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A scale that scans your body in 3D to show changes in your body and appearance

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Can Y Combinator find its next 'unicorn' in a hardware startup?
October 1, 2015
Alexandre Wayenberg and Martin Kessler, founders of ShapeScale, a startup making a connected weight scale that was in Y Combinator’s latest graduating class, said they considered the program’s most valuable asset to be its network of alumni and investors. As experienced hardware entrepreneurs who have spent time in China’s manufacturing hubs, they said they didn’t need Y Combinator to have deep technical expertise in hardware.
What's the big idea?: The nine most startling startups from YC Demo Day - StartupSmart
August 20, 2015
As a way to measure fitness progression, ShapeScale scans your entire body and looks for changes in your shape. It gives an overview of your body shape, weight, body fat, regional muscle growth and fat loss, which seems a tad daunting, but is meant to allow you to set goals and see your progress. The scale creates a 3D avatar of your body and you can view the insights via an app.
Y Combinator Gets Hardcore About Hardware
August 19, 2015
Y Combinator president Sam Altman insists that Y Combinator’s investment thesis hasn’t fundamentally changed. “Anything that could be a $10 billion-plus business, we’ll fund.” [...] “No one wanted to put money into hardware” Tan says. “But now these startups do crowdfunding and show investors, ‘Yeah, there’s a market.'” If these startups can dream up affordable gadgets everyone wants, or expensive equipment lots of businesses need, they could find the big exits that pay back YC’s investments. The rotating ShapeScale generates a VR avatar of you to track your fitness.
YC Demo Day 1 faves: Foodie bots, smart mattresses, self-driving carts and more
August 19, 2015
ShapeScale's device creates a picture of your body and its measurements when you step on it, looking a bit like what the TSA sees when you stand in front of a full body scanner. If that doesn't creep you out, then you can save that image to ShapeScale's online dashboard and mobile app to track how your body changes over time.
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