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Silent as the Grave Movie

A high-tension, thrilling mystery film that offers hope in the midst of tragedy


Producer's previous film had a worldwide release and is on track to return a profit within 2 years of its release.
This film already has a distribution LOI from Vision Video. They are interested in acquiring domestic and international rights.
Our Team has produced 15+ Films, winning over 12 awards collectively along the way.
Our previous film, Redemption Way, has been on our distributor's best-selling list for nearly two years.
We are a multi award-winning production team who will be targeting two of the largest movie-going audiences with this film.
Join us in delivering a positive message to the masses.

Our Team

Brad Podowski is an award-winning film producer. His debut feature won the bronze award for best drama under $250,000 at the ICVM film festival. He has been writing and producing film and video content for over 10 years.

This story has a lot of meaning for me not only because it is based on my family's past but also because of the themes it explores – the importance of family and the power of forgiveness. Everyone loves a good mystery. We believe the market for this genre is under-served, which provides us a great opportunity for success!

Bill Carroll has served as associate producer or consulting producer on over 15 projects including narrative features, documentaries and animated series, which have aired on PBS affiliates nationwide.
Executive Producer
Suzanne is an actress and producer most known for The World Without You (2019), which she produced and starred in and for the award-winning faith based drama, Redemption Way (2017).

Silent as the Grave

The world's first mystery film funded by investors like you!

Chris, an obsessive documentary filmmaker, battles powerful unknown forces as he investigates his Uncle Edgar's mysterious death, a tragedy that has plagued his family for decades.

This thrilling mystery explores the dark side of the human condition, while offering hope in the midst of tragedy.

A Track Record of Success

In 2017, we produced an award-winning, low budget film, Redemption Way. We acquired worldwide distribution and placed in two festivals. We are now on track to turn a profit after only 2 years of its release. In short, we know how to make a quality film with limited resources. 

There is a sweet spot in terms of production quality and budget that will maximize our opportunity for a return on investment. Based on our comparable films, the budget range for that in today's market is between $100-200k. 

Our Distribution Plan

We are fortunate enough to already have a distribution letter of intent from Vision Video. They are interested in acquiring domestic and international distribution rights. We have a great relationship with Vision Video as they acquired worldwide distribution for our previous film, Redemption Way. However, we will continue to build relationships with other distributors as we move forward in order to secure the best possible offer for our team and investors.

Selling a movie to a distributor is one of the best options for independent producers and investors to turn a substantial profit. Distribution companies that focus mostly on smaller independent films have bid in the $50k to $500k range. Distributor Anchor Bay offered $250k for A Horrible Way To Die (2010), which was made for $96k. 

A more recent indie success, A Ghost Story (2017), was made for $100k, and was picked up by distributor A24 and went on to make 1.9 million dollars! For an independent film like Silent as the Grave, this opens up a big window of opportunity to turn a profit.

Our Proof of Concept Trailer

The purpose of the video is to communicate the concept, style and theme of the film to potential investors. 

The Vision

Our vision for the film is to draw inspiration from such noir classics as “The Maltese Falcon”, "Chinatown" and “Rear Window” while combining it with contemporary film language. We will be working within a Neo-noir aesthetic.