Cynthia Chioma Nwaubani

Preventing deadly, adverse drug reactions.

location: Washington DC

Company: PharmD Live

Role: Founder, CEO

On PharmD Live.

As a Geriatric Pharmacist, I witnessed countless numbers of preventable medication-related problems, including death, especially in elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions. When Medicare began funding CCM in 2015, I was inspired to create a solution built around the training and experience of Pharmacists.

On being a founder.

To me, being a woman founder means bringing my unique perspective, excellence and empathy as I step into uncharted territories in a way that inspires and motivates future generations, most specifically, my 3 children. None of this is possible without challenges, my biggest one being gaining access to the right investors and raising capital.

My advice for any aspiring young women entrepreneurs is to just do it, even if it means doing it scared. Just do it! Be yourself always, keep fighting and keep showing up. Never underestimate your God-given abilities. Take up space and speak up in every room even when your voice shakes.

My personal role model is Indra Nooyi. I admire her passion, commitment to excellence, and integrity. Her drive to exceed expectations as an immigrant woman is particularly inspiring to me. She rose through the ranks through excellence, resilience to lead one of the greatest companies while remaining down to earth, a mom, daughter, and wife. She is a living example of one whose head in the skies with her feet planted firmly on the ground.

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I had to unlearn the assumption that I did not need a lot of help, and also not letting go of team members who were not a good culture fit sooner rather than later.

What I love most about being a woman founder is my ability to manifest my true purpose unapologetically, and lead with influence and empathy while remaining nurturing as a woman.

In running PharmD Live, I’ve been surprised at my own tenacity to problem-solve, my fearlessness about failure, my ability to reconnect with all my possibilities on my most difficult days, and discovering my unyielding sense of optimism.