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Invest in ReWheel, Inc

Re-Inventing the wheel. Saving and re-using energy within any wheel on the road.


We've developed a unique and more effective Regenerative Braking technology over several years.
ReWheel improves fuel economy by 28%, and reduces CO2 pollution by 2 tons per vehicle per year.
Entirely contained within the wheel, this new Regenerative Braking may be applied to any vehicle.
All 2B legacy vehicles on the road today, and those still in production can benefit from ReWheel.
ReWheel will be licensed to new vehicles manufacturers, and sold to vehicles already on the road.
Increase Engine life. Less RPM is required to accelerate. Original acceleration is done by ReWheel.
Increase Brakes life. Braking is done by ReWheel. Original brakes become a backup, if ever be used.
Wasting energy is absurd and irresponsible. Protect our planet. Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

Our Team

We never believed in wasting energy, cognitive or physical. Associating with a moving vehicle I always felt energy departing us during braking. Saving kinetic energy in the system of a vehicle during braking and reusing it for acceleration was always a clear need. We have to remove inefficiency immediately. Our planet's health is in danger.