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The Internet's Favorite Electronics Brand

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 38 investors


13,000+ customers in all 50 US states
$700,000+ in gross sales since Jan 2023 launch
50M+ unique social media interactions (views, comments, likes, & shares)
4 launching Q1 2024

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The Internet's Favorite Electronics Brand

Consumer electronics is a massive but confusing $1 trillion industry.

Chances are if you’ve bought a consumer electronic product (other than your smartphone) you’ve gone through today’s traditional channels – Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Brands sold on these platforms (and the platforms themselves) offer you a bundle of confusion when it comes to selection, price, & service.  

Obviously the current buying experience isn’t what it should be and that’s why Sonic Power was created.

Sonic Power is an electronics brand that sits in the middle of Brand Prestige and Affordability. We produce high quality yet affordable electronics that give you what you need at the price you deserve - all under one brand name. Our vision is for Sonic Power to be the only brand you want when shopping for anything consumer electronics - both online and in-stores. In 2023 we launched 17 products across various categories including Bath, Kitchen, Cleaning, & Audio.  With this first batch of products we made significant progress in brand awareness and customer acquisition.

In 2023, we finished the year strong with over $243,794 in 4th Quarter gross sales across 6 channels both online and offline. Final year gross revenue totaled to $538,069.

The Electric Scrubber

Each year our goal is to identify 1-2 products that have massive growth potential.  These growth products will serve as our revenue “bread and butter” while driving significant brand awareness and loyalty.

By far our most exciting product we've identified is our Electric Scrubber - an internet sensation in its first year on the market.

We expect Electric Scrubbers to be a household cleaning staple by 2028, much like the Swiffer Wet Jet or Scrub Daddy - representing a $1B+ opportunity.  Furthermore, this product is exciting because it offers a profitable refill model similar to Swiffer, Razors, & Toothbrush Heads.

Last year Target noticed the type of attention we were getting and invited us to submit a proposal for their April 2024 Transition within the Cleaning Department.  A few months later they invited us to start selling the Scrubber via, then potentially transition to stores by April 2025.


We launched on Amazon late February 2023 and platform has been the dominate driver of our revenue.

Our key marketing strategy is to work closely with "Amazon Influencers" who focus exclusively on helping their social media audience find great products at affordable prices. We will double down on this strategy moving forward by working even closer with our 20+ favorite influencers as well as adding hundreds of new partners.

In 2024, we also plan to increase up our inventory commitment to Amazon and kick off our first robust PPC (Pay -Per -Click) campaign.

Our v1 website was launched July 2023.

Powered by Shopify, it's a robust direct to consumer experience featuring our entire product line.

Starting 2024, we will ramp up our digital media strategy using a combination of Instagram Ads, Google Search Ads, Paid Influencer Content, Audio and Video Podcasts, Traditional PR, & Performance PR.  Most of the traffic will be sent to our Electric Scrubber and Car Vacuum product pages due to their proven demand and conversion.  Since launching the Scrubber March 2023, Google search traffic for the keyword “Sonic Scrubber” went from 0 to 30,000 per month – a 9,000% increase. 

Another exciting development has been our organic SEO success. We are now the first company to show up when typing in the keyword "Sonic Power" into Google - ahead of "Sonic the Hedgehog" and a famous battery supplier named "Power Sonic".


In November 2023, we opened 2x Pop-Ups.  Both locations were at a “Tier 1” mall in partnership with Brookfield Properties – one of the largest mall owners in the United States. 

Inspired by Spirit Halloween and what they’ve done with Halloween shopping - our vision for Sonic Power Pop Ups is to become a household name in electronics gifting.  Spirit has proven the opportunities to scale holiday based pop-ups are almost endless.  In 2023 they successfully launched over 1,500 Halloween pop-ups across the US generating over $1B in revenue.  Other national holiday pop-up models that inspire us are Hickory Farms (Holiday gift baskets) and See’s Candy (Berkshire Hathaway portfolio company).

Morning Shows

Good Morning America and CBS Mornings have been an effective way to acquire new customers, increase top-line revenue, and offload slow moving inventory.  We will continue this strategy moving forward and put extra attention on products that are profitable on these platforms (i.e. Electric Toothbrush, Nose Hair Trimmer, & Electric Wine Opener).

Omni-channel momentum headed into 2024 and beyond!

Our goal is to build a healthy mix of revenue sources across,, DTC, & Wholesale.  We have built a solid foundation in each of these channels and will continue to push in all directions to grow each quickly and effectively.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Use of Funds ($1.2M)

Inventory (intense focus on 2023 best sellers) - $500,000

Marketing (PR firm, Digital Marketing, Influencer Partnerships) - $300,000

Payroll (3-5 Full-Time employees) - $350,000

Misc (New Product Samples, Office, Legal, Accounting, Etc) - $50,000

Investments $500 and over will receive a Sonic Power x CRZ Yoga pullover hoodie!

Your choice of white or black.

Available sizes: Medium, Large, Xtra Large


This section is for those interested in going deeper into our product catalog, manufacturing operations, and everything else in between!

2023 Best Sellers:

Other products launched in 2023:

Help us find our next best seller!

One of the primary reasons we decided to raise our Seed round via the Crowd vs. Traditional VC is the opportunity to unlock a loyal team of user testers. If you invest with us, at any level, you will be invited to be an early tester of each new product we are thinking of bringing to market. This is a fun and useful way to stay engaged with Sonic Power after making an initial investment.

Here are a few products we will be testing early 2024:

Take a peak at a few of our manufacturing facilities & North Carolina HQ & Warehouse...