Sirocco Energy

Efficient urban wind turbine. Save up to 82% on electricity costs.

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 1,155 investors


Affordable, customizable, low noise turbine fit for urban & suburban use
Successfully developed & patented technology after 6 years of R&D
Twice as much energy as classical wind turbines of the same capacity
Over $1 million previously raised

Our Team

We want to breathe clean air and drink clean water, we want our kids to live long and be healthy. It's impossible if we won't care about our resources, our nature. The transition to renewables will happen, it's obvious. The question is who will drive it? We want to change the urban landscape. Join us and let's make it green.


Sirocco Wind Turbine is a novel and efficient wind generator for urban energy production. ​​With a granted patent in Europe, and over $1 million previously raised. We are now patent-pending in the USA.

Sirocco Energy Turbines aim to make clean energy safe, affordable, and easy to use for all.

Designed for urban and suburban areas alike - we’re offering the market a new type of wind generator. A key feature being the ability to be installed near people, not out in the middle of nowhere.

That means our solution is not only accessible, but it’s also efficient, affordable, customizable, and quiet - solving a range of problems for:

In our view, current energy-saving solutions tend to be challenging in cities because of high noise and vibration levels.

Sirocco Wind Turbine generates twice as much energy as a classical wind turbine of the same capacity, at a typical wind speed of urban locations, and up to 30% more energy at nominal wind speed.

Our 10 kW model requires 3.5 times less space than traditional wind turbines of the same power capacity. The efficiency of space utilization will only grow with capacity increase and can reach up to 10 times difference. This means that we can fit 10 times more wind generators on a given piece of land compared to the traditional models.

Unlike typical generators, our wind turbine has not a rotational, but linear motion - similar to how birds’ wings move while flying. Sirocco Wind Turbine is equipped with a wind tracking system, which ensures maximum generation efficiency at every moment. During the storm winds, the turbine stops in a position parallel to the wind direction - making it safe for both people and the mechanism itself.

With innovative shape - Sirocco has managed to achieve a lower price per nominal power output compared to other wind generators.

We mean it when we say we prioritize accessibility.

Our business model is based on turbine leasing, allowing customers to easily start using Sirocco Wind Turbines without an initial investment. This model also creates a stable revenue stream for Sirocco Energy.

Global energy investments reached $2.4 trillion in 2022, with the anticipated rise coming mainly in clean energy (source).

The global small wind power market was estimated at $7.4 billion in 2020, and is expected to hit $17.1 billion by 2030 (source). This level of growth is expected without factoring in the effect of our product entering the mass market (source).

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

We have spent more than 6 years on R&D and performed extensive testing of our patented technology. We received funding from the EBRD and successfully raised more than $1 million from the high profile investors.

Our team of 12 hails from the backgrounds in marketing, engineering, aerodynamics, and hardware development - collectively making up 183 years of professional experience. 

We believe the global energy crisis will only progress, and so are the investments in the clean energy. 

With this capital raise, we will focus on production expansion of our wind turbines, aiming to become an energy distributor. Our price per kW leasing model is already up to 80% in certain states.

When looking to the future, the renewable energy sector and urban energy production landscapes are shifting. In 2022 alone Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses was acquired by RWE Renewables Americas for $6.8 billion, and Archaea Energy Inc was acquired by BP for $4.1 billion (source).

We believe we’re at the beginning of a potentially huge energy crisis, where companies and households need new affordable solutions, and energy independence. Invest in Sirocco, and invest in efficient, affordable energy for the future!

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