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AI platform that provides personalised health recommendations based on DNA, labs and environment.

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Shu interviewed SelfDecode on April 7, 2021. Play Video
Shu Li
CEO and co-founder of Petri-Bio
says, "Very comprehensive, innovative way to help people gain better health advice. It's very important especially nowadays with the global pandemic. The company has great tractions and clear long term goals."
says, "It'd be great to include a short demo video and show people how this product work, and why it's better than others."

What Investors Say

Invested $1,000 this round + $4,000,000 previously
Personalized health strategies are the future of medicine. Indeed, we all have different genetics and lifestyles, and live in different environments. A sophisticated analysis of these factors is therefore necessary to provide consumers with a solid plan to address their health issues. I decided to invest in SelfDecode because they do this very efficiently. In my view, their product is innovative and sophisticated, but also easy to use, affordable and market-proven. To my knowledge, none of their competitors have products matching all five characteristics. Most of them are either way more expensive, or too complex for consumer use, or just ineffective. As a result, the company is experiencing strong, profitable growth, while delivering an outstanding consumer experience for both nutrition experts and self-care individuals who are equally fans of the product. In a decade from now, I believe that functional and personalized medicine will be mainstream. I would expect SelfDecode to keep its lead on the market over time, thanks to its experienced team, and ultimately be a very profitable investment for its shareholders.

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