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Forbes Welcome
August 9, 2017
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Designers Are Ditching The Mouse For The “Flow” 3D Motion Touch Controller
May 27, 2015
That’s why Flow is built to work with Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. You could hover your hand above Flow to adjust volume, or wave over it to skip to the next song without disconnecting from your friends or the task at hand to stare into a screen.
Is 'Flow' the Future of Haptic UI? An Interview with Senic CEO Tobias Eichenwald
December 22, 2014
Existing interfaces don't give us the pixel-precision we need; they are time consuming and interrupt our workflow. - Tobias Eichenwald
Flow Brings Together the Mouse, Dial and Leap Motion Style Gesture Recognition
December 4, 2014
Looking like a small dial, the wireless controller also includes dedicated, programmable shortcuts, and although it's been designed primarily for graphics work with a computer, it is compatible with all Bluetooth low-energy devices.
Flow wireless controller promises to ease the creative workflow
November 28, 2014
CAD and a host of other intensive creative and technical tasks, achieved 100 percent of its $50,000 goal on Indiegogo in just three days. After upping the ante to $75,000 to further build out the product, it hit that goal as I write.
Flow is designed to pick up where the mouse leaves off
November 25, 2014
Senic already has support for a number of existing apps and devices, with plans to continue to add more as time goes on.
This pocket-sized gesture controller aims to replace your mouse
November 24, 2014
If a new Indiegogo project has its way, you could soon be waving goodbye to that old, beloved mouse of yours.
Why Flow, a new low cost super high precision controller, is important for designers and creatives
November 24, 2014
Flow is launching this morning. They're YC alums who have created a low cost, high precision wireless controller in the form of a dial. It's highly programmable and most designers and creatives will find this to be super valuable because that's where precision really matters.
Senic Launches Flow Hand Controller On Indiego
November 24, 2014
Flow has controls for over 30 programs at current and will add more in the weeks, months, and years to come.
Startup of the week: Senic
January 12, 2014
"It makes the workflow of creative professionals fast and pixel precise," explains cofounder Tobias Eichenwald.
Flow (YC S13), an intuitive and precise wireless controller, launches today
November 24, 2006
"We work on graphic design, video editing or CAD on a daily basis. Keyboard and mouse are great but they are far from giving you the same sensitivity and abilities as your hand.
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