One-stop sales, financing, repower, maintenance, and charging for EV trucks and buses

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 23 investors


Repowering in-use vehicles to electric; cheaper, greener and faster to market than new.
Trucks and buses are the largest contributor to transportation CO2. EV trucks to be 42% of market by 2030
Green Collar Jobs: Industrial jobs with environmental and economic development impact.
EV trucks and buses have reduced fuel costs, lower maintenance costs and less specialized equipment needs

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It is a very rapidly growing market segment and we have licensed unique technologies. By SOZ EV's committed capital sources, we can invest in the capital assets necessary for EV adoption. This will dramatically lower the up-front EV cost to commercial fleet operators. Commercial trucks are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Commercial EV Trucks and Buses Are Now Real and Affordable


  • Availability: Medium-duty EV trucks, buses ready and conversion kits ready for sales
  • Repower:  Convert your new or in-use truck or bus to EV.  We can repower at your shop or at one of our local authorized mechanics
  • Maintenance: Local mechanics are ready to maintain and repair your electric vehicle to minimize any downtime for your vehicle. 
  • Financing: Equipment financing is available to our customers
  • Charging: Charging stations installation and servicing for our customers

ELECTRICATION OF FREIGHT: Medium-size and heavy electric trucks could see a 15.0x increase by 2025 as favorable operating economics drive adoption. Relative to traditional diesel-powered trucks, electric trucks offer several benefits including: ​

  • Reduced fuel costs​
  • Up to 20% lower maintenance costs (given fewer moving parts to service) ​
  • Less specialized equipment and labor needs, longer warrantied lifetimes and steadily declining battery costs.​
  • Local expertise and vehicle reliability are the keys to EV fleet adoption.
    • Authorized SOZ Service Centers to mininize downtime for our customers
    • Authorized SOZ Sales Representatives to help customers customize vehicle specifications to customer requirements 


  • Q1: Initial Funding, 1st Demo Acquired, Conversion Kit Licensee, Kansas City Location
  • Q2: Design of Class 3/4 Conversion
  • Q3: Build of Class 3/4 Demo; Design of Type A/C/D School Buses
  • Q4: Class 3/4 Road Tour; Build of Type A/C/D Demo, Second Location, Sales Team


At this time, the key to success in the commercial EV truck and bus business is actually having vehicles!  There is a lot of hype in this industry at present.  But not at SOZ - WE HAVE VEHICLES and more on the way.  

  • Our technology development partner ELO was the first to convert an 80 passenger Type D Bluebird school bus to 100% electric. This same team was also the first group to repower a Ford 150 to 100% electric. SOZ has an exclusive arrangement to with ELO to repower new AND in-use trucks and buses.
  • A glimpse of our
  • Our local sales and mechanics provide services that are conveniently located to our truck and bus fleet operators.  Authorized SOZ Sales Representatives help design a specific solution to meet the operators' EV needs. Authorized SOZ Mechanics assemble, install and maintain our vehicles in locations convenient to the fleet operators. Through this collaboration effort, SOZ will be creating the green-color jobs of the future in this emerging industry.  

SOZ LLC has entered into a technology license agreement with Monfort Technology, the licensor,​ to sell their EV conversion kits. Monfort Technology owns the patent.