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Last Funded February 2024


raised from 51 investors


$350M in leadership team exit success, including Netgnix, 3insys, SpeedyClick, and Neopets.
A $45B TAM and 20M computer vision students worldwide. This isn't a minor; this's the big league.
Well beyond a proof-of-concept – Rovren is in use today by leading image-processing professionals.
Replacing complexity with modern technology saves 80% of users’ time and cuts costs by 66%.

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Why Rovren:

Advanced Computer Vision technology made simple.

Rovren is an online software (SaaS) enabling everyone to create Computer Vision and Machine Learning solutions faster and simpler. 

Computer vision is a field of AI that focuses on giving computers the ability to understand and interpret the visual world.  It's all about teaching computers to "see" and make sense of images and videos, just like humans do with their eyes and brains. 

Rovren brings next-generation computer vision solutions to everyone with broad applications across manufacturing, health care, transportation, and more – it can help doctors identify life-threatening problems in medical scans, helps your car camera keeps your family safe on the road, and ensures your phone screen is defect free before leaving the factory.

What Users Have:

What Users Need:

What Rovren Delivers:

Rovren Key Benefits:

By using Rovren, I cut a 6-month project down to 3 weeks – Senior Computer Vision Engineer at a Fortune 500 company.

Was able to develop a novel Computer Vision algorithm due to the quick trial-and-error testing and debugging.

Estimated market Size (USA)

As manufacturing makes its grand return to the US, Rovren's potential market reach – our Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) – is set to soar. Jump aboard and experience the upswing with us!

Our Leadership Team

In mid-2022, Rovren burst onto the scene, co-founded by industry luminaries Ashim Raiani and Daniel Ma. Ashim, a versatile entrepreneur, has an unparalleled track record in diverse sectors like Deeptech, Biotech, Edtech, and Proptech, blending tech-savvy with business acumen. Daniel is a game-changing expert in both global and local Computer Vision landscapes, setting new industry standards with his leadership at US Manufacturing. They're joined by Steve Noone, a 15-year SAAS powerhouse whose work with innovators like has made him a UI/UX sage.

This elite team has since expanded to a dynamic force of 12 top-tier talents, dispersed over four countries and five U.S. states. Collectively, they bring over ten languages to the table. Driven by a singular mission—to revolutionize learning and development in Image Processing across academia and industry—this passionate team is unstoppable in pursuing Rovren's vision.

Why our burn rate is low

  • Our code's magic lets one server effortlessly accommodate a million users!
  • We are optimized for efficiency across all business units.
  • Our finely-calibrated Lean-Agile approach fuels rapid development at a fraction of the cost.

What's Next?

At Rovren we're laser-focused on bringing modern Image Processing tools to the next generation of Computer Vision specialists. Our goal is to get powerful tools into the hands of students, educators, and innovators around the world. We're looking for investors and partners who share our vision for this game-changing technology and want to be part of the Image Processing revolution.

In this investment round, we’re seeking enough strategic capital to elevate our platform to the next level. Your backing will enable us to integrate an arsenal of groundbreaking image-processing solutions, amplifying our app's capabilities for both Academic and Developer communities. The endgame? To put our revolutionary software into the hands of tens of millions of users worldwide. Seize the opportunity to be part of this global impact!

Rovren's Mission Statement

At Rovren, our mission is to revolutionize the world of software development and image processing by providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline workflows, reduce wasted time in coder training, and deliver programs with unmatched ease of use. We are committed to empowering businesses and individuals with innovative tools that enable them to unlock their full creative potential while optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Through relentless innovation and a focus on user-centric design, we aim to break down barriers that hinder productivity and elevate the software development process to new heights. Our team of talented engineers, designers, and visionaries collaborates to develop intuitive, user-friendly software that requires minimal training, enabling students and working professionals alike to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art image processing solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. By leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision, our software empowers businesses to transform and enhance images effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources.

At Rovren, we strive to be the catalyst for positive change in the industry, setting new standards for simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously improve our products and services, ensuring that our customers experience nothing short of exceptional results.

Ultimately, our success lies in the success of our clients. We measure our achievements by the impact we make in reducing wasted time, lowering costs, and empowering users to generate remarkable outcomes with unparalleled ease. Together, we will shape a future where image processing is accessible, efficient, and serves as a catalyst for progress in every field. Join us on this transformative journey as we reshape the software landscape, one innovative solution at a time.