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Invest in Skycart

Deliver instantly to anywhere: autonomous aircraft delivery to save lives!

Pitch Video
Investor Panel


💰 $4M in signed purchase orders and $23M in Government LOIs!
📈 $200K in revenue (2015-2018), Pre-Series A, raising bridge.
💸 Raised $130K in 2017. UPS Emerging Markets Managing Director BIG investor in this round.
🌱 Our responsible Fully Electric "GREEN" Solution helps address Climate Change affecting the world.
📦 Delivered packages in partnership with SwissPost
💻 Two patents (including a GAME-CHANGING multi-delivery patent) and valuable IP
💪 Core team has a combined 80 years of multi-disciplinary engineering experience
🚀 One Skycart Delivery Drone replaces FOUR competing drones! Huge savings and less air congestion.

Our Team

People believe that humanitarian initiatives are the responsibility of charities. We at Skycart like to challenge that belief, and prove that businesses can be used as a force to help people.

Saving lives, one delivery at a time

1. The problem: in disconnected communities, medical supplies do not reach patients in time or they never arrive because of underdeveloped roads

Ambulances are currently used to transport supplies, making them unavailable to transport patients in an emergency.

2. The solution: our drone products can bridge these communities to supplies and 🔓unlock new value in healthcare for them

  • Establishing Skycart's continuous delivery service to replenish supplies at community hospitals, can drastically increase dispensary access to critical healthcare products necessary to save lives. For example, establishing a Skycart drone hub at Nairobi hospital, an additional 1,051,400 people could get access to critical healthcare products in Kenya through its network of dispensaries.
  • Skycart's 'Just-in-time' delivery service reduces inventory holding time and enables shared access to cooling equipment. This results in 30% reduction in inventory holding costs.
    • Skycart drones reduce response times by ⏰80%, so products don't need to be stockpiled at hospitals. This reduces expiries by 9% and increases availability by 65.1%.
    • Skycart drones save about $0.03 per km on the costly last mile of delivery. This corresponds to about $4,129 in savings per drone per year.

    3. In addition, our products are a perfect fit for these communities

    4. And our early customer Litmus test is designed to identify them

    • Government agencies will help us to expedite regulations
    • We will get support from humanitarian organisations

    5. Accordingly, we have calculated our Total Addressable Market

      Letter from our CEO 📝

      Dear Wefunder Investor,

      No one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe. The richest countries known as the G7 will be on track to vaccinate their adult population by December. Meanwhile, less than 1% of vaccines are reaching vulnerable people in developing countries, allowing more deadly variants of the virus to develop. Deadly surges are causing health facilities to buckle under enormous strain and oxygen supplies are running out. This is the time for everyone to come together, because only together we can stop the devastation. It’s our collective duty.  

      Skycart is on the frontlines of response, leading the distribution of  vaccines, blood products and other medical supplies with our best-in-class, fully electric drones, to protect those whose lives hang in the balance. By investing in Skycart, you're investing in the mission to give every child access to lifesaving supplies, for a chance at a healthy future. We won’t give up until the hardest-to-reach are protected and healthy. Will you stand with us?

      You're joining notable investors, investing in the most cost-effective and technologically advanced drone on the market. We decided to do a public crowdfund after receiving so many requests from our supporters. As we grow, your securities in Skycart will be your stake in the future of delivery. We don’t know if we will do another public crowdfund again. We expect to Skyrocket 🚀 to venture scale territory after this offering! 🚨It’s quite possible that this current offering will be the only chance for non Venture investors like you to own a piece of Skycart before we take off. 

      Highlight 1: Skycart + Swisspost pilot project...

      (The drone shown in this video is one of our previous iterations)

      Highlight 2:💰$4M in current orders...

      Highlight 3: $23M in government LOI's (letter of intent)...

      6. The higher level story 📖...

      7. Historic events are transforming the delivery man🚶‍♂️into autonomous vehicles, because delivery today is too expensive.

      • 80% of parcels will be delivered by autonomous vehicles in the next decade.

      8. Most investments in these autonomous vehicles serve the 'Golden Billion', yet developing countries are the fastest growing segment.

      • Big tech and fortune 500 making huge investments in drones: Amazon, Google etc.
      • Few of these investments serve customers in developing countries

        9. Furthermore, our patented drone design has a demonstrable impact on customers and stakeholders by delivering Four packages in one trip.

        (I) Customers

        • 20% cost saving per km compared to other drone competitors.
        • 52.5% reduction in the number of unused drones at drone hub's.
        • Up to 75% reduction in costs associated with component replacement and the number of pilots in command. 

            (II) Regulators

              • Reduction in drone traffic in the skies by up to 75% to combat drone congestion concerns.

                10. Plus, we offer safety, reliability and easy mission planning with Skycart's ☁️ patented cloud software.

                • 🚀Groundbreaking levels of sophistication in Air Traffic Management capabilities to track multiple deliveries per trip.
                • An extremely high degree of reliability and safety.

                11. And, we are ahead of the competition💨

                12. To monetise this tech, highly profitable service agreements are entered into 😎

                • Agreements priced according to a per-KM basis with a minimum number of KM's agreed upon.

                  13. We want to build something really massive and impactful with you as an investor!🤝

                  • We are creating a new delivery service. Deliver instantly to anywhere with using our a smartphone app. 
                  •  We plan to develop plane-size cargo drones in the future!

                  14. Thus, we believe you will get a 32-41% annual return on your investment, or more than 21X in 5 years! 📈(not guaranteed)

                  15. So, join us! 🍻