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AI-Powered Meeting Assistant — Helping teams have productive meetings

What Investors Say

Invested $40,000 this round
The world is shifting daily!  Remote work is the new normal and we believe that Albi fills a void in the world of digital meetings.  With so many meetings taking place over: Google, Zoom & the various platforms available, Abli is every executive and team member's newest best friend.  Albi is your Artificial Intelligence personal assistant.  Albi not only takes notes for you, but ‘she’ can assign tasks and assignments.  This all happens while fully recording the meeting.  Albi not only stores all the fine details of what takes place during our many virtual daily meetings, but it also trains you to make your meetings better over time. By providing feedback on who might need to chat a little less and ultimately assigning a dollar amount to how much each meeting specifically cost. The opportunities for growth with Albi are ENDLESS!   Not only were we impressed with Albi’s capabilities, but the Leadership Team really pushed us over the top.  Cody White and his team have been a part of building a number of successful startups.  As well as understanding what it takes to not only get a startup to profitability, but prepping it for an exit.  They are scrappy and have been self funded up to this part.  We love to see Founders and their teams not only be committed to the success of their respective startup, but also have financial “skin” in the game- and they have pushed all in.   We realize this is a race with a number of players in this space, but we have pushed our chips in on Albi, Cody White and the leadership chops of the entire team.  This is gonna be a fun ride and we are excited to be strapped to the Albi rocket.
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