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Irreverent fashions for any event year round.

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Website Sells Out of Ugly Christmas Suits
December 12, 2014
Ultimately we are out to rid the world of boring clothes.
The Ugly Christmas Sweater: Still Ugly, but No Longer Ironic
December 9, 2014
They are, literally, suits—matching ties included—that swathe their wearers in head-to-toe Christmas Sweater ugliness. They are, it should go without saying, awesome.
Esquire Hates This Boulder Company's Tacky Christmas Suits
December 8, 2014
We want something for people who specialize in loud, bright and all types of outrageous gear.
Chris White '11 & Shinesty Helping People "Look Awesome"
December 6, 2014
It's basically harkening back to the days when clothing was fun, when it was unique.
People Are Going Crazy For These Ugly Christmas-Patterned Suits
December 5, 2014
They’re really, really ugly — but that’s kind of the whole point.
The Ugly Christmas Sweater Reaches a New Level of Tacky
December 3, 2014
In their opening season in the U.S. this year, these suits proved to be hotter than a sugar cookie fresh from the oven.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits Are Here and They Must Be Stopped
December 2, 2014
But clearly its sheer, unadulterated hideousness has not prevented this festive number from already being totally sold out.
Introducing the Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit
December 2, 2014
You can expect the men paying for these babies won’t be attending any regular Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, but probably some fancy soirée that actually takes place in the North Pole.
Festive Jumpers Are Out. The Christmas Suit Has Arrived.
December 2, 2014
The high quality fabric, similar to proper ‘boring’ suits, enables you to wear your OppoSuit over and over again.
Take That Ugly Christmas Sweater to the Next Level: Suits
December 1, 2014
But if his favorite festive sweater just isn't cutting it at your company's dressy holiday party, well, we might have a solution for you.
Shinesty's Christmas Suits Are the Even Uglier Alternative to the Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater
December 1, 2014
A brand called Shinesty has designed ugly Christmas suits that make your Santa sweater look like child’s play.
Every Thrift Shopper Needs to See This
March 10, 2014
Our mission is to rid the world of life-sucking, smile-stealing, boring clothing.
Unusual Company Curates the Ugliest Clothing Ever Made
December 5, 2013
Shinesty employs a crew of expert thrift-store hunters across the country whose job is to procure Christmas sweaters so joyful they make your kindergarten teacher look like the Grinch.
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