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Invest in Stanulis Films Inc.

🔥 Our platform saves money and mitigates risk when producing a movie

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Founded by film industry veteran with over 20 years experience: Directing, Acting and Producing.
Company has completed 20 projects
Release of "Clinton Road" in over 20 theaters nationwide, distributed over pay per view networks
Established relationships with Lionsgate with a MG -an initial sum that is paid to the producer by the distributor
We set up a structure with CAA to help package our projects to maximize the profitability
"5th Borough" released in 6/20 & "Chronicle of a Serial Killer" released in 10/20 on major platforms
Executive Producing film "Monica" starring Patricia Clarkson & Emily Browning
We closed an intl. deal w/ Malaysia to be the 1st US production company to receive govt. tax credits

Our Team

Smart Phones, Smart Homes, Smart Cars. What About Smart Movie Making?

One of the biggest problems within the film industry, for both novice and seasoned filmmakers alike, is the number of hours spent planning a movie production.

Without a high budget, it is vitally important to take care of every penny invested and organize, in the best possible way, the management of the team. That's the answer to this need.

By bringing together all our experience about audiovisual production, we are developing a StanulisFilms App tool that will reduce up to 37% of the time invested in planning, which translates into saving money by avoiding costly errors in pre-production, production, and post-production.

You just need to load your script into our system and let our algorithm do the rest.

A single tool in which you will find:

  • Necessary locations for each scene.
  • Contact list of locations according to a geographic area with details of architectural design, electrical capabilities, equipment use possibilities, shipping routes, and others.
  • Daily shoot plan, including call sheets.
  • Coordination of accommodations, transport, and catering automatically.
  • List of basic lighting equipment and daily budget.

Our business model is mixed, obtaining resources through three sources:

  • Recurring payments from producers who use the platform for the daily management and short-term organization of their productions.
  • Commissions for referrals to our network of suppliers by locations, rental of lighting and filming equipment, transportation, accommodation, catering, and even grading of professional color grading and post-production services.
  • Finally, our premium consulting service facilitates obtaining permits, contact, and representation before the necessary entities and even assistance in negotiating with streaming platforms to mitigate the production risk of any project to the maximum.


StanulisFilm App is the only tool that combines location management for film productions with a network of verified suppliers whose work focuses on all stages of production to minimize the investment of money and extra expenses during the Production Phase.

Stanulis Films

A new, cost-effective Film and TV production model for the Covid 19 and digital driven age with multi-channel distribution – in one company - by an award winning producer director.

Stanulis Films has created a budget driven process with minimal overhead that has been proven and has distribution in place before any costs are incurred.

Supported by multiple revenue streams from theatrical to on demand to digital and foreign distribution and to big box stores for DVDs. The attached deck and media package shows the significant reach of small, smart studio. 

Stanulis Films has now secured deals with Allied Vaughn, which distributes DVDs to retail companies such as, but not limited to, Best Buy, Walmart, & Target. The DVD market is still a huge revenue generating market to a certain age demographic. This adds another stream in the distribution process. Stanulis Films also has secured a foreign distribution deal with Multicom on their next slate of 10 film projects. 

In addition, Stanulis Films secured a deal with Redbox, which is unique as to compared to other companies, due to the fact that Redbox pays all fees upfront. In turn, it lowers the risk value for investors, helping to recoup their monies much faster. 

EARLY STAGE, PRE-IPO STARTUP OPPORTUNITY. Successful media companies are often measured in tens or hundreds of billions of dollars— you are buying into Stanulis Films Inc. at a valuation of $20MM. While there is a lot of risk, if we’re successful there is a definitely a lot of upside.

OPEN TO ALL INVESTORS. In the past, investing in early stage startups was off-limits to non-accredited investors. Thankfully, with the JOBS Act, it has given everyone the opportunity to participate in the startup economy.

With over 25 films produced & more than $10 million raised in private money, we are looking to make Stanulis Films Inc. one of the most successful companies out there.

DIVERSIFIED SLATE OF FILM AND TV PROJECTS. When you invest in Stanulis Films Inc. you're not just backing a single project -- you're investing in an entire slate. By diversifying across different genres and risk profiles, we're building a company designed to last.


As mentioned earlier, when you invest in Stanulis Films you are buying stock in the company. As a pre-IPO startup, we are inherently risky. However, startups that succeed can change the world, and provide staggering returns for investors. Our current market cap (the price you are buying in at) is about $20 -$25 million. 

Of course the larger we get, the more powerful we become. While there is always risk with investing, with Stanulis Films Inc.,we are betting our money, reputations, and careers that we can make this the best investment you've ever made.


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Tier 3 ($500 to $999)

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Tier 5 ($5,000 and up)

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And choose one bonus perk:

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  • Walk-On role
  • 20% in bonus shares of Stanulis Films stock