Low latency streaming with integrated TTS, and robots

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Low latency (conversational) streaming
Integrated TTS makes the chat fun
Integrated system for controlling real robots in the stream

Our Founder

It evolved out of viral reddit posts and live streaming with robot experiments. Now the community is great, it's unique, and it's the only platform where such a thing could exist.

The Story of RobotStreamer

We started in 2018 and we've got an awesome community growing around an innovative live streaming platform

First, we built a robot with telepresence it went viral on reddit

A famous streamer named Ice Poseidon bought a robot from us and used our platform to add to his stream. This brought in thousands of new users.

We continued to experiment with low latency streaming, realtime content and robots

Now we have a great community of live streamers and we want to put systems in place to make it grow with proper clip viewing, sharing, rewards for streamers, etc.

We've raised 20K externally but mostly funded with our own money, over 20K and our own time. Many talented programmers have contributed based on interest in the project.