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Last Funded November 2021


raised from 115 investors
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🌎 100% natural, ready-to-eat, nutritionally balanced... and incredibly tasty!
📈 Healthy prepared food delivery is a fragmented market, growing at a 12%, and is already over $3b!
💰 Highly scalable: Streamlined cooking and storage, longer shelf life and fewer deliveries needed.
🚀 Projected to breakeven within our first 9 months!

Our Team

Paolo in his +18 years of sport activity has experienced firsthand the struggles of a natural/balanced nutrition: sourcing, cooking, carrying, time consumption, costs and planning. These issues are shared to some extent by almost everyone who wants to eat clean, healthy, fast and with a diversified diet. SquarEat provides a solution for all these.

Disrupting the Food Delivery Market, one bite at a time.

Paolo has been training as semi-professional athlete for almost 20 years and, like many others, has always struggled with food

His quest to find anything healthy, easy AND delicious left him inspired.

Until now, a clear-cut solution has never truly existed

Most healthy food options are either cooked at home (time consuming), substituted by meal replacements (simply bars and shakes), ordered via apps (costly one-off solution) or via meal plans (rigid recurring solution, often not tasty/healthy). 

The market clearly lacks something healthy AND delicious, long lasting AND natural, and easily adaptable to the busy consumer lifestyle.

How we got here

During the lockdown SquarEat emerged.

Paolo spent days and nights in the kitchen of a restaurant that was closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Inspired and with time on his hands, he worked closely together with a talented chef to create something entirely new.

What they're saying

“Perfect dinner tonight, this has to be one of the most amazing ideas!”
- Ana Cameron

“One of the most interesting things I've tried, super healthy and tastes great!”

- Anna Lev

“Trying the food of the future for the first time, Choco-pancake! Actually,
tastes like a real one!”

- Martina Sim

“Meal plan 100% natural and made with healthy ingredients.”
- Yami Giardina

“Recipes are 100% natural with no preservatives, the meal was insanely delicious and easy to prepare”
– Valerie Senior

“Great packaging, not-messy at all, easy, quick, delicious, innovative, nutritious; chicken and sweet potato were our favorites, we enjoyed them so much”

- Amanda Guillen

Take a tour of SquarEat

We created a new concept of food

Our food comes in squares as a result of a special preparation process. Each square is made of a single primary ingredient plus natural aromas `(20+ recipes). Our proprietary process results in no loss of nutrients during cooking nor storage. 

In fact, our Squares last up to 3 weeks (of course, with NO additives!) and are tasty, healthy, and made with precisely measurable nutrients amount. 

This makes them suitable for any type of diet (including vegan options) and goal. In addition, they are ready-to-eat but can also be warmed in microwave or cooked in a pan, alone or as part of a wider recipe.

Our choco-pancake square, vegetarian, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, DELICIOUS!
An example of a baked preparation of our zucchini, sweet potato, and chicken squares

High-growing and fragmented market where disruption can be highly rewarded

The "meals delivery market" in the US is experiencing very strong growth (12-13% p.a.). The market is extremely fragmented with no real champions as of today. There are many local small-sized players with undifferentiated offering and usually poor economics because of constrained operations. 

The typical issues are: traditional cooking, need for on demand/ simultaneous production of many ingredients,  limited possibility to store (short conservation period) or high usage of preservatives, and very frequent deliveries.

SquarEat is disruptive

  • Way longer storage life vs. existing offering, even though squares are completely natural
  • Significantly less deliveries required
  • Scalable model thanks to flexible production not linked to demand and ability to store product
  • Very broad B2C customer base (from athletic/healthy, to vegan, to busy professionals) 
  • Differentiated B2B distribution channels, with potential to target gyms, offices, schools, vending machines, events, and ultimately supermarkets and airlines
  • Enjoyable both with meal plan format and one-off purchases
  • Squares can be mixed and matched, allowing customizable boxes
  • It’s much more TASTY even if it’s HEALTHY!
The texture of our chicken square is truly meat-like

We're already launched with the aim to rollout throughout the entire US

We've held several tasting sessions and the feedback was extremely positive, from both customers and investors.

We are already operating a fully equipped laboratory and flagship store in a high traffic premium location in Miami, FL.

Our first phase of our marketing launch, and several high profile influencers and gyms are already promoting our product. 

Our already operational preparation lab
Our activities on social media are already getting a very good traction!

We have a sustainable plan to arrive to +$40m sales in 5 years

We have raised over $200k from founders and seed investors who love our squares . 

With other $100k (our minimum) we can potentially run the business at 0 sales for 6 months, and we need only 135 subscriptions and 6 gyms to breakeven

We have assumed a very conservative ramp-up period during which we will validate the product and the model without burning a lot of cash, while scaling up with investments after year 2. 

Our marketing strategy will initially be based on leveraging our network of local influencers in the fitness and lifestyle community, which account for  over 3 million followers. They will be paid a % of the revenues generated by their followers base with evident benefit for us (no upfront marketing cost) and for them (constant revenue stream thanks to our subscription model). 

After hitting our $700k target, we will accelerate the introduction paid marketing (which in our plan we assume only after year 2) and the opening of new labs (California, New York), resulting in faster growth.

We have selected a mix of professional influencers and spontaneous real-consumer brand ambassadors

What's more?

The beauty of our model and product is that it is extremely scalable and modular. Differently from our competitors, thanks to our streamlined production and long conservation of our products we would be able to mechanise and centralize our facilites much easier. None of these upsides is included in the plan above!

Help us bringing our Squares to your home!

We are excited to start the productions of our Squares and a successful fundraising will help us achieve our rapid expansion

If you are eager to try them, help us bring them to your home! Together, we can create the future of healthy, sustainable and convenient cooking.