Uplifting humanity with the world's best coaches and content

Last Funded April 2020


raised from 219 investors


Founded and led by CEO Paul Allen, previously founder of,, FamilyLink and Infobases
Nearly $1M in sales in 2019, up 240% YoY from 2018.
Your investment will connect people with coaches, trainers and consultants during this challenging time.
Sandler launched major mobile+voice product on Soar in March. Any enterprise can build similar products tailored to their specific needs.
Provisional Patent filed on January 6th, 2020 titled "Precision Recall in Voice Computing."
Major brands are partnering with Soar to launch a subscription audio service that can disrupt the $10B satellite radio industry.
Billions of people on billions of devices can access content via Soar; compare this to Sirius XM which has 117 million installed receivers.
People have invested over $2.8M to date. Join them and together we'll uplift humanity.

Our Team

Uplifting people requires great teaching, training and coaching as well as access to valuable and important content. Our platforms connect people to content and coaches that can help them reach their full potential.

The first platform to use AI to unleash human potential.

The Soar platform will deliver curated content, coaching and community to people all over the world to uplift and upskill humanity, one person at a time.

By attracting quality content from the world's leading associations, companies, publishers, libraries, archives, and by enabling user generated content from individuals, families, teams and enterprises, we will personalize audio content and learning like never before.

Our patent pending technology will enable humans worldwide to access (eventually) trillions or quadrillions of important pieces of content, starting with audio, to empower them to learn and do their job better, and to be better and do better in every area of life. 

Soar's content, coaches and community will be aimed at helping every person Soar. 

This isn't our first rodeo. CEO Paul Allen created

        1. is the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world, which sold for $1.6B in 2012. Paul founded both (​NASDAQ: ACOM​) and FamilyLink (acquired​ by ​MyHeritage​ in 2011). 

        2. first 4 years of revenue.

Soar has 2,000+ coaches and 85 evangelists across 40 states and 30 countries. Our coaches have helped 1.2M+ people to date.