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Automate & Accelerate Clinical Research Operations through AI based Platform

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$4M valuation cap Future Equity
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Clinical trials CEO, serial entrepreneur
Successful completion of clinical trials is the gateway for manufacturers of any new drug or device to obtain FDA approval to bring their product to market. The process of identifying and screening potential volunteers to participate in these trials is tedious, time consuming, and costly, as it is primarily a manual process. Use of AI is revolutionizing data analysis and decision making across every industry. Knowing the current processes and challenges related to the recruitment and screening processes for clinical trial, when I heard what Sieve is doing, I had to get involved.


The Clinical Trials Market is currently worth ~$47 billion, with 10% CAGR through 2026
30% of Trial Budget is spent on Patient Recruitment yet >80% trials fail to meet recruitment target
Sieve relieves administrative bottleneck in trial recruitment by using AI enabled automation
Upfront visibility & automation reducing > 90% enrollment and > 25% trial timelines
Expand trial access to research naïve community physicians (participation today ~ 5%-7%)
Enhance diversity and decentralization in Clinical Trials
Successful commercial pilots completed with intent to continued paid use by the clients
Ongoing commercial collaboration with multiple research networks & healthcare groups

Our Team

Dr Bhosale has firsthand experienced trial inefficiencies and delays through 12+ years industry experience. We all have loved ones who we have lost or know are suffering because advanced treatments were buried under administrative burden or delayed in development. Sieve aspires to eliminate these inefficiencies and accelerate medical advances.


Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Learn more about Sieve's cause & efforts through below podcast episodes featuring Arti where she offers insights into drive behind Sieve and its vision. 

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