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We produce biblical, divinely inspired, and family-friendly films for Faith-Driven Consumers.
The faith-driven market includes 41 million consumers, valued at $2 trillion per year.
62% of Faith-Driven Consumers would watch 3+ hrs of tv/movies wkly if there were more faith options.
Nearly 40% say a lack of family-friendly options prevents them from going to the movies more often.

Our Team

62% of Faith-Driven Consumers would watch more movies if there were more faith/family options. I agree. I dislike it when I am watching a movie with my young son and all of a sudden I have to tell him, "don't say that word." Or "you can't look at that," it's supposed to be a family-friendly movie, it should be safe. I care because it affects me.


The Problem: Not enough Faith-Driven Content

Faith-Driven (Christian, Faith-Based, and Redemptive) movies told for Faith-Driven Consumers comprises less than 1% of the film market:  

1) According to an American Insights study: 62% of Faith-Driven Consumers would watch at least three additional hours of TV or movies weekly if there were more faith-friendly options.

2) Additionally 40% of those surveyed said a lack of family-friendly options prevents them from going to the movies more often.

3) Major concerns with current movies: language, sex on screen, and violence to a lesser degree.

Our Solution: Produce quality content for the Faith-Driven Consumer

REYMAKER FILM & MEDIA partners with believers (Christians) and independent filmmakers of faith to produce biblical, divinely inspired, and family-friendly movies to address the problem (s) listed above. More Faith-Driven content is on the way!

Let's make a Faith-Driven Movie

We tested our theory on budgets, schedules, and art. So we produced a film and analyzed the data.  See it here: 

It worked! 

The movie, "40 Seconds," garnered 7 official selections and 3 awards at the Chandler International Film Festival in Arizona, Validate Yourself Film Festival in New York, and Christian Life International Film Festival in Canada.

After completing the movie, we figured out what went right and what went wrong. But more importantly, we understand how to make better films that tell stories about everyday people through the lens of biblical heroes.

Our Market: 

Is comprised of 41 Million Faith-Driven Consumers, which is 17% of the US population and we spend 2 trillion dollars every year on content and products.

* 79% have different consumer needs than the market at large

* 85% of them say they don't feel specifically welcomed by their current brands

* 77% say they seek brands that share a compatible worldview

* 84% say they will switch brands when a better option is discovered.  

Quoted from


Faith-Driven Consumers support movies that point to God!

Our Movies: 

We have 7 Movies in our queue. Here are the first 3:

Movie #1            Job - The Hero!

Explores the life of a wealthy, religious man offered up too Satan by God, to be tested. Job suffers unbearable pain and asks God to appear and explain the reason for his suffering.

Movie #2            This Way! 

Called to warn Sin City of its impending doom, a man boards a cruise ship traveling in the opposite direction attempting to hide out at his island home. Halfway into his trip, he is forcefully redirected.

Movie #3            Seven Years 

Absent from his room, a high-profile man is found foraging for grass in his backyard on all fours. Shocked, his bodyguard and assistants race to contain the situation. Struck with Boanthropy, the man loses control of his company for seven years. 


Movie #1 Budget: $56,000    Marketing Budget: $28,000     Revenue: $225,000

Movie #2 Budget: $350,000  Marketing Budget: $200,000  Revenue: $4,500,000

Movie #3 Budget: $700,000  Marketing Budget: $400,000  Revenue: $9,000,000 

Our revenue is derived from: movie tickets sales, VOD (video on demand) sales, streaming rights, and merchandise. We have an agreement with Rich Christiano, the owner of to help us with distribution through his network as well as avenues we are developing to get our films to our audience.

Join "The Lion Pride!"

A lion pride hunts together and shares the meal.  REYMAKER operates like a Lion Pride, we work together to make biblical films and share in the rewards they provide.


REYMAKER is "America's divinely inspired movie company."

Our mission is to produce and outperform our competitor(s). We will work with our member/investors to: (1) Tell biblical and divinely inspired stories, (2) Increase return on investment, (3) and produce award-worthy, high-quality movies.

Help us tell God's stories. Join the adventure.