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Smart home controls + switches


πŸ’Έ $6M+ lifetime revenue, 70% yearly growth
πŸ’₯ Shipped 100,000+ units, most customers hav 3+ products
πŸ’« More than 95% of customers using daily
βœ… Available in 50+ physical stores + growing
πŸ† Won Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award
🏑 Manufacturing done in family-owned German lab and factory
🌱 Backed by Y Combinator, partnered w/ Sonos + Philips Hue
πŸ“ˆ $323 Billion total addressable market

Our Team

Smart Home meets Design

The Problem

While the Smart home market is growing quickly and breaking into the mass market, actually using smart home systems is still complicated and distracting.

Smartphone and voice-enabled systems have their place but often come with a number of cons: going through 10 steps on your phone to turn on a light is not a step forward but a step back; using voice while your partner is sleeping next to you is a recipe for disaster. There is need for a 3rd category of controls: haptic controls. 

It's similar to reading a book. Some people prefer a physical book, some use a kindle, some prefer audiobooks and some read their books on a smartphone. Many people use several of these methods, depending on the situation they find themselves in. 

It's the same same with physical controls like our switches and upcoming products. They nicely fit into a smart home next to voice and the phone. 

Our Solutions

We currently have 2 main products.

Our Friends of Hue Indoor Switch is a wireless switch for the entire Philips Hue Universe. It can also be used for any homekit compatible device or scene via the Philips Hue bridge. The switch does not require any cables, uses energy harvesting technology and never needs to be charged. 

Our Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch is the same switch but water resistant and designed for the outdoors. It's the only outdoor smart home switch on the market and has received the Red Dot Design Award.

Our Traction

    Our Team