StarWalker Industries, Inc.

We're building a bottled water plant with a paid bottle return recycling center

Last Funded September 2021


raised from 482 investors
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Producing 32 Million 3 Liter water bottles at a gross margin of $0.80 per bottle.
To reduce plastic waste in local communities, we pay 25¢ for each 3 Liter water bottle returned.
Our current brands generate revenue and are sold nationally including 100 CitiTrends stores.
Black-owned company

Our Team

Ever since I walked into my first bottled water plant with a client, I have been on a mission to build an efficient bottled water production and recycling facility for black communities. Now is the time, and StarWalker Industries is looking for investors to start this journey with us. David M. Walker, CEO and Founder

Our Story

I. What does StarWalker Industries do?

StarWalker Industries (SWI) is a bottled water distribution, manufacturing, and recycling company. SWI sells truckloads of bottled water and is building a state-of-the-art bottled water production and recycling system in Atlanta, GA.

StarWalker Systems
StarWalker Distribution

II. Why has StarWalker Industries been successful in the bottled water business?

StarWalker Industries is owned by a black business attorney and engineer who leads a team of positive people that brands bottled water and sells it by the truckload. SWI desires to expand its brands by building a closed-loop bottled water plant that collects its 100% Recyclable plastic bottles.

Integrity® Purified and Spring water is bottled in .5L/ 24-pack case and is distributed mostly in the Midwest and Southeast United States.

If integrity could be bottled, it would look like water. If it could be consumed, it would taste like water. Pure. Essential. Good. Integrity® is the choice that makes you feel good and that you can feel good about. For your active, healthy lifestyle… Choose Integrity!

Integrity Purified & Spring Water.
For your active, healthy lifestyle ... Choose Integrity Purified & Spring Water.

Positivity Alkaline Water has a pH 9.5+ in a Grab-N-Go 700mL with sport cap bottle. Alkaline water is a fast growing industry with a low risk factor and great profit margin for food trucks and other resellers. Consumers can enjoy a refreshing taste of the Smoky Mountains water infused with electrolytes for positively GREAT TASTE.

Positivity Alkaline Water pH 9.5+ | 700mL Sports Cap Bottle | 15pk Case
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III. How much money does StarWalker Industries need?

StarWalker Industries is raising up to $1.07M on Wefunder and $4.6M in total in order to build a bottled water plant in Atlanta, GA, that will we believe will produce 32 Million 96oz water bottles a year at a total cost of $0.70 per bottle. The water bottles will be sold for $1.50 per bottle including a 25¢ bottle return.