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We are a cloud-based telemedicine program and community for addiction treatment

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Only 12% of 27 million addicts and alcoholics get treatment costing the nation $442 billion annually
215 million "codependents" are dramatically underserved
Leadership is highly experienced in recovery, treatment and health care management
Stay Clean is the only telemedicine based, comprehensive treatment and recovery community

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There are 27 million addicts and alcoholics, and 215 million codependents and only 12% ever encounter treatment and only 6% achieve continuing recovery

The Stay Clean Story

Addiction in its many forms has been with us for millenia. Literally, from the beginning of the country addiction to alcohol and drugs has been an issue high in the national conscience.  Temperance organizations, church groups, political movements, and medical treatments were all a part of an effort to control alcohol and to a lesser extent drug use. In 1935, in Akron, two men suffering from alcoholism started Alcoholics Anonymous and AA and its many offspring have been a godsend to millions.  Yet, 85 years later only 12% of the 27 million alcoholics and drug addicts ever receive any form of treatment -- AA, NA, counseling, rehab.  Only 6% are in recovery from their disease. The situation for their loved ones, the codependents, is worse yet.

Mike Coleman had a vision about changing access to recovery.  A career fire fighter, an alumnus of The Healing Place in Louisville, Mike went out on an EMT call to administer narcan to overdose victims far too many times.  He had access to life saving treatment, so why should it be that far too often these victims do not?  Something needs to change!

Mike knew that as a career member of the uniformed services he needed a team to help him fulfill that vision.  He found a clinician thirty years in service, who had been part of building a 6,000 bed treatment organization, a career health care executive, and a colleague who had a long history in business technology.

Today we have a private, secure (HIPAA), telemedicine system that will support face-to-face clinical service to anyone - alcoholic, addict, codependent -  who wants to get better.  All of the counselors on that system are highly trained, experienced and state licensed.  Our new community members have access to recovery meetings many times a day and an online community where they share their experience, strength and hope 24X7.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone who wants treatment, gets treatment.  Everyone who wants to be clean and sober, everyone who wants to reframe their relationship has the opportunity to be well.  Treatment works! Recovery is possible!  Today there are millions of alcoholics, addicts, codependents living full and active lives.  Our mission is to help people achieve that recovery.

The Plan

We have a HIPAA protected, private, telemedicine platform where we offer alcoholics, addicts and their loved ones clinical treatment from the privacy of their homes at highly reasonable rates.  The service is staffed by clinicians with the highest certification offered by their State of residence.  We also have on-line recovery meetings, 24 hour text messaging and community blog, and life skills.  WE have  business-to-business plans for providing on site drug testing and treatment and there are several clients in the pipeline.  We have internet marketing and social media efforts already underway.  We are going to make this work in a sustainable, for-profit company that does good for the 250 million people suffering (addicts and codependents) and does well as a company.