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$17M pre-money valuation
$500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K


$1M+ Revenue

Earned over the last 12 months

Over 240,000 customers are signed up for Scream Truck's on-demand service. Our CAC has been $0.
The 1st truck launched in Westfield, NJ in September, 2020. Now serving 70 NJ towns w/ 15 trucks.
$3MM revenue in 2023. On track to surpass $5MM in revenue in 2024.
NYC morning radio icon Elvis Duran invested in Scream Truck and will help accelerate our growth.

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Scream Truck

The world's first on-demand, experiential food trucks

Packed with cool tech and cool eats, Scream Trucks are designed to create an awesome experience at every stop. From the customizable 4K LED screens to the feel good music playing on our premium sound system, these bold, beautiful, hot pink trucks turn heads!

Our first Scream Trucks sell creative, premium ice cream treats, but it's the fun, exciting, frictionless delivery experience that wows customers and defines our long-term business vision. 👀 Since launching our first ice cream truck in September of 2020, a mind blowing 80,000 households (representing 240,000 customers) have signed up for Scream Truck's reserved routes. 🤯 The kicker? We have a $0 customer acquisition cost (CAC). More on that later.

First, say hello to Scream Truck!

Our secret sauce is predictable revenue

Every business's dream is creating predictable revenue. Scream Truck's reserved routes do just that. Driven by our proprietary software platform (Implse) we create demand by sending text alerts to registered households within a pre-defined neighborhood to announce we'll be visiting later that day. Customers simply reply with the letter Y (for YES!) to reserve a stop at their house. The software continues to text adjacent and nearby neighborhoods until we reach 10-14 reservations each hour (depending on travel time and projected order prep time at each stop).

Think about this. You're going about your day and someone sends you a text offering to bring you some really good ice cream later. It's a hard-to-resist impulse buy (hence the name of our software), and it's something fun to look forward to! Then each perfectly crafted ice cream sundae, cone, or milkshake is made fresh on the truck in front of your house while you enjoy a 4-minute dance party and/or other fun experience. 🥳

Our software creates demand, efficiency, and data

The Scream Truck business model is built around efficiency and volume created and managed by Implse. We're able to maximize the number of houses we serve by offering a specific truck to customers in pre-determined neighborhoods (small geographic areas) and within a specific 1-hour window.

Implse will eventually use hundreds of thousands of data points to continuously improve demand, efficiency, and customer experience. At-a-glance on each route, we know customer traits, number of previous visits (PV), days since last visit (DLV), number of items ordered, distance and travel time between stops, route response rate, estimated revenue, and estimated route duration. Behind the scenes we know all historical route data including towns/neighborhoods visited by month, day, and time, and associated response rates. The end goal is to automate daily town and neighborhood selections based on where and when we know we'll get the highest response.

Implse route view

We did over 2,200 private events in 2023 🤯

How is it possible to book and manage over 2,200 private events across multiple trucks? Our online booking platform (yep, Implse again) makes it super easy to book a truck for a private event. 90% of our events are booked online without having to go back and forth via phone or email. We sell the truck by time (in 30 minute increments) and offer a maximum number of guests we can serve within the allotted time. This creates a clean, consistent, and straightforward event structure and yields less questions from customers.

Private events are dynamically scheduled onto different truck calendars based on the location of the event. This minimizes travel time between booked events and allows us to schedule more private events OR reserved routes immediately following.

Ice cream is just the beginning

We started with ice cream because it's a mass appeal treat that is universally loved. Ice cream trucks were also the very first food trucks to exist (invented over 100 years ago). So that's where we saw the first opportunity to create a new, tech forward version of an old fashioned food truck.

But imagine this same experiential delivery concept with other premium, popular food and food truck brands. From piping hot pizza to the best tacos you've ever tasted, local wines and craft beer to winter soups served with warm, crusty bread... the possibilities are endless.

Other food delivery/prep-onsite models have failed (Wonder, Zing) because there was no proactive prompt to drive demand (huge!), no efficiency to drive route volume (essential!), and no ability to cater events (1/3 of our revenue!).

Spoiler alert! Scream Truck is piloting a new pizza truck, powered by Implse, in late Spring with our awesome partners at Liv Breads who bake an incredible Neapolitan pizza. (The crust is 🤌 *chefs kiss*.)

Over $5MM projected revenue in 2024, AOV $23

Since launching our first Scream Truck in September, 2020, we've generated just under $6MM in lifetime revenue and are projecting over $5MM in revenue in 2024 alone as we roll out multiple new trucks and expand into Bergen County, New Jersey (1.2MM population). By the end of 2024, we will have 20 trucks serving customers in over 60+ New Jersey towns.

All of our trucks are profitable from day one at the truck and hub level and the company will start generating free cash flow (FCF) by the beginning of 2025. 👊 We've reinvested heavily into our software platform, truck building, R&D, and franchise playbook development, which is setting us up for expansion and franchising.

[The above contains forward projections which are not guaranteed.]

1,100 Scream Trucks, $150MM ARR by 2032 via franchising

In addition to growing our owned and operated trucks in key markets, Scream Truck will start selling franchises in 2024. The franchise route will allow us to scale faster with less capital and less risk. A franchisee can operate a single truck or multiple trucks. In larger markets, Scream Truck will provide the hub infrastructure and management for multiple franchisees. The franchise business model will be:

$20,000 franchise fee (per franchise truck)

5% annual royalty

1% brand/marketing fund (starting in 2026)

We anticipate approximately 25% owned and operated trucks and 75% franchise trucks. We are working with one of the best franchise law firms in the U.S. to complete our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and The Wolf of Franchises is our advisor and will be our marketing agent. The Wolf is one of the most connected and progressive guys in the franchise industry.

[The above contains forward projections which are not guaranteed.]

Implse software licensing will generate $25MM ARR by 2032

We have built the software and the playbook for other food/beverage brands, food trucks, and DTC companies to generate efficient, predictable revenue by adding reserved routes and dynamic event booking to their existing business. We will also work with partners to create new businesses built around this delivery concept. In fact, Scream Truck will be launching a new experiential, on-demand pizza truck this Spring with our partners at Liv Breads. Current Scream Truck customers will be able to opt in to receive alerts from this new truck. And that is exactly how we will attract clients for Implse. By plugging them into our existing customer database.

That's right. Scream Truck enters the market first, builds up a significant customer database, and then offers carefully vetted brands the ability to tap into that database, making their customer acquisition cost virtually nothing. Just to be clear, we are not selling our customer's data to other trucks. We would be OFFERING Scream Truck customers the ability to opt in to receive alerts and delivery from other awesome trucks. The customer will be in control of which trucks they opt-in for.

Scream Truck will earn a 10% rev share on every client's truck. Keep in mind, this is not limited to food trucks. Our impulse, on-demand delivery concept will work in multiple food, beverage, grocery, and service business verticals.

[The above contains forward projections which are not guaranteed.]

Our customer acquisition cost (CAC) is $0

Huh? How is this possible?

We super serve moms.

Not only do moms make 85% of buying decisions in the house, virtually all moms are influencers in the town they live in. Mom groups on Facebook and other social platforms are incredibly powerful in driving purchase decisions. And inevitably, when Scream Truck starts servicing a new town, moms in that town and every surrounding town start our organic, word of mouth marketing machine. The experience, the premium product (see images below), the exceptional customer service, the allergy awareness, the kind communication and responsiveness, the willingness to always go the extra mile, the happiness we deliver, and free pup cups 🐾 all create a massive love fest for Scream Truck. ❤️

Read our glowing Google Reviews for more context!

We have spent some money to create content and prepare for future marketing and advertising needs. As we grow, we will start spending on advertising and marketing to launch markets, hubs, and trucks faster.

Scream Truck offers a premium product

We are really good at wooing and wowing customers

We've built a really strong brand. Our brand was created to deliver happiness, so our entire team is trained to prioritize each customer's happiness. Here's a few examples of our customer experience:

  • It's so easy to say yes. Customers don't have to download an app, and anytime they need us, we're just a text away!
  • When a new customer walks up to the truck and hasn't heard about how our business model works (reserved routes and pre-orders), we give them free ice cream with a card to sign up! 🥰
  • When a customer isn't 100% happy with their ice cream or disappointed with our customer service, we refund them.
  • We communicate with customers in real time across all communication channels and we're currently building a friendly, knowledgeable Scream Bot to help answer questions 24/7.
  • We send hand written thank you cards (spoiler: we use handwrytten) with $25 gift cards to show our appreciation for booking us for a special event.
  • When we see or hear of kids that LOVE Scream Truck or just love trucks, we invite them to our hub for a special behind-the-scenes tour and free ice cream.
  • We handed out over 26,000 free pup cups in 2023! 🐶

This review sums it up well:

Our customers are our biggest advocates

You know you are on to something special when your customers have to share your business model with their network. This customer nailed it.

AI will dramatically improve customer service efficiency

Look, we get that everyone is saying they are using AI to make their brand sound cool and impress investors. But we'd been working on a REAL plan to use AI before AI was cool! 😎 The goal? To create even more efficiency in our 1:1 communications with customers, and to optimize our routes and revenue. Here's our plan:

  1. We have been customers of Gladly for 2+ years. They recently bought Thankful, an AI startup focused on AI-enabled customer service using their new Sidekick product. Our goal is to use Sidekick (connected via API to Implse) to create a multi-channel chat bot that will be able to assist customers immediately with anything they need, including specific questions about an event they booked or an order they placed. Because we've been using Gladly for 2+ years, we have analytics that show us the most common inquiries. If we can tackle those first, we will dramatically reduce the time we currently spend *manually* replying to these inquiries.
  2. We are working with Direqt (founded by one of Eric Murphy's long-time Entrepreneur friends) to build a chatbot using Apple Messages for Business and Google Business Messages. The goal is to create a very dynamic, rich messaging platform that would replace our "standard" text messaging service for route notifications, ordering, and communications. Not only will this make it even more convenient for customers to get Scream Truck at their house, it will also serve up information we know they are always looking for during routes. "Where are you guys," "How can I add to my order?", "Can you leave it on my porch?", "How do I change my address?".
  3. We are developing a plan to use AI to help determine where our trucks go each day. Based on historical data we have from over 3 years in operation, our goal is to optimize routes and revenue using past month, day, time, and weather to forecast and increase response rates. Additionally, AI will analyze our routes to determine how to make them more efficient by "right-sizing" the neighborhoods we service.

Curated experiences and experiential marketing will increase revenue and create more demand

Our Founder/CEO Eric Murphy's 30+ years of experience in experiences (🤔), music, and VIP hospitality creates a very unique opportunity for Scream Truck. You see, wow is Eric's specialty. Last year Eric had a crazy idea. What if we created a new holiday tradition where Santa is delivered to your house for a fun, meet 'n greet style event!? (His slogan was "Help us free Santa from the malls!™) Yep, instead of waiting in line at the mall for an awkward photo on Santa's lap, we created the Santa Social and Santa Soirée!

Scream Truck Santa Social

Families, friends, and neighbors gathered at someone's house and Scream Truck rolled up with a professional, real beard Santa on board! The event featured our limited edition holiday Scream treats (including the most insane hot chocolate you've ever had), holiday music playing on our premium sound system, and plenty of time to hang with the big guy. Guests took fun photos they could immediately share online.

We sold out 250 fully pre-paid events ($399/$799) in 10 days and totally blew our customers away! (Again, check our Google Reviews. 😋) This will no doubt become a new holiday tradition and we anticipate selling double the amount of events next year.

We're also working with select brands to offer sponsored experiences, sampling and promotions. This gives brands the opportunity to get in front of thousands of consumers for 4+ minutes at their home! That kind of 1:1 IRL marketing impact does not exist! In turn, we're enhancing the customer experience and offering something of value!

More about the founding team

(L-R) Mia Miller, Eric Murphy, Jason Black

Founder/CEO - Eric Murphy

Eric is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in experiential marketing, branding, large scale events, entertainment and tech. Eric built an award winning marketing agency in New York City called Pop2Life and worked with some of the biggest names in media and entertainment including Disney, MTV, iHeartMedia, Vogue, Comedy Central, HGTV, Showtime, WIRED, The New Yorker, NBC, AMC Networks, Vanity Fair, and many more. During this time, Eric also built an event tech platform designed to manage and improve the guest experience at high profile events. Eric sold Pop2Life to Condé Nast in 2017 and oversaw the integration.

Prior to his agency’s 14-year run, Eric became the youngest senior executive in the history of RCA Records (at age 26) and was instrumental in the success of several major recording artists including *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Robyn, and more.

Currently, Eric lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey with wife Rebecca and daughter Savannah. His son, Evan, graduates from Penn State this year, and their dog, Cali, is their pride and joy! Eric was nominated for EY's prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2023.

President - Jason Black

After graduating from Duke University, Jason was laser focused on building his career in the finance and investing world. After cutting his teeth in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, he spent the next thirteen years analyzing and then leading deals at The Blackstone Group, Fundamental Advisors LP and Fireside Investments. He focused on distressed credit and special situations in the real estate, hospitality and infrastructure space, being the capital partner of choice for management companies in multiple industries.

The opportunity to work with many business executives and hands-on operators inspired Jason to move his career into Phase 2: entrepreneurship and leadership. After a mutual friend introduced Eric and Jason, it was clear he was the yin to Eric’s yang. His analytical mind has helped refine Scream Truck’s business plan and create a scalable capital structure to accelerate revenue growth and hone in on the path to profitability!

Currently, Jason lives in Short Hills, New Jersey with his wife Amy and their two sons.

Director of Operations - Mia Miller

Born and raised in Westfield, New Jersey (where Scream Truck first launched), Mia has proven to be a key member of Scream Truck’s founding team. In 2019, Mia graduated from Boston University's College of Communication and ever since was motivated to lead a company from zero to one.

Eager for a career-accelerating opportunity, Mia became employee number one of Scream Truck, working alongside Eric on a truck for the first five months on the road. This gave her a hands-on perspective of the brand and an up-close understanding of what it was going to take to make Scream Truck successful.

Fast forward to today, Mia has helped shape the narrative around our messaging both internally and externally, while overseeing the complex day-to-day operations. Mia has an extremely bright future and we are fortunate to have found her in the earliest stage of the company!

Currently, Mia lives in Lower Manhattan, just a drive away from her family and business based in New Jersey.

Funds will be spent on software, people, and trucks

The money we raise will allow us to continue to develop our software to increase efficiency, manage volume, and maximize revenue. We would like to hire a couple more experienced team members to take on franchise development, franchisee support, and marketing strategy.

We will also use new funds to expand our owned and operated Scream Truck fleet in the northeast (New Jersey, Westchester County New York, Long Island, and Staten Island). In the future, we'd like to add O&O trucks in key growth markets like Los Angeles, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh Durham, Austin, and Florida.


Our founding team is hosting an investor webinar on Monday, March 18th at 11:00am! Register HERE