Ou-Oui! Premium Liqueur

PARADISE FOUND. Real fruits and rum liqueur breaks tradition.

Last Funded March 2021


raised from 217 investors
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Distribution secured in 8 U.S. and international markets for 2021
3,000 cases sold in more than 200 accounts in four markets
Seasoned team of entrepreneurs: Diageo, Heineken, and Cruzan Rum success stories
Have forged strategic partnership with Florida Distillers over 4 years

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Our Team

I could not find fruity spirits that tasted like real fruits. I examined the market, confirmed an existing yet unmet consumer need and created Ou-Oui! to meet that need. After developing the proprietary formulations made with real fruits, aged rums and spices, I gave up my corporate career to pursue my dream and share this delicious gift with you.

A REAL Taste of the Islands

Passion Fruit Liqueur and Guava & Pineapple Liqueur

Hate The Burn?

Women and some men complain of harshness and the artificial ingredients in their drinks. 

They're not getting the desired experience when drinking.

For decades alcohol companies have traditionally created products for men.

A Really Smooth Experience For Women 

We use REAL tropical fruits, natural flavors and spices, blended with our proprietary formulation of Caribbean barrel-aged rums.

Our premium liqueurs are authentically Caribbean, refreshing and comfortable on the palate.

We replaced the harsh alcohol taste with a memorable experience designed specifically for women.

Would People Love It?

Since our founding we've sold 18,000 bottles and achieved $200,000 in revenue, mostly to women looking for a new and better drinking experience... a trip to paradise without leaving home. 

Our top 10 accounts placed 29 reorders, while our top 60 accounts placed 98 reorders during our primary market test in Georgia between 2017 and 2019. 

At a ratio of 4 to 1, customers bought our liqueurs more often than a major competitor's product, even after it was placed next to ours with a price reduction.

    Why Us?

    Founder Nigel Walwyn quit his Emmy award-winning television career to commit full-time to developing and introducing the brand in his home market and overcame many obstacles to successfully prove his model. 

    Team members inspired by Nigel's passion and sacrifice have started working on this project without salary to help the company transition from early stage to growth stage. 

    As a business owner of color in an industry where people of color in ownership have been absent for decades, my accomplishments are notable for the 'Black Owned Movement'.

    Poised For Growth

    Distribution established or secured in Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Belize and St. Maarten.

    Strategic partnerships established or lined up with Florida Caribbean Distillers, MHW Distributors and BevStrat Sales Force. 

    A 5-year/10 stage milestone plan will be launched in 2021 in domestic and overseas markets. 

    Women Really Love Liqueurs Over Other Spirits

    58% of female drinkers in the U.S. are choosing liqueurs over other spirit categories.

    8.2 million of them are African-American and Latina between the ages 25 and 34. 

    Millennial drinkers are driving the liqueur and cocktail market which is expected to grow 1.8% CAGR.

    Come get a taste of paradise!