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Invest in Spiked ~ Sorbet meets booze

Alcohol-infused frozen desserts for an untapped market — innovation made perfect



raised from 37 investors
 $12.583M  $10M pre-money valuation Priced Round
Early Bird Bonus: The first $249.999K of investments will be at $0.72 per share and a $10M pre-money valuation
President, Dermazone Solutions, inc.
After over 25 years of working with many start-ups, big pharma, and independent brand owners, I believe there are four key qualities a company must have to achieve success. Innovation. Vision. Expertise. Grit. I invested in Spiked because the company has it all. As part of the product concept and R&D team, I personally witnessed disruptive innovation come to life with NLP Technology. From bench to analytics, to our first pilot production in Vegas with Italcream’s founders, father and son, Giovanni and Adrianno. I’m so excited to share Spiked with others. Not just because the B2C and B2B models are so extensive but also because everyone I speak with about Spiked instantly has a vision of how a new moment and memory in their life will include Spiked. A celebration, night out with friends, dinner at home, all to include a fun new experience and twist! Like many of us who look for the just-right investment opportunity, how much de-risking has occurred is critical. Spiked has beta-tested the business models and product for over three years, and is ready to scale into over a billion dollar market, with a team I personally know has the grit and passion to succeed.


Huge new product category — US TAM (overall market) estimated at over $1.6 Billion with no dominant player...yet
Ready to grow now! Selected to attend EDC Las Vegas 2023 (Levy) & poised to break into Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
NLP tech for 'freezing alcohol' protects the company with a genuine technology moat, keeping the competition at bay
Executive team with extensive experience in the alcohol & ice cream industries, along with a proven track record
Board of advisors with experience in business scaling and billions of dollars in exits
17+ flavors and multiple B2B & B2C revenue channels buffer against market volatility — funds also grow our online store
Ability to white-label custom & proprietary cocktail flavors for select clientele
A deep understanding of federal- and state-level alcohol regulatory issues

Our Team

Creating something truly original is an amazing experience — consumers have been demanding forever to make this product category happen! Nearly 90% of Americans enjoy ice cream or sorbet, and at least half of the adult population enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage. I care because people deserve a premium quality treat that just delivers.

Our Story

Spiked is building and defining an entirely new product category: alcohol-infused frozen desserts.

We knew we had an amazing idea when a number of years back, Giovanni Parente, a true 'old world' gentleman and gelato maestro in Las Vegas beamed with genuine joy when he tasted the result of what our patented method for freezing alcohol had created. He had been trying for over a decade to create an alcohol-infused gelato artigianale worthy of its Neapolitan roots, but without success. Then he and his heirs met our team. We brought the unique technology, the vision, the distilled spirits & ice cream business experience, and the financial savvy. He brought the tradition of excellence in quality and flavor, having called the creation of our masterpiece, "one of the happiest moments in my life". Together, we've made magic.

Spiked offers an innovative new product and a new consumer experience: a refreshing frozen dessert and cocktail combined into one.

Thanks to our ability to 'freeze' distilled spirits at the molecular level, Spiked is one of the world's first authentic Italian alcohol-infused sorbets that delivers on the category's true potential. Using all-natural and vegan-friendly nanotech, nobody before has been able to freeze alcohol in this manner. Spiked hits frozen treats with a boozy edge and is so delicious that it keeps drawing you back again and again…and again!

With 17+ flavors ready to go – from Lemon Drop to Mango Daiquiri to New Orleans Hurricane – own a part of the business today and help Spiked 'be there' as people make memories with our treats in hand!

Investors will be investing in NuVessl Frozen Desserts Inc. (dba Spiked). Spiked is a subsidiary of NuVessl Frozen Desserts Ltd. based in Canada and will have the exclusive, perpetual, and global right to use patents, produce & distribute alcohol-infused frozen dessert products using NLP tech.

So What?

Despite numerous past attempts – by many different people – premium quality, shelf stable, alcohol infused ice cream and sorbet products remained difficult to achieve. Existing products were of low quality, the booze drained out, the texture felt off, and they were difficult to transport due to the different freezing temperatures of ice cream and alcohol.

Spiked Boozy Sorbets addresses the issues holding back our competitors, all while maintaining the integrity of our premium quality product. This is all made possible because of unique and all-natural Nano-Lipidic Particle technology – NLP – owned and developed by NuVessl Inc.

What Is an NLP Liposome?

NLP liposomes are an all natural way to encapsulate active ingredients at the nano scale of sub 200 nm, protecting them for controlled delivery. They are manufactured using proprietary knowledge and are comprised of simple to pronounce – and FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) – components of water, ethanol, and lecithin.

Investors will be investing in NuVessl Frozen Desserts Inc (dba Spiked). Spiked is a subsidiary of NuVessl Frozen Desserts Ltd. based in Canada and will have the exclusive, perpetual, and global right to use patents, produce & distribute alcohol-infused frozen dessert products using NLP tech.

What Problem Does NLP Solve?

NLP technology makes possible the consistent mixing of distilled spirits with frozen desserts at standard production temperatures, and keeps the finished product frozen & shelf stable at typical storage temperatures (0°F to -20°F) up to 15% alcohol by volume (ABV). The alcohol stays where it belongs and does not migrate out of the product.

The Biz

Spiked has had early success in our starting markets of Nevada and Southern California. We are now looking forward to growing our brand and the availability of our products, expanding into new locales to bring Spiked to everyone!

Our business has already completed all its start-up work: product R&D, regulatory/distribution model, sales pilots, and branding. What's up for grabs is a huge untapped product market for Spiked to move into, starting in Las Vegas and SoCal and, eventually, nationwide. For this, we need to hire talented sales personnel, expand our warehouse facilities, build-up inventory, advertise, and move into experiential marketing...everything your investment and ownership of the business will fund and make possible.

Apart from retail and wholesales in hotels, casinos, and high-end catering, achieving our funding target will also be used to help greatly expand the offerings and reach of our direct-to-consumer (DTC) online store.

The amazing team at EDC Las Vegas has opened the door for Spiked to be there in May 2023 – an amazing celebration of life, love, art, and music. Help fund an incredible sales and brand awareness opportunity at an event with an attendance of 400,000+ set to the universal connection of music.

We have also identified the needs of our customers and retail partners, soothing all their pain points to make a product that stays fresh, vendors will want to carry, and consumers will want to enjoy. Because Spiked products just 'deliver as expected', retailers can feel comfortable slotting us into their regular buying cycles and focus on the things they care about, namely, margin and volume. At scale, we forecast Spiked gross product margins of up to 75% (depending on format).

Forward looking projections are subject to various assumptions and cannot be guaranteed. Investors should read the forward-looking disclaimer disclosure.
  • Initially targeted business-to-business (B2B) sales channels include bars & restaurants as well as ice cream kiosks & scoop shops. Anticipated growth channels add business-to-consumer (B2C) optionality and include outdoor events & festivals (B2B/B2C), sports/concert arena concessions (B2C), specialist grocery & convenience stores (B2B), and online direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales.
  • With multiple prospective revenue channels to develop – including domestic B2B wholesale & B2C/DTC retail sales, white-labeling for existing brands, international growth, and sub-licensing opportunities for exclusive NLP nano-encapsulation technology – there are numerous paths forward to achieve market penetration, scale, and cashflow positivity. This is a big plus in an ever-volatile economy.
  • Currently more than 17 cocktail-inspired flavors will adapt to seasonal trends and consumer preferences. NLP technology combined with authentic Italian quality allow for the creation of exclusive custom flavors for select business clientele.
  • Our profitability buildout is based on robust business modeling stemming from the current $1 million equity crowdfunding and a subsequent $10 million round anticipated for later next year.
Forward looking projections are subject to various assumptions and cannot be guaranteed. Investors should read the forward-looking disclaimer disclosure. Assumes $1MM in capital investment through crowdfunding and subsequent $10MM round in 2023.
Sources: Ice Cream Production in the US, IBISWorld, July 2020; 2019 National Survey of Drug Use and Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; Consumption of ice cream and sherbet in the U.S. 2019, Statista

The future is bright in this space! All the traditional categories Spiked fits into are growing: alcohol novelties, ice cream and sorbet, online sales, and frozen dessert novelties. Nevertheless, Spiked is building and defining an entirely new product category: alcohol-infused frozen desserts.

About Italcream

- Italcream is a leading producer of artisan gelatos and sorbettos for Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, and gelato shops since 1980

About Indelible

- A premier marketing firm specifically focused on the efficient commercialization of early-stage consumer packaged goods brands

- Specialized in driving adoption & loyalty in new, contentious, and disrupted categories

- Successful track record for launching new brands & products for Fortune 500 companies like Canopy Growth, Samsonite, and Nike

Marketing Tactics

  • Experiential marketing, paid digital media/influencers, and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Will concurrently enter key U.S. retail distribution channels

Our amazing team...

What we have before us is the unclaimed territory of an up-and-coming market segment that is going to be huge, and we believe Spiked is the company being built to fill this whitespace. Our business is now at an inflection point for massive growth. Own a piece today and help bring Spiked to the masses!

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