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Inspiring kids to save the world through powerful stories!



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To inspire kids around the world to save the planet via film games and books!
To bring uplifting positive messages of hope to families around the world!
Make money and help the planet at the same time!

Our Team

I got frustrated about all the problems in the world. I realized that we could bring attention to a lot of these problems via the Star Kids story. Not only could we do a film about the Star Kids but we can tell the stories through additional forms of media as well.


Star Kids Media – A Proposal to Change the World

Hello, and thank you for considering my proposal. I have this really cool idea, and I want to share it with you! It all started when I got frustrated after watching the umpteenth documentary on the increasing problems in the world. I was frustrated because, as you know, we were promised a brighter future, but instead, things seem to be getting worse by the minute! This made me feel even more powerless to really do anything meaningful about what is happening on our planet, and then one day, I had an epiphany!

At the time, I was working on a Sci-Fi movie called Star Kids about children from another world who come to Earth to save it.  I began to realize that we could bring attention to a lot of these problems via this story.  We could not only do a film about the Star Kids, but we could tell their stories through additional forms of media. So I decided to create an entertainment company through which to do this. Now we can tell the stories through TV, games, books and even clothes! The main idea now is that the fictional Star Kids would attempt to solve the world’s problems, kids will watch or play or read these stories, and kids will then be inspired to be like the Star Kids and want to help the world through some kind of action themselves. But it gets better! To help kids take action in the real world, we will form an online club called Star Kids World Changers. I am really excited about this new direction, but to pull this off successfully, I need your help.

Obviously, this is a huge undertaking. So we are creating a startup company called Star Kids Media. It will be a multimedia entertainment studio that will produce movies, TV shows, games, products, etc. Outside investors will independently fund each product group (movies, games, books, etc.). But to launch the studio, we are raising $500,000 in startup capital from a select group of conscientious investors. These investors will then participate in all of the income generated by the studio from the different product groups. We intend to market these products worldwide and generate sales in the millions of dollars. (See the offer page for more details.) In this way, everyone can win, the world, kids, and investors alike. Will you join us?

My name is William Spiritdancer, and I have over 25 years of entrepreneurial, technology, multimedia, and filmmaking experience.

Please read this proposal for more details about our plans, and I hope you will consider joining our endeavor to effect real change in our world.

Thank you,

William Spiritdancer

Founder, Star Kids Media

The Story

A dying planet.

An ancient prophecy foretold.

Mysterious men with dark secrets.

Four children with special powers.

A war between good and evil.

Friends beyond time and space.

Ancient knowledge unlocked.

Lost secrets revealed.

A civilization lost.

Hope remembered.

Truth discovered.

Love ignited.

The fate of a New World born!

Once upon a time, a civilization was on the brink of destruction - economically, politically, and environmentally...

Some say the Earth is dying. Some say the Earth is going to hell faster than a Harley on Highway 66! If it’s true, no one seems to know what to do about it.  Many don’t care and many don’t even realize it’s happening.  It’s like a sinking ship and no one seems to realize nor care that it’s sinking! Can you imagine! But it’s not like they hadn't been warned!

It is said that the ancient ones prophesied that one day four special beings would come and save the earth.

No one knows if it’s true or not...

Could the star prophecy passed down all this time be true? Unfortunately, it was lost to time, known only to a few.                                                     

But what if it is true…

Four children are living in an ordinary typical middle-class family and they were hopeful for the world. Just when it seemed like they were having a perfectly beautiful happy life it all got snatched away when mysterious men showed up forcing them to run away. They had to leave their parents, their beautiful home, and everything they knew behind. Their lives had changed forever and so their and our journey began.

Star Kids is a sci-fi fantasy story about four kids who must save an Earth on the brink of destruction. Four everyday kids (Jade, Jai, Crystal, and Shock D) begin a quest to save it! Chased by mysterious men and completely unprepared for this mission, they go on many exciting adventures, meet many interesting characters who inspire, guide, and mentor them along the way. If they are to save the Earth they will have to understand the many mysteries surrounding their quest. As things escalate at an ever-increasing pitch, they cry, fight, stumble, get up, make friends and enemies. But Why? Why them? Who are the men chasing them? Why is the Earth in trouble? Do they have the power to change anything?

They must answer these questions and many more or all will be lost.

The History of Star Kids

Fifteen years in the making, Star Kids was originally created as a community outreach film project to help at-risk kids in the Seattle area. The Star Kids project has been through years of fundraising, community outreach events, nonprofit and for-profit partnerships, film shoots, and screenings. Through that adventure, Star Kids has garnered thousands of fans and supporters from around the country and the world.

Now, we are ready to take Star Kids to the next level and help it reach its fullest potential as a tool to help inspire and enlighten children around the world. We are bringing the Star Kids story to Hollywood as a multifaceted media franchise and children's edutainment studio called Star Kids Media.

At its center, Star Kids is a sci-fi story with fantasy elements, optimistic undertones, and ultimately, a strong message about saving the planet. With new locations and characters being introduced in every story, Star Kids is a hopeful adventure that children and parents alike will be excited to be a part of.

Our Message to Kids

“Like the Star Kids, you were born for a purpose and that purpose is to heal this planet. You have a passion, this passion is your gift to the world. It is what you love to do more than anything else. Its purpose is to be the tool you will use. You will help heal the problem that moves you the most. You can do it by taking action today. You can make a difference in this world and the world is depending on you to make that difference!”

That may sound kind of serious for kids but we will make it fun and exciting for them! Our goal is to create a youth movement that will be a catalyst for social change on the planet. Who better to help solve the world’s problems than the very kids whose future is at stake. 

Our Business Philosophy

(Except for the art from the Star Kids Series, all of the art shown is concept art.)


Walking the talk and being truthful to our mission
All of our products will be sustainable, equitable, and in all ways good for people and the planet!

Honorably succeeding in spite of the destructive nature of capitalism
The paradox is that we live in a capitalistic society where basically if you want to do something that doesn't hurt the earth or society it's really hard to make money with it. Why? Because all the other corporations that have conquered all the other markets basically don't care about the Earth or people - only money! They're willing to destroy the Earth and human lives for profit and because of that ruthlessness they can sell at a lower quality and lower price and get away with it! We care about all of the people involved in the production, sales, and distribution of our products.

We will not contribute to unhealthy consumerism
One of the problems with our world right now is that it is too consumer-oriented. There is just too much emphasis on buying stuff and trying to find happiness through stuff and getting more money to buy more stuff. So I'm not too happy about participating in that reality of our society right now. Maybe we can affect some change in this area. Obviously, our products need to be sustainable, not just cheap plastic junk that is going to be thrown in landfills contributing to the very problems we're trying to solve! One way to mitigate this is to make high-quality products that stand the test of time.

We will not exploit human beings, animals, or the environment for profit.

We will not participate in the exploitation of labor and environmental destruction.
For example, some Christmas toys are made by slaves in China or other third-world countries where they have to sneak notes into them to be known. What a paradox! Christmas is supposed to be about the complete opposite of that, what has the world come to! And despite this knowledge, like a bunch of zombified consumers, we just keep on buying the crap! We will sincerely create products and sell them in a way that's authentic to our message by rigorously inspecting our supply chain to make sure that we are not unknowingly contributing to the very problems we are trying to solve.

Looking for Conscientious Investors

Putting the Earth and humanity above profits.

We want to partner with conscientious investors who want to make a positive difference in the world with their money. Investors who are not just about money for money’s sake regardless of what it does to the Earth and its people.

We believe you can do both.

Many will ask, why not do Star Kids in a non-profit way as it has lots of similarities with a caused-based non-profit project? With experience in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas, I feel that we can move faster and have a bigger reach by doing Star Kids Media as a for-profit business and modeling other successful for-profit media companies. Although there is a non-profit component which is the Star Kids World Changers project which will be done in partnership with our sister organization The Dream Power Foundation.


We want Star Kids to be a global phenomenon and for that to happen kids have to be able to relate to the characters. So, we're going to have characters from all ethnicities incorporated into the stories.

As the Star Kids travel the world on their adventures they will encounter many other kids from many different cultures. For example, there is a side story where the Star Kids help a young girl from the Amazon.

We will be focusing on the peoples of the five major continents: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Because we're trying to inspire and motivate all kids, it's important that they see themselves in the characters. So they can say, “Yeah that's me!”

Every Product Will Stand on Its Own Success

Each product will stand on its own success being related to, but not dependant on, the success of other Star Kids products.

People will say “Man, that's a really fun game!” or “That's a really cool shirt!” and then they will say ”What is Star Kids?” Then they’ll check it out and Google it and say “Wow! What a great message!” and hopefully learn about the other books and films. Every product will be of the highest quality yet related to the others. 

The Star Kids Garden of Products

Like a beautiful garden, we want to grow and nurture all the product lines in the Star Kids franchise in the most beautiful and perfect way.

So the main structure of Star Kids Media is that we're going to really focus on developing the Star Kids story franchise and that means fully developing the world of Star Kids; the stories, the characters, and how all those different stories interact with each other on a multi-dimensional level. Then we're going to share the stories and characters with kids and families through various product lines interfacing with the world in different art forms. So for example, the first major product line we're going to do is an online TV series called Star Kids The Series. There will be major product lines and minor product lines. The three major product lines are going to be the TV series, an animated series, and a computer console game. These three lines are pretty high budget and ambitious but in relation to them are going to be the minor product lines. They are going to be complimentary art forms such as books, board and card games, and the merchandising of products such as school supplies and a clothing line.

Unlike the traditional Hollywood merchandising model where the movie is primary and merchandising is secondary, each of our product lines will stand on its own. If we just did a set of novels called the Star Kids novels those novels would need to be successful as standalone novels. If we're going to do a phone game that game needs to be successful as if we never did any other types of products.

There will be a synergy between the product lines where the success of one helps the success of the other but we're not going to depend on that. To pull this off of course means that we're going to have to really double down on the quality of each product line. It can't just be a secondary kind of “Let’s just make some whatever” and hope it'll just work because the name or the picture of a character is on it.

Main Product Lines


Cast of the Star Kids Series

We are planning a three-season TV series. (Currently in development as the Star Kids Series) and an animated series and possibly movies.



We will tell the Star Kids stories through various books: Comic books, children’s books, novels, graphic novels, and interactive book apps for tablet computers.



The Star Kids stories can also be told through gameplay. To that end, we want to do the following types of games: Board games, card games, 2D games for phones, and PC/consoles games.



The Star Kids’ art and messages can also be communicated via products such as school supplies, stationery, greeting cards, toys, etc.



We plan to do a clothing line featuring the Star Kids message: T-shirts, hats, jewelry, etc.

"In 2017, the global children's wear market was worth approximately 203.4 billion U.S. dollars and the designer's kid's wear market around 5.89 billion U.S. dollars."

What Success Means for Star Kids Media

Although we are forming Star Kids Media as a for-profit business, our number one goal is to inspire kids toward positive change in the world. I want to bring hope to families with a message that no matter how bad things may appear to be there is hope coming. And, that there's a lot we can do right now, no matter what our situation, to make the world a better place.

So success for us is to touch the lives of as many children and families as possible, ideally millions.

Obviously, to do that we need resources, a high-quality product, and distribution. We want to create a high-quality product first because we feel if we can create a high-quality product it will sell itself and then we will make money and be profitable.

We will do the commensurate proper amount of sales and marketing etc. But it all begins with a high-quality product, which begins with having a high-quality team of talented people to create, sell, market, and distribute it. If we can do all of that we know Star Kids Media will be successful not just for investors but also for children, families, and the planet!


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