Sleep Better Foundation

App where multi-lingual, virtual sleep coaches elevate user sleep quality

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Early bird discounts still available for any investor, but going fast. Invest today.
Company leadership has 2+ decades experience deploying same proven techniques used by virtual coach.
20+ million people in US suffer chronic poor sleep each year. Sleep stress is much higher in 2020.
Self-paced platform where users advance when reach mastery. Affordable: 3 online payments of $30.

Our Team

We all spend a third of our life sleeping. Poor sleep impacts every aspect of a person's life. We have a clinically proven intervention that is ideal for an online virtual app due to its regimented, scripted intervention.

Life is better when you sleep well.

Sleep Better leadership backed by their clinical team of virtual Sleep Coaches.

For Dr. Joe Dzierzewski the idea for our company followed a decade-plus pursuit of helping people who suffer from poor sleep by offering face-to-face coaching in a live setting. A light bulb went off while speaking with an experienced investment fund manager one day about the daily challenges confronting our face-to-face service. Highly scripted protocols were ideal for an online execution via a virtual coach. It was an incredible realization: Online sessions with a virtual Sleep Coach would allow me to overcome a host of challenges we typically experienced with live, face-to-face engagements. Coordinating multiple schedules, negotiating the cost of service, managing around clients who were struggling with the pace of care, and perhaps the most important of all, being available whenever and whereever the client truly needed our attention.

You might wonder why a virus is relevant to our engagment?

Challenges surrounding Covid19 elevated the project to the top of our plate. During the past month we've made excellent progress.

We all spend one third of our life sleeping. When sleep breaks down, our physiological and psychological systems are quick to fail. Our immunolgical system is refreshed each night by quality sleep. Science has shown we are significantly more likely to succomb to viral attack after a little as one night of poor sleep. Our virtual Sleep Coaches like Maria, who is shown below, share these stories with our members in a series of engaging animated sessions.

Brad Dillman, our VP Business Development, shared his appeal to join the company, "I've been in the healthcare industry for decades and played important roles in strategic development and sales for both Medline Industries and Cardinal Health. Despite my previous successful development of a $20 million territory, I've never been more excited about an opportunity than since I joined the Sleep Better team." Brad's initial targets will be B2B engagements with large employer benefit programs and B2C via social media and search engine ads.

The US market is huge and there is a significant gap in service for those suffering from chronic poor sleep. Using virtual Coaches we can scale services in any language and expand to new countries in weeks, once the platform is launched.

Financial Summary

On behalf of the entire team at Sleep Better Foundation, we sincerely hope you will elect to invest in our venture. Here's how we'll use the monies we receive.

The capital raise allows the company to realize the following benefits:

Fully fund engagement of professional actors for voice over of the animated virtual coaches and completion of software release of virtual sessions via encrypted, protected hosting platform capable of serving millions of potential users in the US.

We anticipate initial product release in October 2020.

Initial release will feature virtual sleep coaches fluent in English and Spanish. Other languages will follow, allowing company to expand service targets to additional countries.

Funds from the raise will allow the 18 month runway necessary to realize a profitable, cash flow positive status for the company.