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Software for Legal Operations. Sales has Salesforce. Legal has SimpleLegal.

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Diamonds I Missed at LegalTech
March 5, 2014
The company is expanding the addressable market for legal spend management, with the potential to bring greater insight to organizations that typically lack a sophisticated understanding of their legal spend.
GCRC Startups and Innovation - Nathan Wenzel from Simple Legal
January 10, 2014
We want to eliminate all manual data entry.
6 Silicon Valley Startups Launched In The Last Six Months That Could Be Huge Read more:
October 23, 2013
SimpleLegal solves a problem that every company has to deal with: the difficulty of understanding legal bills.
Latest Batch Of Y Combinator Startups: Established Entrepreneurs Solving Real-World Problems
August 20, 2013
There’s a noticeable sheen to the type of entrepreneur standing on stage to pump up the room about their products. Many of them have already made millions on other ventures or had established careers, before packing it in to start a company that could change the world.
Y Combinator Summer 2013 Demo Day, Batch 1: Meet Glio, 7Cups, Prim, Teleborder And More
August 20, 2013
According to SimpleLegal’s founders, who have spent a combined 10 years in the legal industry, law firms on average over-bill their clients by 10 percent. By automatically flagging inappropriate charges, SimpleLegal says it can cut down on those costs in a big way.
YC-Backed SimpleLegal Reduces Legal Bills With Machine Learning
August 6, 2013
Wenzel says, “We think turning legal bills into data to bring transparency and cost savings to our customers is pretty exciting.”
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