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Backorders of $460M and growing — with almost $0 marketing spend.
Switchblade flying car test flight successfully completed on November 5th.
Sexy design. Performs like a sports car on the road. Flies like a high-performance plane.
Hugely popular — 123K+ Facebook followers.

Our Team

Regional travel has become much harder due to traffic congestion on the roads and air travel for less than 500 mile trips through large airport hubs with TSA checks now takes approximately the same time as driving.

Re-inventing Regional Travel With A Personal Time Machine

The Problems Travelers Face Today

  • Many Regional Trips (200-500 mi.) can be driven just as fast as you can take a Regional Commercial Flight (door to door). Both still typically take up to 10 hours
  • Congestion at major airports restricts both ground and air travel
  • Airport security steps increase stress and time for air travel
  • Weather conditions and pilot shortages are limiting or cancelling flights
  • Business regional travel typically requires nights away from home

We Created A Brilliant Solution For Regional Travel:

Meet the Switchblade Flying Sports Car

  • Changes a stressful 10-hour drive into a 3.5 hour drive/fly experience
  • Performs like a sports car on the road
  • Flies like a high performance aircraft in the air
  • Operates using current airport infrastructure
  • Travel on your own terms, and your own schedule

Why this is unique:

The Switchblade has a combination of 3 features no other flying car in history has ever had. First it is a true flying car that drives and flies. Second it is high performance in both modes. Third it is practical for every day use as it fully protects the wings and tail when driving - essential in order to be insurable.

Environmentally friendly way to save time:

The vehicle uses unleaded auto gasoline instead of leaded aviation fuel. Our vehicle is made from 85% recyclable material, and the carbon fiber parts process have almost zero waste and produces no toxic chemicals meaning our staff remain healthy as well as the neighborhood in which our factories co-exist.

When travelling, often you have to drive in one direction and then turn in a completely different direction to finally get where you want to go. Curving roads and indirect routes can add many unnecessary miles to a trip. The Switchblade flies directly from where you are to where you want to be, cutting out tremendous time and fuel spent traveling. This is the magic of point-to-point travel!

Production Technical Achievements:

  • 30% reduction in tooling costs
  • Automated and semi-automated parts manufacturing work-out
  • 40% reduction of Bill Of Material (BOM) costs due to advanced carbon fiber processes
  • 300% reduction of client participation time in Builder Assist Program
  • Minimum of 20% increase in assembly line through-put by changes in Builder Assist Program

Samson Commercial Milestones Achieved:

  • Ground prototype successful testing program (2013)
  • Wind tunnel testing (2014)
  • Wing swing completed and assembly tested (2016)
  • Structural design completed (2017)
  • Patents granted for wing swing (2019)
  • Retracting tail completed and assembly tested (2019)
  • Patent granted for wing swing (2020)
  • Additional patent granted for wing swing (2021)
  • Flying prototype approved for flight testing by FAA (2022)
  • Flying prototype testing and public first flight (2023)

Key Take-Aways:

  • Successful demonstration of flying and driving prototypes
  • Reservations for 93% of projected production for the first four years worth $460MM
  • International following with reservations in 57 countries
  • Developed non-toxic carbon fiber parts processes for environmentally conscious manufacturing
  • Mid-Production Engineering phase which is key to set up the initial production plant
  • Scale-up of production is planned and ready to execute

What this investment does:

  • Allows Samson to set up the carbon fiber part production for the 3 production prototypes
  • Enables our team to complete the Production Engineering phase (how to build thousands of these)
  • Serves as a springboard for an upcoming Venture Capital raise

(**projections not guaranteed)