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Our Team

Authentic Video Friendship App Powered By A.I.!

The pervasive issue of loneliness is impacting a growing number of individuals who often find themselves socially isolated and devoid of genuine friendships. Spinnr endeavors to solve this problem by addressing the fundamental need for authentic connections. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, the Spinnr app intelligently matches individuals based on shared hobbies and interests, cultivating a secure and supportive space conducive to the development of meaningful and sincere friendships.

A global epidemic of loneliness and social isolation has emerged, accentuated by the Covid pandemic. Across the world, individuals are grappling with the challenges of establishing authentic platonic relationships and meaningful social connections. Existing market solutions fall short, predominantly concentrating on preserving established relationships and social circles. These solutions heavily rely on text and image-based profiles, often resulting in superficial connections that fail to address the deeper need for authentic human interaction.

This issue is deeply ingrained in society, demanding a tangible solution that yields substantial results capable of positively impacting lives globally.

Which is exactly what we built.

The Spinnr Solution 

Spinnr offers a secure, captivating, and genuine platform tailored for cultivating new friendships. Distinguished by its video-first approach and a dedicated focus on shared interests, Spinnr crafts a more authentic and immersive user experience. Notably, the platform champions inclusivity, welcoming diverse communities such as the LGBTQ community, individuals with disabilities, and various age demographics.

By providing a platform that facilitates connections based on shared interests, Spinnr offers a solution for individuals seeking genuine friendships and meaningful social interactions. The app is dedicated to breaking the cycle of loneliness and helping people build strong, supportive networks.

Spinnr has multiple aspects which not only cater to our users, but make us unique:

  • Video-First Approach: Unlike traditional social platforms, Spinnr utilizes a video-first strategy, where users create and interact through video profiles. This encourages authenticity and helps users to get a real sense of the person behind the profile.
  • Focus on Platonic Relationships: Spinnr is distinctively designed for building platonic friendships, addressing the 'friendship recession' in modern society, which many other social platforms overlook.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: The app is designed to cater to a wide range of demographics, including people with disabilities, introverts, single parents, and the LGBTQ community, making it uniquely inclusive.
  • AI Integration: Spinnr includes an AI chat friend feature, enhancing user interaction and offering a novel way to engage and learn within the app.
  • Safety and Authenticity: The platform emphasizes user safety and authenticity, reducing the risk of scams and fake profiles commonly found in other social media apps.

An investment in Spinnr is also an investment into our proprietary AI model, Vengo AI. Vengo AI brings a myriad of advantages to our users, including:

Empathetic Digital Companionship:

Vengo AI delivers empathetic, non-judgmental, and meaningful conversations that address the emotional and mental needs of individuals seeking companionship. By doing so, it establishes a secure environment for personal expression, enabling users to freely share their thoughts and feelings without the fear of judgment.

Combating Loneliness with AI Interaction:

Through authentic and platonic conversations, Vengo AI actively alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation among users. The AI's remarkable capacity to learn and adapt to individual preferences and conversation styles results in a personalized experience that closely mirrors genuine human interaction.

Mental Wellness Support:

Vengo AI functions as an extra resource for mental wellness, complementing traditional mental health services. It provides users with a platform to express their concerns, receive empathetic responses, and engage in conversations that positively impact their mental well-being. While it doesn't replace professional therapy, Vengo AI offers a preliminary level of support, especially beneficial for those hesitant to seek formal help or in need of immediate emotional assistance.

Educational and Supportive Dialogues:

The platform incorporates features for learning and mentorship across a range of topics, fostering intellectual engagement and personal growth. Vengo AI plays a key role in assisting users to explore new interests and hobbies, promoting positive mental engagement and providing a constructive distraction from negative thoughts.

Ethical and Safe AI Conversations:

Adhering to stringent ethical standards, Vengo AI is meticulously programmed to uphold user privacy, ensure confidentiality, and steer clear of any harmful or inappropriate content. The AI's responses are thoughtfully crafted to be inclusive, respectful, and sensitive to the diverse backgrounds and identities of its users.

Moreover, Vengo AI is consistently available and easily accessible to our users. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Vengo AI can dynamically adapt and respond to individual user preferences, enhancing the overall interaction experience through personalization.

By seamlessly incorporating AI into the social networking landscape, Spinnr strategically aims to harness the potential of both markets. The symbiotic relationship between the burgeoning growth of AI and the expansive social networking market positions Spinnr within a distinctive niche.

Strategic Support from Industry Titans: Microsoft, OpenAI, Stripe, and llElevenLabs Back Spinnr

Even in the early stages of Spinnr’s journey, our innovative approach to solving the loneliness epidemic through technology has caught the attention of industry giants. Microsoft, a leader in driving technological advancement and supporting startups with groundbreaking ideas, has endorsed our vision. This endorsement is not just in words but also in substantial support - Spinnr has been awarded $150,000 in growth credits through the Microsoft Startup Founder Program. This significant award from Microsoft is a testament to their belief in our mission and the potential of our AI-driven platform. It’s clear that even Microsoft is excited about what we’re building, recognizing Spinnr as not just another app, but a pioneering solution in the social networking and AI space. Their support reinforces our resolve and signifies the cool factor of our venture, propelling us further towards our goals.

In addition, Spinnr is proud to announce that we have received grants from OpenAI, Stripe, and ElevenLabs.

Spinnr sets itself apart with its emphasis on a video-first platform, enabling users to authentically showcase their personalities and interests. This unique approach cultivates deeper connections compared to text-based profiles or feeds, distinguishing it from competitors such as Facebook or Reddit.

In contrast to general social networks or content-centric platforms like TikTok, Spinnr is committed to connecting people through shared hobbies and interests. It actively encourages users to engage in real-life activities together, setting it apart from other competitors with a distinct focus on fostering meaningful connections beyond the digital realm.

The integration of empathetic AI chat friends through Vengo AI and a video-first approach propels Spinnr to the forefront of technological innovation in social networking. By centering its platform on specific interests and hobbies, Spinnr caters to users seeking more meaningful social interactions, distinguishing itself from generic social platforms. The unique selling point lies in Spinnr's emphasis on translating online connections into real-world activities, a feature often lacking among its competitors. With a founding team blending technical expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and marketing acumen, Spinnr gains a strategic and execution edge in the market.

With Vengo AI's Creator Marketplace, combating loneliness meets creativity with the potential to earn money:

Empower Your Passion: Transform your knowledge and interests into a unique AI persona and share it with the world.

Earn as You Engage: When your AI persona is purchased, you receive a share of the revenue, incentivizing creators to spread the word and engage communities.

Beat Loneliness with Connections: Our marketplace is more than a platform; it's a community fostering genuine friendships and offering support, all while providing an opportunity for creators to earn.

Unique Revenue Sharing Model: Stand out with our distinctive model where creators not only contribute to a socially impactful project but also benefit financially, making Vengo AI's marketplace a unique venture in the tech space.

Some use cases include:

  • Relocating to a New City: Individuals who have moved to a new city use Spinnr to find local friends with similar interests, helping them settle into their new environment.
  • Finding Activity Partners: Hobbyists or fitness enthusiasts looking for companions to share activities like hiking, cooking classes, or photography sessions.
  • Support for Single Parents: Single parents seeking support and friendship with others in similar situations for sharing experiences and organizing playdates for their children.

It's worth highlighting that an impressive 86.4% of our users actively create video profiles on Spinnr. This heightened level of engagement not only surpasses the passive act of watching videos but also signifies a remarkable shift in breaking barriers for video creation within our platform.

Our users deeply appreciate the value we deliver to them, fostering a strong sense of satisfaction and loyalty.

“Spinnr has revolutionized the way I connect with my fans and customers. It’s not just an app; it’s a community where I can share my journey, my music, and my fashion ideas with ease. It feels personal and genuine, something I’ve never experienced with any other platform.” - Tony

“Being part of Spinnr has been transformative. In a world where communication is hard, especially for the disabled community, Spinnr simplifies it. We formed a private squad to connect, share, and uplift each other barrier-free. It’s not just an app; it’s our empowering space.” - Breya

“Spinnr is a game-changer. No more juggling apps or sharing personal info to plan playdates with other moms. I made a private group for my mom's friends. Now, we schedule events without giving out phone numbers or emails. It’s efficient, organized, and private.” - Alexa

“Spinnr has been my sanctuary during tough times, especially with mental health struggles worsened by the pandemic. On Spinnr, I found like-minded people and a judgment-free space to talk. The private squads offer safety and community, something I never expected to find online.” - Sarah

We intend to continue to improve the lives of our users as we grow and scale.

We have been featured positively in multiple media outlets. 

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