusiastically be jumping aboard. The service is currently in beta, and accepting invitation requests, so you’ll hear more on our verdict once we’ve fully put it to the test.
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