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Invest in Sirocco Energy

Sirocco Wind Turbine is a linear wind generator for urban energy production


Affordable, customizable, low noise turbine fit for urban & suburban use
Successfully developed & patented technology after 5 years of R&D
More efficient than conventional wind turbines, up to 50% aerodynamic efficiency
Wide applicability: commercial real estate, residential housing, EV charging stations
$50 billion market opportunity
Received funding & accolades from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Our Team

We want to breathe clean air and drink clean water, we want our kids to live long and be healthy. It's impossible if we won't care about our resources, our nature. The transition to renewables will happen, it's obvious. The question is who will drive it? We want to change the urban landscape. Join us and let's make it green.

Wind turbines designed for the cities

We never wanted just to improve the current technology of wind turbines. We rethought the whole concept. We created a wind turbine which can be harmoniously integrated into people’s lives and surroundings to produce electricity where it’s needed the most, in places where people live and work.

Our product is a new type of wind generator that has high efficiency and low price per kW, designed for commercial objects and private houses in urban and suburban areas.

Why now?
More than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas. With Sirocco turbines you get clean and affordable energy generated onsite.

The turbines were designed to work in a low and turbulent urban wind.

Linear generators have significant advantages compared to other types of wind generators (vertical or horizontal axis). The linear motion allows creating a product with any power output and nominal wind speed to match a particular customer’s requirements. Turbine length, height, nominal wind speed, distance between blades, the height of the mast – each parameter is set separately and independently from the others.

Lots of US cities have high average wind speed (for example, Boston - 5.5 m/s, San Francisco - 4.8 m/s, Dodge City - 6.7 m/s), it’s not dependent on season or time of the day.

The above contains forward looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.